The Dawnguard Debut Trailer is Here!

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Gawww, no spears in the trailer? Blasphemy.

Also, hopefully these new factions and the actions you take within them actually matter this time. The rest of Skyrim's faction quest lines were.. lackluster.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with having non-conflicting quest lines like Oblivion did, but Skyrim literally had no pacing in their quest lines what so ever. You could take missions that were basically, "go to point X, do Y, come back for a standardized reward", but they didn't add anything to the game, or even seem to affect anything other than your coin-purse.

You kind of showed up at their door, and instantly went to solving their major problems, followed by fixing their innermost dark, and problematic secrets.

Here's hoping to the pacing being good.

Riff Moonraker:
Looks great! I am just surprised they didnt wait until next week at E3 to show this... but I'm not complaining! :)

Agreed, but heres hoping that they reveal some more details at E3 anyway.

SWEET. The vanilla vampires suck, I've been waiting for something like this. This is the kind of character I always imagined I'd be.

Gawww, no spears in the trailer? Blasphemy.

Actually, I think I saw one of the guards carrying one in the background, so here's hoping.

Vampires are in right now, right? Yeah, totally. Make a vampire DLC.

Hey, I'm not complaining one bit. I will relish every moment I get to stake those motherfucking "children of the night" with a crossbow bolt to the FACE!!!

Dawnguard here I come! :D main dude is already a werewolf but that new vampire form look sweet!

On the other hand I'm pretty sure I've lost all my Skyrim saves(too scared to actually check) so I may end up having to make a new guy and just console command my stats up to where they were before.

Yeah it's probably cheating but fuck off, I'm not putting another 80-90 hours on a single guy just to get back to where I was!


The thing that really interests me is the dragon diving into the ice, why is it doing that?

Maybe they got tired of flying backwards...?

During the part were the PC is aiming his bow at the guard is that a staff or a...Spear? I ask because the guard didn't look like a mage with his armor.

Does anyone else think were going to High Rock for this? The castle looked a bit French and I think the Bretons were based on the French (more specifically brittany). Also there is a lot of snow and ice in so they should be in one of the northern provinces. Can't be Skyrim or Morrowind so the only place left is high rock. Also there were falmer there. you can only find falmer in dwemer ruins which only exist in high rock, Skyrim Hammerfel and Morrowind.

It's a big rock. I can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big.

The thing that really interests me is the dragon diving into the ice, why is it doing that?

He's just taking a little swim. What, dragon's can't chill sometimes?

How is everyone not loosing their minds over the MOUNTED COMBAT!?!?!? So much more exciting than crossbows!!! Let's get our Skyrim: Mount & Blade on!!! :D

Okay, time to make a Van Helsing Werewolf Character.

Also, let's see...

Horse combat, kill cams, cross bows.....

Seems like the only thing Skyrim's detractors can now complain about is the lack of spears lol

I still say there's a possibility for Dragoons in Skyrim! Besides, vampires getting impaled by spears just seems...I dunno, natural to me.



*Khajiit happy dance*

I shall join in!

*Argonian victory shuffle*

Crossbows! They're doing everything with the DLC I wanted them to do with Oblivion.

Looks awesome.

Watch them go fuck up the lore about what the sun is, though.

I wonder if crossbows will come under the Archery skill? Mine is already at 100.

Am I the only one who thinks the Vampire form looks like Marcus from Underworld Evolution?

Guys, I don't think we yet realize the pure epicness of the setting.

This is Werewolf Vikings Versus Vampires, I think that more than makes this DLC totally worth it.

Crossbows are merely an extra awesome added bonus.

Well this looks like its gonna suck..


Anyway this looks like its gonna be awesome.

You guys seem to be missing the point...
CROSSBOWS!!! Hehe. ;)

I'm looking forward to the DLC, although if I know myself, I'll be going with the Dawnguard. Should be fun.

Really hoping that there's a way to side with the vampires and make the world eternal twilight.

Really expecting to be disappointed in that regard.

Can't wait. I just wish Bethesda would drop this whole exclusivity for MS thing. I don't know how the Microsoft agreement helps them, but I know waiting to release it to everyone doesn't help them at all, and it may in fact hurt them.

They aren't stupid, whatever Microsoft is paying for the timed exclusive stuff must be more than the money they'd lose from angry fans. They'd have experts and data proving it before they agreed. It must have been a pretty hefty sum too, Bethesda is a pretty honorable studio and wouldn't want to alienate fans unless it was an offer they couldn't refuse.

