U.S. Senator Says Videogames Are Worse Than Guns

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So it seems now that this is an admission that guns have the potential to be unsafe? It may be true that the reason is complacency or insanity or whatever, but while being complacent with my pencil doesn't result in killing/injuring people, being complacent with a gun does. That's why they are unsafe. I never said I wanted to take your guns. I never said that once in all of these posts. That's you projecting yourself into my text. I keep saying that you, instead of seeing what I write, see something far more incendiary, and you keep proving me right. That said, I do think that you, specifically, shouldn't have a gun, because you refuse to admit that they are dangerous, and are therefore careless in your attitude toward them. Also, for various medical reasons, no, I don't think I should go out to a range and learn to shoot. It would be irresponsible to do so, because guns are dangerous and should be handled with care. Also, I am all for teaching firearms safety. Because guns are dangerous and should be handled only by those who have the proper training.

Granted, the issue I took with you, is that you think that my cavalier thoughts on safety means that I'm safety hands off. I practice range safety in my home and at all times when handling my firearms. If you don't provided you are the only one hurt, you will be made an example of.

My reason for the hostility is when you say that they are unsafe and always dangerous. That's a red flag and can be used as a reason for mass confiscation of arms.

And what are those medical reasons? Are you willing to share? I would recommend a homeopathic solution, I have one that could impair the use of arms so I have to use others myself.

I also recently observed a revelation where a blind man should not be deprived his use of arms.
As unintuitive as that sounds. Apparently some blind guy called into a radio show and explained why he shouldn't be deprived the use of arms. He shot a 12 point buck.

Regarding medical exceptions, it's nice that you can think of a few exceptions. That's what they are. Exceptions. The issue you took with me, too, was simply a response to the issue I took with you, calling out poor argumentative reasoning in your statements against Aardvaarkman. If you want the medical issues, let's see if you can figure it out. A more resourceful person would have already.

Regarding for your alleged reason for hostility, saying that I'm saying that they are unsafe and always dangerous (my wording was actually "potentially" dangerous, a not-so-minor detail that I thought I'd brought significant attention to in many of my earlier posts, over and over), yes, that would certainly be a red-ish flag that can be used as a reason for mass-confiscation of arms. That's probably why politicians are attempting to do exactly that. It's an easy point to make.

But it's not what I said. Taking away your guns is not a subject I brought up. It's a subject you fear, and are overly defensive of in any guns-related argument. But it's not an argument I was trying to have with you. Go have that one with someone else, because I know that it's a wasted effort. But what I am saying about guns is that your reasoning and argumentative points regarding their safety were inherently flawed, especially regarding examples and logic leading to the thought that something that can be used safely is always safe.

Then I apologize for being a boor.

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