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XCOM, as much as the games on that list, for the most part, deserve to be there, XCOM is the game I've sunk so much time into, and I felt more emotion playing XCOM than Spec Ops, I meant, I was emotional as hell in Spec Ops, but in XCOM, I've actually been reduced to tears when suddenly everything goes horribly wrong, like sectopods coming up behind my Elite squad, cutting me off from retreat and blasting the hell out of me.

I voted for Journey.
Judging by the reaction so far in this thread, it won't win GOTY, but It won my heart.
I'll happily sport my Journey badge.

Voted Mass Effect 3.

Whilst the ending sucked balls the rest of the game achieved depths of emotion that I don't think any of the others could match, it the possible exception of Spec Ops: The Line which I haven't played.

Doubt it will win though, still too much anger and sadness over the ending I think. But I believe the very fact the ending was capable of making people care and feel so much underlines just how amazingly good the rest of the game and the series was, and for that I think it deserves to be the game of the year.

Say what you want, but people cared about that game more than I've seen anyone care about any of the others.

Surprised that FTL and Hotline were on there.
Split between FTL, Guild Wars 2, Dishonored and XCOM. FTL or XCOM will get my vote more than likely. Time to think as I play those games over quickly.

Mark of the Ninja it is. Flawlessly executed and extremely satisfying.

So Black Ops 2 gets a nomination, but not the FAR superior Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? I'm left with no choice but to vote for my second-place pick, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

P.S. Thanks

P.P.S. Seriously, BlOps 2 over CSGO?

Casting my vote for Hotline Miami, best game I've played in quite a while. The type of fastpaced, addictively satisfying action it delivers is all too rare and it had an awesomely twisted storyline to it as well. Not to mention the vivid colors and the soundtrack, man that soundtrack is awesome.

I have to say XCOM for me.

Each game out there with maybe the exception to Journey and Spec Ops, only hit the bar. They never raised it. Sure Farcry 3, Mass Effect 3, and Borderlands 2 were great games. Though there were just shiner version of the past games. If you don't like X about the game you won't enjoy still applies to them. XCOM not only a game in a genera I hate(cause I suck at it), yet I enjoyed it. Which no other game on the list has done. They make what I consider to be horrible, good. Which is something I expect out of Game of the Year. Even if I don't like it, its so good I can't hate it.

No Dragon's Dogma on the list? Even though countless people have mentionned Dragon's Dogma as a fave contender for GOTY.
I am disappointed.

No Last Story or Xenoblade Chronicles on the list? WTF is wrong with whoever made this list.
I am disappointed.

I voted for P4: Golden because I thought it was P4: Arena. It never occured to me that it'd be P4:G and as good as it is, remakes shouldn't be on the list.

Wow, we get badges for our choice. That's actually pretty cool.

Mark of the Ninja and Spec Ops I remember the most, Journey I loved but I don't even own a Playstation, so I don't think that's fair. Generic choices, I know, I know. So whatever I closed my eyes and picked one.

I would have picked Scribblenauts, but apparently people don't like fun.

The day you realize you're visiting a site out of habit:

You look at their X of the year candidates and realize you haven't even seen one of them outside the site.

Mass Effect 3

Come get me

I voted for The Walking Dead because it's the only game out of them I finished this year.

I enjoyed some of the other games but TWD was awesome. I didn't play many games this year ;n;

I picked the one that is emotionally stimulating (rules out most of the nominees, except for Spec Ops, Journey, Persona, Walking Dead, and my pick) AND fun to play (arguably rules out those other three). So "Skyrim with Guns" it is.

I give credit to Journey for being a game anyone can play, along the lines of Little Big Planet and some retro games. However, it bugs me that it is only on the PS3 (which I'll probably get next summer since the WiiU doesn't entice me, but still) and has no offline co-op (as in "couch co-op").

Oh, and I haven't played any of these. I guess reviews provide enough information.

I picked Mass Effect 3. Yes, the ending is stupid, and the story DLCs are stupid expensive, but I still love it.

Then again, I only played maybe three games that came out this year (Borderlands 2 and Pokemon Black 2 being the other two), so my pool to choose from is quite small.

I notice a distinct lack of Crusader Kings 2 which is my Goatee.

That's why I voted FTL. Because the actual best game of 2012 (CK2) wasn't on their list.

Nor was Scribblenauts: Unlimited, the other best game of 2012, now that I think about it.

It's a really easy choice, despite how many of those games I love. Far Cry 3, Mass effect 3, The walking dead, Dishonored and Spec ops the line are all great. None of them can hold a candle to Guild Wars 2 though. I've had so much fun with GW2, played for hundreds of hours and they're still updating it with new free content, which makes me come back again and again. Brilliant game and the only MMORPG I've ever enjoyed playing.

