Molyneux's Curiosity Offers $77,800 DLC

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I wonder what's inside the box.

inb4 Half Life 3

Glad to see nobody is around to rein him in anymore.

whats in the cube is a 10$ subway card

And now EA will issue a press release stating that their monetization of games is just part of a similar-yet-unannounced experiment...

The question is, WHEN someone(s) buys the Diamond Pick, what will Peter do with the money?

I'm just waiting for someone to buy the diamond chisel, and then someone else manages to get the finishing blow anyway.

So the gameplay is basically the same as Diablo?

"This is not a money-making exercise; it is a test about the psychology of monetization,"

Mhm, right.


You know why this is a stupid idea?

Because he already said that he's only trying to provoke people to buy it. It's not any social experiment if the buyer is a rich dude doing just for kicks and not actual curiosity.

It would have worked better if he didn't say exactly what he wanted to find.


I wonder what's inside the box.

inb4 Half Life 3

Interesting idea. Genius actually.

Someone is bound to hack it, if it is stored server-side (obviously it is) and I'll bet you a hundred bucks that's what he's expecting. Unless he's being naive about it, as usual.

Say what you want about him, But I frikken love Molyneux he's so, brilliant.

I have a feeling it will be bought, by someone either insane or rich. But a high chance of both as well.

You know, it's so just. Might. Work.

either all this is false hype and PR and it'll end up being some kinda reprimand to all the hackers who choose to submit to their curiosity and open it illegitimately,
or this guy is just a clueless artist who doesn't understand how tech in the new age works.

Everything is inside the box until someone opens it.

Spoiler: whatever is inside this cube isn't worth 70K.

Spoiler: Whatever is inside this cube will be on youtube for free within an hour max.

The problem is that there won't be anything remotely worth it in the box to blow 77k on. Also who in the blue hell even wants to bother with this, where is the fun just sitting there and pressing a single button to pick away at something that no one knows how many presses it will take to open? Hell I bet people will either data mine the contents, or a group will just unleash a massive wave of scripts/bots and whittle the thing down in a day or two.

I bet goatse is inside

That would be a great experiment if not for the fact that you explained exactly how it works and why people would buy that Peter. Should have kept it hush hush.

sorry but hes gona from "out there" to "loopy" and now hes just "balls to the walls meshuggah".......

you know i actually know whats in the box a picture of a even smaller cube that you have to "Fracture" away at by yourself and in that is the prize the kinect Milo game demo.

Okay me 77 THOUSAND dollars for a CHANCE to see what the big prize is....That makes no sense. That's like paying 77 grand for a lotto ticket that's only worth 30 grand IF you win.

Okay me 77 THOUSAND dollars for a CHANCE to see what the big prize is....That makes no sense. That's like paying 77 grand for a lotto ticket that's only worth 30 grand IF you win.

Well your example makes no sense but the principle does, more money = better chances.

An interesting idea, although it would suck if a guy drops that amount of money, hit the cube once, and another player with the basic one to hit it once and get the sweet inside prize.

Maybe he's not going to sell the diamond chisel at all, but announce it has sold and then see how many people still buy the cheap chisels after they know their chances are even smaller. It is an experiment after all.

I wonder what's inside the box.

inb4 Half Life 3

Peter Molyneux's sanity, one would imagine.

Ahh Peter, we've missed you and your machiavellian schemes!

I'm guessing whats in the box is a 30 second clip of Molyneux laughing. How peeved would you be if you were rich and curious enough to fork over the dough then it was somebody "playing" it for free that did the necessary final chipping?

jeez what the hell happened to molyneux... i remember he use to make games... he is not trying to earn his money anymore

I hope I get to be the one who opens it - I would tell no one, see how you like the Pete! That's for Fable 3's constantly pointing me to the store and DLC you cu..

If whoever buys it is disappointed by whats in the middle they will wanna take a real pick axe to PM's head.

Either nothing is in the box or... Inside is ANOTHER BOX.

What would be very freaky is that inside the box, there would be footage of you looking at yourself that looks at the footage of yourself in the box....

From the news thread of Peter leaving Lionhead back in March:

Grouchy Imp:
OT: This is pretty good news. Now that Peter has branched out we will again be treated to his very, erm, 'special' brand of genius.

Totally called it.

OT: It's, err, an interesting idea, but I think all Peter's going to prove is that there are some people out there with more money than sense, which we kinda all know already.

Spoiler: the inside is just a troll face.jpg

Why do I get the feeling whatever game this results in in two years is going to be a Frankensteined together mash of gimmicks?

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