BioShock Infinite Is in Trouble, Loses Key Developers

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I'm not sure if it'll have that much impact. The bulk of the company is still in place. The workers.. the one's actually making the game are still there working away at it and I'm sure by now most of the concepts and art direction have been established. (the people working on this project should have an idea of how it will look anyway, it's the third time they've done this).

Maybe they are off chasing photo realism

Ah fuck. Please puh-LEEZE get made....and even better. Don't suck.

Is this why we can't have nice things?

Calling it now...this game will be the new Duke Nukem Forever.

Didn't you hear? Half Life 2: Episode 3 is already the new DNF. Maybe Infinite will just follow in its place if it's ever actually released.

Small games on tablet devices are the way of the future. The only thing keeping the big guys afloat at the moment is the stream of brown first person shooters lol. Epic Games (the guys that made Gears of War and the Unreal Engine) announced the other day that Infinity Blade (an iOS game) has been their biggest earner ever.

Fewer and fewer large scale games, more and more corridor shooters that last four hours, pumped out yearly... Mini-games and tablets are gonna kill "hardcore" gaming soon enough.

It just costs way too much to make the big games. They are forced to spend 90% of their time making the game look good, so there can't be much of it--they need it out the door fast to recoup the costs and get cash flow happening. If they don't polish it and they don't have a simple art style, we crucify them, call the game ugly and don't buy it.

Bioshock: Infinite Disappointment?
Bioshock: Infinite Development Time?

I've heard they're still doing changes to it this far in. I wouldn't be surprised if the ship date sailed by.

This piece of news should at least be UPDATED. I think it was yesterday that Levine DID tweet that the position of Art director was already filled by Scott Sinclair, the Art director for the original Bioshock...

I think on the whole this should not mean delays or major problems in the developing process....

Greg Tito:

We learned of Wells' and Gerriten's

Surely you mean "they", seeing how you just rewrote their own article.

Eh, not much in the way of news, if the game is scheduled for a Feb 2013 release, it should be in lockdown at this point or close to it. Polish and bug fixing til Nov/Dec, then console certification, and expect a gold announcement end of January. Probably some DLC content creation in this stage too.

Losing those two roles isn't that big an impact, as art direction is already set and done at this point, as is development. Chances are they took the opportunity to leave at this point when the workload has lessened.

Couldn't agree more. Even if there are changes to be made to the art at this point, they'd be minor. Nothing that any of the experienced team members who spent the last two years working on this title couldn't handle.

Writing an article that's all doom and gloom Bioshock: Infinite being in some sort of imaginary trouble is silly and unprofessional based on what little actual information we have here.

The more I hear about Infinite the more I become wary and skeptical. At first I was all pumped, but when I realized that they were going to recycle Rapture IN THE SKY! They're supposedly shifting the political criticism, but I wonder now...

Now it's had one or two delays, and now head directors are jumping ship? Yeah, the more I find the less enthused for the game I become. :\


And recently, former director of production at Epic Games,Rod Ferguson, confirmed that he'll join IRRATIONAL GAMES and will be working in Bioshock Infinite...

So this thread definetely needs some UPDADITNG...

Oh well I doubt the art director had much to do anyway with the game only a few months away from release and the art direction was already set in stone.

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