The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Remake Headed to Wii U

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and the best part is this time around we get to manage our inventory on the Wii Pad....

I wouldn't mind at all.

I'm a cold hearted bastard who tends to endlessly rant about new novelty bullshit, but I've been genuinely pleased with my Wii U since the moment I opened it on Christmas.

I don't think I've ever owned a console where I only had two games and wasn't furious that nothing else was out yet...

Except for N64 maybe.

Edit: Hope I can play on the pad by itself too :o.

That was woefully missing from Sonic Racing.

I guess my point was....Who cares about a re-make of the Windwaker? I'm not going to replay friggin' Crysis because I bought a better video card yesterday. If you really can't bear the wait for the next Zelda, just play one of the other 6 billion games that are alreadly released or will be released shortly....Check out some sweet Indie games or watch some old Humphrey Bogart movies or somethin'...

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