Kotick Paints Black and White Picture of Infinity Ward Firings

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"You find out two executives are planning to break their contracts, keep the money you gave them and steal 40 employees," Kotick explains. "What do you do? You fire them."

Depends on the type of employes. If they are lower level management and their jobs can be easily replaced, then sure, you fire them.

But if those 2 executives are HUUUUGGGEEE revenue creators, then you do what it takes to keep their loyalty. Ok, so maybe they are flirting with the enemy, and you know they are not selling trade secrets, but you do the conversation is about IP control, bonus %'s and team perks.

So you tell them, hey guys, "I know your current contract is is nearly up, your lusting after the grass on the other side of the fence, and we all know that moving is a hassle. What would it take to make that other grass go away?" and you renegotiate from there.

From the sounds of West & Zambella, they wanted to try new IP's and stopped wanting to clone the same game every year. I guess Kotick couldn't understand that; "What.. creative people wanting to be creative.. FUCK THAT NOISE!!, We're taking them down... operation Icebreak is now in effect..."

Thank you, Mr. Kotick, for reminding all gamers how much of a douche you are when it comes to enriching video games. Shame, I was just about to think you were softening up.

And now I'm never changing my avatar any time soon.

Yeah this is bullshit. From what I recall, what happened was that they were offered jobs from EA Games and meeting with them to discuss it and Robert used it as an excuse to fire them so Activision wouldn't have to pay them half the money they owed them and then there's the game Activision played with their employees, what was that Robert I forget OH WAIT now I remember it was your own little company wide version of Last Man Standing!

All that happened is that Robert Kotick got paranoid and drove he's own employees into the hands of EA Games. If you don't want your people quitting I'd suggest paying them for their work. People tend to be pissed off when you don't for some weird and crazy reason! What I find annoying is that this whole incident was clearly just a matter of the rivalry that Activision and EA Games have. It wasn't that they might quit but that EA Games were the other company offering them the job.

I mean EA Games tries to offer two of their biggest employees a job so Robert goes and fires them thus allowing EA Games to hire them without having to get them to break their contracts or having to wait till the contracts end. Then when said employees sue them for firing them without paying them based on something that might have happened Activision goes and sues the employees for doing something that Activison fired them for before they could even do it? Oh that went well especially when Activision also sued EA Games for acting like a games company and hiring people.

I mean what is a court of law going to tell EA Games? Your not allowed to hire ex-Activision employees? Because given Activision's track record pretty soon that's going to be anyone who wants to work in gaming.

Hes afraid that the Call of Duty movie is actually going to be interesting in comparison to games? Because you need to seriously fuck up to not do that.

The time to worry about "tainting the brand" may have been BEFORE you hired a war criminal to endorse Black Ops 2, Mr. Kotick.

"keep the money you gave them"

Yeah, what kind of worker expects to keep the money they have been paid... oh yeah, ONES WHO ARE NOT SLAVES!

Pro top Kotick: you have to actually pay your employees. They don't work for you out of slavish loyalty, the salary you pay them is not a grant or loan they have to pay back.

Breach of contract? They are FREE MEN! They can consider leaving in the future if they want to, you do not OWN THEM! Don't act like you gave them money for what they hadn't delivered yet, you didn't even pay them the bonuses they were due yet.

From what I recall, what happened was that they were offered jobs from EA Games and meeting with them to discuss it and Robert used it as an excuse to fire them so Activision wouldn't have to pay them half the money they owed them

Well, to play devil's advocate, having private dinners/meetings with your competition is anathema to a current employer, no matter what industry you work in.

I faced something similar just recently. I previously worked as the editor of a chain of small community newspapers in Mississauga/Etobicoke, and I took another job due to (a) the other employer offering me an incredible package of benefits/work opportunities, (b) the pay at my then-current newspaper gig not being enough to support me financially, and (c) the opportunity to do both in tandem, as one was writing/editing and the other was public relations.

I told my newspaper employer about this very early on, and he responded by having a absolute meltdown and taking my name off the paper's masthead before treating me as a lowly writer (and after trying to make overtures, I quit). I was in the inenviable position of having people ask me why I quit my newspaper job when I was still employed and writing articles, because my boss had gone around trashing me behind my back. I got my revenge in the end, but it was still a sticking point.

Sure, it's a bit different when there are millions of dollars in potential royalties on the line, but the principle is still the same. Loyalty can be a fault, and even if you're the nicest guy to your boss, any potential fraternizing with the competition can be a slap in the face to them. That's something I don't expect many of the people on this board (who likely never faced a situation like the IW scandal or my personal experience) have ever encountered - or hopefully never will.

And I don't doubt that he believes that whatever the facts may be. Also, I don't doubt people will argue both sides despite not knowing all the facts. Also, video game movies are almost always bad so I see why you might want to avoid them like the plague.

1) What was the point of bringing this up again Kotick? Beyond restarting a flame war on most gaming news site forums.

2) Wait, wait, wait. No CoD movie? So you're telling me those last six increasingly linear...things were supposed to be games!?

Taint the brand? The games are already big budget action films. I am sure Michael Bay would be the best choice to direct a Call of Duty film.

Didn't a lot of key employees end up quitting and going with West and Zambella a few days and weeks after they were fired?

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