It's no suprise that I voted for Guild Wars 2.

*sees a common theme*

Yeah, well, I voted For Borderlands 2, so there!

I had a blast with that game and I really do think Gearbox really did an awesome job on this one.

wub wub

Voted Dishonored. It was a good entry into that would and I would like to see more titles in the franchise.

Borderlands 2 for certain, when It comes down to it, I like my games fun, and Borderlands 2 delivered on that front better than any other game I've played this year


I notice a distinct lack of Crusader Kings 2 which is my Goatee.

That's why I voted FTL. Because the actual best game of 2012 (CK2) wasn't on their list.

Nor was Scribblenauts: Unlimited, the other best game of 2012, now that I think about it.

I was close to voting FTL. I adore that game to no end, but in the end I found it a bit shallow and ultimately I found that Dishonored was the better game by a small margin. Dunwall alone is the best setting in any game this year for me.

But man, CK2 mops the floor with the entire list. So many enjoyable hours whiled away scheming to gain just a bit more power or influence.

It came down between Borderlands 2 and The Walking Dead for me. None of the other titles interested me or I hadn't played them. While The Walking Dead was truly a unique experience all its own and I praise the game immensely, I had to give my vote to Borderlands 2.

What can I say? I like my games laced with copious amounts of fun. Gearbox more than delivered what I desired.

EDIT: Sweet, a Borderlands 2 badge. I will display it with pride.


wub wub


Right on, my man.

Diablo 3 is the best game of the year. It has more content and polish than any of the other games on the list.

It was a hard choice for me,had to think between 5 games,but I went with Mass Effect 3.Making me go on forums and read like a freak everything regarding the whole controversy ending only showed how much I care about it.

With that said,have a good day.


Such a hard decision! Eventually went for Mass Effect 3 after letting my mouse hover over Spec Ops and Walking for a long while.
I hope Spec Ops made its money back, I'd hate to think the developers were punished for taking a risk.

Vote Spec Ops: The Line, because it was the best game I played this year, and one of the most moving games I've played in a long time.

Borderlands 2.

They turned an FPS Skinner Box original game with little to no story to an FPS Skinner Box sequel game with an incredible story AND a memorable villian.

Not many shooters can pull something like that off, if at all. Props to the Gearbox crew for making every multiplayer encounter with Handsome Jack end in the most hilariously awesome way possible - with me 2 micrometers away from Jack's face with the largest and deadliest rocket launcher I have available. (In one of those scenarios, I had a Derp a Nukem. Many thanks, friend of friends!)

Voted Far Cry 3. I must admit most of these games look VERY good to me, but I haven't played a lot of them. I liked Dishonored, but something in it did not click. I think it was the characters, though it deserves praise. I would not buy Mass Effect cause its from EA and last time I bought something from them it did not work and Tech support was useless... Spec Ops is fine, but not my favorite type of game, though again it deserves a lot of its praise. Xcom was gonna be my first choice but then I remember I like Tigers, even if they are the squishy non- RHA metal ones. Damn I play too much World of Tanks.

That one sad year when you haven't had enough time or money to play any of these games. Most of them just haven't appealed to me enough to warrant buying, but I may pick up Spec Ops over steam sales. I would get Journey, but don't have a PS3. Why is Persona 4 Golden on the list, sure its a great game, but should remakes really make game of the year lists?

Voted for Spec Ops: The Line. It hurt a lot to play that game, but it was ultimately the good kind of hurt.

The only award Mass Effect 3 deserves is "Disappointment of the Year."

EDIT: Come to think of it: ME3 would also be worthy of "Biggest PR Disaster."

Umm, the voting page isn't displaying correctly.

Wanted to Vote for one game and ended up voting for another...Anyone else having this problem?

There are a lot of games in this list that provide some tight, intense gaming experiences. But if I were to be honest about voting with my time (i.e. what games I logged the most hours on):

1st place- Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
2nd place- FTL

Some of it is probably just timing. Not much was competing when Amalur came out, and I was traveling and needed a laptop game when FTL came out. Dishonored, XCOM, Halo, and Far Cry will be battling for my time for another few months. But still, I dropped 80+ hours into both of those games and I would still enjoy them if I fired them up now.

FTL gets a lot of points for re-playability (sorry XCOM), but Amalur wins on the sheer quantity of good content. It's just as big as Skyrim or Fallout, but it's better looking than both and the combat is a hell of a lot more fun.

I'm not voting because I haven't played the majority of those games and what I have played I don't consider GOTY material but if Spec Ops aka Ironic Gears of War: The Re-skin wins I'm going to be severely disappointed.

This poll was nicely set up and the backgrounds when you voted looked good.

This year I will not write a page long argument why the game of the year poll is bad.

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