This reminds me of a book you can find in both Oblivion and Skyrim were it talks about a vampire hunter that goes to Skyrim for a bit and fights a clan of vampires which I can't remember the name of that are incrediblly strong quick and can break through the ice without actually breaking it and live in remote haunted lakes in eastern Skyrim has Bethsada been planing this from the start

Exsangui-Nation... is the name of my Men at Work cover band.

Still, Dawnguard looks great. Mounted combat is already changing how I play Skyrim... I've lost about 7 horses already. It was easier to keep them alive when you had to park them a mile away from any fight you might get into. But their deaths from falling, mauling, stabbing, giant-smacking, and dragon-roasting have looked so cool... I've just decided to make them "canon" to my story.

Wait wait wait... There were two different vampire transformations in that trailer: a buff vampire(presumably for warriors), and withered vampire (presumably for mages). Does that mean there will be another one for stealthy characters? Do we only get one transformation per character, or will we have access to all of them? Or will this be a whole new perk tree?

So many questions!!!

I was expecting to kick some Thalmor ass...guess I'll have to wait

Vampires vs vampire hunters. Seems obvious story to me, choose a side and beat the enemy. I will just wait for the GOTY eddition.

I just hope the story is better than the vanilla skyrim bullshit. being able to choose a side (I really really hope they don't force you on one side like they've done before.) gives me a tiny bit of hope.

Everything which was on the skyrim Game Jam is all here in this one DLC...finally! Oh and looking forward to the long missed CrossBows

The thing with Bethesa is they seem to have a recurring pattern. It goes like this:

Fans: Can we have this?
Bethesda: We can't do it yet. But we do have a new game out!
Fans: But the new game is not as good.
Bethesda: But it's a new game!
New fans: This is great!
Bethesda: Let's give our new fans the things our old ones always wanted!
Fans: Oh well, we have mods.

This would have been far better in Oblivion, you know, when we all asked for crossbows, mounted combat, werewolves and the like, and didn't ask for a better protagonist. Dovahkiin is just awful... Dragon shouts? I used like... one of them on occasion (...and no, it wasn't "Fus ro dah". That one sucked. Hard.). I much prefered slinging spells with a two handed weapon to shouting people to death. If I wanted to shout people to death I'd just come to this forum (Ha, I said that because I'm awful.). IMO, just re-release oblivion with better graphics and more stuff.


God damnit Bethesda now I have to roll a vampire character. I thought I had Skyrim behind me for a good while :(

Yes, this.

I think this looks like it will be quite fun. It will also be nice to see another castle that isn't totally destroyed, or just left in ruins full of bandits.

So the story is about an elder scroll again. So far TES has had absolutely nothing to do with the actual elder scrolls themselves and now we get 2 in 1 game.


Can't wait. I just wish Bethesda would drop this whole exclusivity for MS thing. I don't know how the Microsoft agreement helps them, but I know waiting to release it to everyone doesn't help them at all, and it may in fact hurt them.

I'm still stumped as to how "Microsoft exclusivity" is translated to "XBox exclusivity". I mean, Microsoft software runs (most) computers, doesn't it? Surely PC gamers should be able to get it same time too? Anyway, I try not to think too much about illogical things. I'm a patient guy.

OT: Looks OK. Never was a big fan of sanguinare vampiris though, in any of its manifestations throughout popular culture. Still, more Skyrim eh? Can't hurt.

Xbox gets it early for some reason, I forgot why but they get the next this DLC and the next one before everyone else.
The third one that comes out they get at the same time.

In case anyone's wondering why the hell Molag Bal turned up:

This could turn out to be a damn mature installment. Or they'll just go standard Elder Scrolls and keep that all under the surface. Probably the latter.

I'm just hoping that we can get back at good ol' Bal after being his lap dog for the daedra quest in Skyrim.

OT: Definitely looks cool, but any plot that involves "ending the tyranny of the sun" is one I need to stop. And since my thief Bosmer never became part of The Companions, I'm signing up for the Dawnguard (although they no doubt are evil in some way or have a dark past of some sort).

good, now give me spears and the old lego magic system.
really the most interesting aspect for me is the introduction of crossbows.however, the vampire thing may be interesting since my main always strives to gain as much power as possible because he really likes power.

Om nom nom nom nom.

That's the sound of me eating you with my giant vampire demon dude, bitches.

I'm sold.
But I'm REALLY hoping Skyrim dogs come with a Mute button.

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