G4 Cancels Videogame Programming

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But seriously, who's watching this? There's already saturation in the market for faux-mature 20-something entertainment (read: Spike TV). I'm annoyed they're getting rid of their initial audience, but I'm surprised (and alarmed) that they will be able to expand by copying other pretentious channels - channels who's man-child audience is already secure.

I remember G4 from WAY back in the day when they ran shows like Portal,G4tv.com, Pulse, Arena, and judgement day. Ever since the merger with TechTV the network slowly went from 'geek' to 'mainstream'. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but I just lost interest gradually when they started canning more and more 'tech' shows.

Now the network has lost it's only niche.

Probably been said a million times over, but anyone who is upset about this and feels betrayed really has no business giving any sort of opinion on television programming. G4 died a long time ago.


I liked X-Play when Adam and Morgan were on it, they made the best scathing/funny reviews an they introduced me to Yahtzee and this site.

It will be missed.

I will remember you...

... will you remember me...?

So... EscapistTV, anyone?

No but really. I got to watch very little Xplay. G4 wasn't included the TV package I had at my house, so it was always a treat when I got to see a couple episodes.
It's sad, but it was coming. I hope that Sessler and Web find good jobs somewhere, because they were fun to watch.

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