Hunt Zombies With Nerf Guns at Expo 2012

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I so wish i could go now :(

Unfortunately i live in England, and already have a trip to America in September :(


This man knows what he's talking about.

By the way, there's one more modded blaster test: the pain test. Basically, even if mods are allowed, no mods that result in a painful hit with a dart are allowed. So you test it by shooting someone at close range.

Tell me someone will be filming this. Pretty please?

The more I hear about the expo, the more excited I get. I figured the expo would be more... serious? That might not be the best way to put it but you get the idea. Less messing around and more serious things going on.

I'm glad it's not though. That would make it boring. This seems like it'll be a great time. Though I'm not sure I'll be joining or not. Likely going to wait until I hear more about the rules. I don't want to have to worry every minute of every day about being infected. Playing magic is hard when you have to keep shooting zombies before you can throw out that 8/8 flyer with vigilance.

Also, 'freezing in their spot' for 10 minutes seems like a giant pain for the zombies. I'd hate just standing around for that long, unable to do anything. As well, it would be wise to make some rules about people becoming 'overly enthusiastic' about the game. Meaning running all over and causing a commotion for people who aren't playing. Though I'm sure that will all be worked out when the event gets closer. Just know I'm looking forward to it... and I might need to borrow someone's nerf gun.

Is there any chance at all of altering the "no painted guns" part of the rules? I've got this nerf recon I made into a wh40k bolt pistol, and I was really hoping to use it. None of the internals are modified (in fact they're removed at the moment, due to rules at another event) and I only have stock ammo.

I fantasize that, if there were a Nerf gun tournament, The winning team would have the horde unleashed upon them within 30 seconds of victory.

Hmmm Should I bring the P90 or the fully auto chain Vulcan....oh wait I can't go :( I'll fire a dart in the sky and hope it reaches the expo!

If I bring one or both of my Vulcan Machine guns, is modding of the Ammo Belt illegal? I ask because its a pain in the ass to swap belts in combat, so if I have to swap belts( and I will unless I care to engineer a feed-receive system to deal with overly extended belts) I would prefer it to be every hundred rounds or so instead of every 50

Reading that post, all I can think of is dual wielding nerf vulcans.

Reading that post, all I can think of is dual wielding nerf vulcans.

properly aligning the shoulder straps is the key to easy "death spray" firing

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