Build a House, Raise a Family in New Skyrim DLC Hearthfire

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American Federal Income Tax is about equal to the Canadian income tax in most Brackets.

Anecdotal: My father was born and raised in Michigan and we now live in Canada. According to him and his experience, though you pay less sales tax in the US, the amount of income, property etc tax makes things about on par with the amount of taxes we pay in Canada. The difference is that we have health care in Canada.

It is true that Canada has higher sales tax but I think when it comes down to it in the end Canadians still do have relative wealth about on par with Americans.

Oh no... having... flashbacks... Horse Armor... GYAHHH!

Hi, PS3 user here.................. still waiting on Dawnguard.......


- Long days of slaying beasts, bandits, neuromancers and monsters, transforming into a vampire and a werewolf, helping out evil demigods for magical items, crushing the rebellion, pillaging the dead, raising the undead...TIME TO BAKE SOME CUPCAKES!

Mmmmmmm, I always love me some cupcakes after dragon-slaying!

Can you glitchy and fucked up a house that has multiple versions of how it can turn out will be, when the houses that had no other possibilities in the vanilla game STILL do not work right?

Releasing the trailer for the next DLC before the first is even out for PS3 is bizarre as well.

Shotgun Guy:


Sorry for the language, but people are actually interested in this????????

If you want kids or a wife, why not get up from your fucking computer and find one, or do the people who can't find a girl buy these things?

Good advice bro, I just walked outside, got married and had kids, it's all thanks to your comment.

I too, have followed his great advice. Through this, I also decided to kill people with Norse weaponry, and I suck peoples blood now, because video games are for babies, and I have real life to get to.
OT: I will make a pimp-ass bachelor pad for Dolokiin, my Blacksploitation character.

Ah but all this building a home and starting a family is small comfort if I can't marry Serana. Figures, in Skyrim, as in life, seems all the best women are either taken or have deep seated emotional scarring that prevents them from being able to truly love. Ah well, not the first time I've had my heart broken.

On the other hand if this DLC allows me to display Ulfric Stormcloak's taxidermied corpse in my living room, it might be worth buying for that alone.

Adoption... ADOPTION!!! All those little shits in Skyrim need to be eaten by dragons not adopted. Not that my female character and her wife can really have children without some sort of divine intervention but by Asura I wouldn't curse anyone with having to raise a child from a Bethesda game.

who ever spent more than one minute in their house?

You'd be surprised. Lots of gamers, me included, spend hours just making sure the bookcase looks properly stacked.

Well, I'm sold.

Although, what would you bring you children for gifts? Most of the things the player can carry in Skyrim are meant to kill people, to eat, hold things that you eat, and things related to killing people.

Maybe adding some children's toys with the expansion?

Also I'm wondering just how many people will find some sick and twisted way to mess with the whole adoption thing "Hey there! I killed your parents by setting them on fire! You're my kid now, grab a dagger and help me kill half of skyrim"

Oh, that should be simple. Take <number of AddOn sales>, multiply by two (or ten) for the pirates, and there you are.


Sorry for the language, but people are actually interested in this????????

If you want kids or a wife, why not get up from your fucking computer and find one, or do the people who can't find a girl buy these things?

Why would you play a racing game if you can just go outside, buy a car and race with it?

Why would you play a shooter if you can just go outside, join the army and shoot real people?

Why would you play Okami if you can just repaint your dog, glue a garbage can lid to its back and worship it?

"Get your own house."
: D !
"Build it any way you like, yourself."
: DD !
"...on Xbox live."
: |
They really do have a contract with MS to deliver DLC a month prior on Xbox, huh.

Haha, Bethesda devs are copying player made mods now :-) We've had this on PC for months now from Nexus.

The worst part of Fable 2 is now in Skyrim? I literally cant wait to give this one a miss.

If it has achievements tied to it and takes away my 100% again, I will go to Skyrim and burn it down.

How are people comparing this to Horse Armor? Horse armor was aimed to protect creatures that respawned if they died anyways, and didn't even protect them. It was purely an aesthetic that was overpriced because it was pretty much the first DLC so they didn't know how to price it.

This mod adds a completely customizable fortress with repeating quests and enough content to keep you busy for days. Along with expanding the marriage system, and adding more followers that do more than just..follow you.

I understand that it's not Bloodmoon, but it sure as hell aint Horse Armor.

In before "Horse Armor"

Also, this is a Bethesda game. WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD YOU WANT CHILDREN?

I've said it before on Twitter, and I'll say it again here:

Although after I sent that one out, this one came came to mind to be better (maybe):

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. Let's hope that it's very customizable.

Considering I was expecting larger expansions for Skyrim DLC, the scale of this feels a little disappointing. Although, I figure this must have been a product of the Bethesda Game Jam that the lead developer liked the look of, perhaps a compilation of some of the more domestically orientated projects cobbled together and spruced up to be purchase-worthy. In which case there's likely to be more exciting, larger stuff to come.

Still, if you have Skyrim on console, at this price you can hardly go wrong.

In before "Horse Armor"

Also, this is a Bethesda game. WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD YOU WANT CHILDREN?

