Molyneux's Curiosity Offers $77,800 DLC

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The entire goal of "Curiosity" is to rip players off in pursuit of something that we will all see anyways because it will either be extracted from the game itself, or people will snapshot it and throw it up on the interwebs.

In other news, glad to know he hasn't changed a bit. Speaks a whole bunch of shit to hype up sales and get people paying, though can't honestly deliver on it.

You're missing the point. The goal of this is not to make money. It's to mess with people for his own amusement, WHILE they give money to him for it.

edit: also, the great thing about this is that explaining the situation and parameters in its entirety hasn't actually ruined the experiment at all, because what you really want has not actually been revealed to begin with, and the madness grows

I know what's inside the box!!!

All of Molyneux promises. It's like the box of pandora. You should never open it.

Though again it's fun to see him back to his old insane ways. Remember this was the man that invented games where you play God. You need some kind of brilliance to even attempt that.

people can call it stupid all they want.....I will in no way attempt to change anyones mind...but i for one intend to participate in this game/experiment of his and maybe even buy an iron pick axe or two. I know that realistically i wont be the last one to chip away at the final chunk of the cube but I'll help the rest of the world crack it and wait for the reveal if it is in fact revealed by the lucky fellow

I know I won't be chipping in to find out!

I know the feeling it would put such an enormous crack in my wallet, it might well fracture into shards of it's former glory

also, has anyone thought that inside might well be a prize worth the cost of the diamond pick and it's just a lottery tilted in favor of the purchaser of the dlc ?

that would certainly explain a number of the factors in the game
which would also explain the creator's insistence that it is not indeed a moneymaking scheme
or perhaps it's a tiny statue of buddha, who knows 'shrug'

I for one am truly intrigued and await the final results of the experiement.

Same here, should be interesting.

Honestly I reckon this is part of his experiment, see how much of a shitstorm the announcement kicks up.

I always Peter was an asshole... And now he has proven it.

Interesting premise, but boring game. I don't want to mine obsidian for hours.

It's probably a car, guys.

I for one am just glad peter's sticking to "experiments" for the moment. Maybe the results will be conducive towards making a good game.

*snicker*. Yeah, I couldn't keep a straight face as I typed that.

This guy needs to be president of Earth, give him something!

I seriously do think someone will get that diamond pick axe, too.

I have to say, this is fucking genius.

I bet someone like Notch will buy it though.

yeah i am really interested in this,

what are the bets it will end up on youtube afterwards though

how pissed is the guy who buys the diamond chisel going to be if he doesn't win?

If Peter M tells you something cool is in a cube, it's only going to be a disappointment

I'm running a similar experiment. I know a secret. I will tell this secret, in all my life, to only one person. Be the first to pay me $50,000 USD and you can be that person!

No refunds. Payment must be in advance and to my satisfaction (no checks, no alternate interpretations of "USD", etc...). For peter molyneux, the price is double. Just think peter, how much more you could learn if in addition to running your experiment, you participate in mine! Come on Peter!

Quick, someone, get on Kickstarter! (Before some rich guy buys the chisel.)

My prediction: Chipping will start slowly by chipping bots that will sit 24/7 chipping it from multi-computer server (somones runing a 1000 virtual boxes isnt that useless now), once it gets closer it will become faster as more bots are put to work and humans start chipping too hoping for random luck. Noone will buy the pickaxe or if it will, it will be a publicity stunt (somone famous doing it for the luls). Evnetually one of the competing bots will win the game because humans are no match for it. The last chips will fly in nano-seconds.

Moral of the story: botting wins social experiments.

Ruairi iliffe:
All i Can honestly say to that at the moment is

"What's in the box, Peter, What's in the box!?"

Whatever it is, it's over-hyped.

Fable: TLC HD Remake or no dice, Molyneux.

Sounds pretty cool, as others have said will probably be someone like Notch buying the chisel as a publicity thing, but some auto-clicker bot will end up getting the overall prize.

That is crazy. I can't wait to read what it is on the internet after someone opens it.

I can't wait either. I also want to call whoever buys that diamond chisel a tosspot when they do.


Ruairi iliffe:
All i Can honestly say to that at the moment is

"What's in the box, Peter, What's in the box!?"

Whatever it is, it's over-hyped.

