Dishonored's Ending Shifts With Your Play Style

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This game looks so good I want to go to Lyon and force the devs to let me beta test with a combination of charm, lunacy and ballistic weapons! Every video and info snippet just gets me more excited. C'mon October already. Possessing our own summoned rat, multiple endings, multiple paths and power upgrades...excuse me, I need a cold shower.

This all looks great if you're not just killing unsuspecting guards which is what it sounds like you'll be doing. Otherwise it looks like it'll be alot of menu management to get to your next overpowered ability. I loved Chronicles of Riddick because it didn't have any sort of one style that would get you through the entire game. Sometime you had to fight other times you had go stealth and other times you had to negotiate and it all flowed very naturally. I'm bringing this up because that's what it looks like the game is wanting to go for.

Chronicles of Riddick+ Bioshock+ Assassins Creed= This game it seems to me.

But all those powers turned against an AI that doesn't seem all that intelligent(when the player fired his gun it should of sent damn near every guard on the map running for him) makes me nervous for how much of challenge this game could be if they're relying purely on Guards as your primary opponents through 90% of the game.


I'm curious how wide spread the super powers will be. Will we be getting teleporting enemies? Will we get possessed? Seems unfair to not give anyone else those skills.

By the sound of things, some of the guards were actually talking about your character. And if people are talking about you, typically someone, somewhere is trying to figure out a way to beat you. Perhaps, depending on how often you're viewed by enemies who don't die, they'll start creating countermeasures.

I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the game, enemies figure out how to negate some of your abilities. Like killing your rats near instantly with pesticides, blocking entrances for things like fish, pressure plates alarms/traps for your shoot range teleport, or perhaps ways to drain your mana/block you off from your powers completely.

I certainly hope so, otherwise it'll turn into a cake walk. I assume you don't get all the powers at once, but even so, most of those powers look like potential game breakers.

Already had it pre-ordered but i got so excited after watching the stealth play through i got a little hard.

I initially wasn't very interested in this game but after seeing that gameplay I'm definitely putting this on my list of games to keep an eye on. Although I don't particularly care about it having multiple endings and I'm betting it will be like a lot of games that claim this. lethal = bad/evil ending, non lethal = good ending.


My only complaint is that the player seems hopelessly overpowered. It reminds me of the Batman games in that way.

Well he's inside a steamhouse, and he has magic. It would be pretty unlikely for them to store a huge amount of siege engines or soldiers inside a bloody steamhouse.

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