Well, seeing as they can not die, I'm going to use them as bait for when giants attack my house :D

Not a bad concept. I'm not interested in it myself but I can see where others might be.


Not to even mention, simple mods already achieve this... And both the mod and the DLC are inferior to Creation Kit, which too is free and can make any kind of house you want, without limitations. CK isn't even hard to use.
Oh, adoption? Takes less than 5 minutes to mod.

You ARE aware that Console gamers can't use ANY of that right? Like, not a single one. We're stuck with whatever the game gets.

Hi, PS3 user here.................. still waiting on Dawnguard.......

Same here. No one is worried that they'll just say fuck it aand skip out on PS3 support for now on?

Will you people quit bitching? No one is forcing you to buy this and if you even suggest that
the production on this is taking away from "Real" DLC, you deserve to have your face laughed in.

Also, stop citing the mod.

Bethesda has ALWAYS taken good player mods, improved them and given them to console players like myself.

I for one am looking somewhat forward to this.

If you really can build the house, it'll be great.

Even if it's just an elaborate upgrade system, I still think it will be cool for 5 bucks.

I initially scoffed at the idea of kids, but then I remembered those wonderfully bloodthirsty little bastards at the orphanage where you kill the lady for the Dark Brotherhood.

"Kill one person and you can solve so many problems. I wonder at the possibilities."

I want HER for a daughter!

No interest in the adoption thing but the house is kinda cool for my first character. When I finished the war and the main story my first character retired to the College to study magic (until Dawnguard came out). Then he came out of retirement to fight the vampires (don't worry not insane, my other character joined the shit out of them). This might be a nice final chapter in his life. My other character isn't the domestic type.

Also you think you guys get screwed, 400 point cost 5 euro. 5 euro is the equivalent of about $6.20.

What. The. Fuck.

Seriously. What the living fuck is going on here? More Xbox exclusive DLC? I know they said they'd get first dibs, but now they're just getting it all, and not even letting the PS3 or PC have the leftovers? Yeah, PC has mods, but seriously, what the hell, you dicks? Release this shit on PS3--or is our money not good enough for you asshats? Why release a multiplatform game if you're just going to design the rest of the game for one system?

Furthermore, really? The Sims: Skyrim? Is this a fucking joke? I don't go to Skyrim when I want to build and design a crappy cottage and adopt some twerp, I go to Skyrim to be the fothermucking dragonborn.

Oh great, I can adopt kids. Can they carry loot?

More to the point, one thing I would like to do is to own big lunks of land, and also have an army to defend it. Less house, more castle. Add to this the jagged crown and the fact I'm both the richest person and greatest warrior in Skyrim, and I detect a sense of megalomania here.

Add Fus Ro Dah as a dialogue option, while you're at it. That'll shut Maul up when you meet him, the cocky yet immortal bastard.

Caramel Frappe:
In before "PC has a Mod for this, free"

Let me state a few things guys:

    - It's optional to purchase
    - This is for console gamers
    - Only 400 microsoft points ($4 dollars) for a nice feature
    - Bethesda worked on this before that free mod came out for making your own home

Apart from those facts, I look forward to this. It's going to be better then any other house I can get in all of Skyrim and not to mention how awesome it'll be having the adoption system intact .. though, a lot of the kids in Skyrim are quite awful so am unsure overall.

It seems that Hearthfire goes into much more detail than mods, though. You have to craft the components to your house (Did you see the locks?). Even as a PC player I look forward to this, and the price seems reasonable. Furthermore, the framework for this addon could easily be used to allow for new and awesome plugins that let you build entire castles.

Console gamers now get what PC Mod users have!

Also, I wanna know that's really important here: Can one hire a lusty argonian maid?

Yeah.....I might just skip out on this one. Not only because I'm a PS3 user so I probably won't even get the opportunity to play any DLC for another year or so at this rate, but also because adoption was never even a consideration. I'm a legend, not a mother.

And my house only serves as a storage space, so I'd only spend three seconds in there at a time anyway.

Why would you play Okami if you can just repaint your dog, glue a garbage can lid to its back and worship it?

I speak from experience when I say that this isn't nearly as fun as Okami.

Necromancer Jim:
Console gamers now get what PC Mod users have!

Also, I wanna know that's really important here: Can one hire a lusty argonian maid?

Well, you can marry a female Argonian. Don't know if she's a maid though.

While this looks interesting, and does make me think about buying Skyrim...but I'll put my feelings bluntly.

Until we can marry Khajiit, and have Khajiit children, as well as beast children in general, I'm not buying.

-'There's no word yet on a PC or PS3 release.'-


OT: 400 points are waiting for you Hearthfire.

Is their an option to protest Argonian/Khajiits adopting human children? I have some rather racist characters...

Please tell me they're not charging for this fucking Horse Armour 2.0
Someone please make a PC mod exactly the same as this so they can't fleece us like the console monkeys.

Here's a thought..don't fucking buy it? Believe or not the world doesn't revolve around you PC gamers.

Wow lots of butt hurt people crying about FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS.


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