A note saying "50,000... Really? Are you kidding me? Sucker."

This is pure Genius.
Without any sarcasm, I say that this is genius. Completely crazy, but genius.
I had this amusing idea that whoever opens the black cube will not be able to handle what's inside, as if it induced a mental breakdown.
Also, I found this appropriate (Se7en spoilers):

I would love if some random smuck with the base chisel smashed into it and then never told anyone what was inside.
But it'll be something retarded, like a poem or a phrase from some philosopher about the nature of human spirit or curiosity.
This guy is kind of a goon. People always applaud him for his 'amazing' and 'brilliant' ideas...but it really seems to be a case of the 'emperor's new clothes', because this does not seem clever in any way. In fact, this seems incredibly similar to something that has already been done. I will now go link searching and edit it in if I can find it.

I don't know what's inside that cube, but looking at Molyneux's projects in the last few years, I'm pretty sure it'll be disappointing and not worth all the hype.


I for one am truly intrigued and await the final results of the experiement.

Same here, should be interesting.

Honestly I reckon this is part of his experiment, see how much of a shitstorm the announcement kicks up.

I will have agree with that.

I know what's inside that cube. It's the Duke Nukem Forever that Yahtzee played in 2009. BUY THE DAMN DIAMOND CHISEL NOTCH/BRONY GUYS!

Oh my gosh. This is just bat shit insane but i'd bet 70k that somebody will buy the 70k pick axe.

Aren't scientists supposed to pay the guinea pigs?

I bet goatse is inside

Ahahahaha. Oh god, I hope so.

Those who are complaining need to calm down though. I know we've all become jaded due to the current state of the industry but anyone with a bit of interest in psychology should find this fascinating. He knows it's an exorbitant amount of money for a leg-up on the competition. That's the point.

Curiosity is itself a very curious thing. With the guarantee of an absence of danger people are more than willing to do almost anything to be able to get a peek at something. The fact that only one person will legitimately see what is in the box means that it's impossible for the person who opened it to prove they opened it or what was actually in there.

Picture the set-up. A black cube in the middle of a white room. It's an easily exploitable image. If I photoshopped the cube out and inserted a *insert item here* you'd have no way to prove that wasn't actually in the cube. Given how much people like to screw with each other on the internet I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of this experiment there were hundreds of thousands of so-called screenshots of what was in the box. The kicker is that I bet they'll all be pictures of different things. You will NEVER have a 100% way of knowing what was in the box unless you opened it. You know that feeling you get when you see people whispering and they refuse to tell you what's going on? This is that amplified because the odds of ever knowing for sure are almost zero.

It's genius.

captcha: do it now!

I think we all know what will be in the damn box.

Yeah, that looks about right.
Also, I guarantee some entity somewhere will buy that damn chisel, too. Human curiosity is insatiable.

So, Molyneux has turned chipping a cube into some perverse version of the Lottery.
Only the payout isn't known...but regardless of what is actually at the middle, perhaps the real payout is simply bragging rights, and I already know there are sick people out there who are willing to blow thousands of dollars on "DLC" for bragging rights alone (Hello, ZT Online. And numerous other MMOs).

Amusing, but scarcely groundbreaking.

Though I do like the 'cut' of his jib.

im deffinitly not going to participate but...this is actually genious! im really interested to see how people act!

It'll only be ten minutes before someone gets to the middle and it not going to be anything special. <- Recap of every game he has created.

What if there is nothing inside the box, but the people who paid to raise their chances will never know it since only one is supposed to see what's inside, and so they can't know if someone else got to see it?

I am not saying he would do such a thing, but that would be such a wonderful scam... ;p

Officially cracked.

Innocent Bystander:

RJ Dalton:
The purpose of this experiment is not to make money.
That's just a bonus.

I think Mr. Molyneux may actually be insane. The Mr. Teatime sort of insane, in that he doesn't see other people in the same way that you or I do.

Nice Terry Pratchett allusion. He's really just Mr. Teatime if he joined the Accountants Guild rather than the Assassins Guild.

Funny thing, I was talking to a friend and she was saying how Black & White had an extremely obvious bug that could totally screw up your computer and, given how much he overhypes his games, she was thinking that this might just be proof that Molyneux is bitter of people and wants to hurt them in ways that he couldn't be arrested for.

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