Electronic Arts Drops Medal of Honor

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Wow EA..."It's not *our* fault Medal of Honor failed, it's *your* fault!"

No one had any faith in this EA! Surely you must have heard the laughter even from your ivory tower when you told us it was going to be called 'Warfighter'. Surely you must us heard us collectively sigh in frustration when you included the bin Laden compound map but -inexplicably- DID NOT include the bin Laden mission. Surely you must have read the lukewarm reviews of MoH 2010. DO NOT sit there and tell us that you were blind-sided by this reaction and DO NOT act like you weren't FULLY AWARE that you crapped out an uninspired, useless pile of garbage.

You can ax Pandemic, EA, you can ax this property, but you can't ax your consumers. Grow. Up.

Goodbye MoH, I salute you and the fun games you had at the pinnacle of the WWII FPS genre.

Are EA ever going to pull themselves out of this fantasy land? Honestly for the life of me, I cannot understand how you can have a company controlled by people who have so little clue about the actual industry and their consumers.

I haven't actually played it so I can't speak from first-hand experience, but the game has a woeful Metacritic score...

That right there is the reason EA is on the way down. If you have CEO's and operating officers and team leads that don't even sample their own stock, what possible hope could you have to grow and improve as a company? They have a work culture akin to that of a bank not a game publisher/developer.

Even worse, they can't just be stupid in silence like Activision. They have to actively come out of their little bubble and make statements about things that they haven't a single clue about. It's almost like they're trying to copy the Republican party.

It wouldn't be so bad if they were just damaging their own stock price either. But they aren't. They are actively killing off pieces of gaming history with their incompetence. Franchises that were actually icons once, that have been run into the ground. (See also Command and Conquer)

The worst part is they will now sit on this IP for eternity, never letting someone else even have a crack at restoring the series to its former glory.

Never have I wanted to see a company implode so badly.


Go to Hell EA, just go to Hell


I hate any and all developers/publishers/whoever (EA is especially the biggest offender) who cry about their works having lower scores than they "deserved".

When the fuck are people gonna wake up and stop accepting that not a single work in any industry deserves 10/10 on Metacritic? Goddamn dirty corrupt publishers bribing the critics to give perfect scores then crying foul when the critics refuse to obey their fascist schemes.

goodbye, ol chap.

you were great but lost the fight against mediocrity and dullness at the end.

This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

Medal Of Honor has been put to rest. My Nostalgia has been avenged.

I have solved all your problems with this franchise EA. Stop trying to copy COD in the worst way possible. Why not look back at your own backlog of medal of honor games? The original Medal of Honor and MOH Underground for PS1 were fantastic. MOH Allied Assault and it's expansions on PC were great as well. I'm not saying that a game in the style of the old school MOH for PS1 could stand up to modern standards without a serious overhaul (I still love MOH and have beaten it recently again, but I'm nostalgic).

I have lived through many generations of games. I remember a time when WW2 games were overdone and boring. Now a days modern military shooters are overdone and getting more and more boring. Why did EA take MOH to the modern day?

It seems to me that more people, older nostalgic and younger gamers alike, who have been deprived of WW2 style shooters for several years would jump at the chance for a new one now. Especially if it was made with the same love and care as the old MOH game. We need style EA. Your recent games have been pretty much nothing but extremely safe bets and gamers aren't buying them because they're bored.

Just my opinion.

At least we got this:


Got another op for you. Actually fuck it YOLO

Andy Chalk:
"We struggled with two challenges: the slowdown that impacted the entire sector and poor critical and commercial reception for Medal of Honor: Warfighter," he said. "Medal of Honor was an obvious miss. The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers."

"Critics were polarized and gave the game scores which were, frankly, lower than it deserved," he added.

Right, it's never your problem; it's always everyone else's problem. __ Heaven forbid you actually admit fault.

Back in 2007, Call of Duty 4 started the wave of modern military shooters that saved us from Yet Another World War 2 Game.

Actually, Battlefield 2 did that back in 2005.

OT: Eh...ehhh...I just can't work up enough effort to care. It didn't do anything new or interesting. That's what happens.


Go to Hell EA, just go to Hell

They already made that game and it wasn't good either. (Dante's Inferno joke)

OT: I miss when Medal of Honor was about killing Nazis. EA, you killed this franchise when you decided to make it a Modern Military Shooter to compete with CoD. Had this series been doing something other than failing to be CoD, People might have rated it higher, but all that money that your competitor was making from one of their games was just so fucking tempting wasn't it? You could do something new or genuine but you decided to take your competitor head on in the dumbest way possible. EA, it's your fault that another series I really liked was killed off like so many other franchises and studios. Accept your mistakes and admit you messed up. It's your fault this series is gone, EA, so fuck you.

Bleidd Whitefalcon:

Stop the fucking review blaming, EA. The game was shit, deal with it.

This honestly pisses me off to no end recently. Almost every bloody time something gets canned, either we the gamers, or the reviewers get blamed for it, either because "PIRAAAAAATEZ!!!!!" or because "You gave us unfair low scores! Y_Y" ...

I also love how critics can be both "polarized" and "giving scores that are too low".

Maybe the critics were polarized about just shitty the game was and what low number to give it?

I suppose "the game is really bad" and "the game is really, REALLY bad" could be seen as polarization....

I think the day a game company came out and said "Yeah, we ran the franchise into the ground, our bad" would be the day the majority of gamers died of shock-induced aneurysms.

Ah, remember when Medal of Honor was good?

"Bandit, nine o-clock! Heads down!...THIRTY SECONDS!"
"Alright, when the ramp drops, move out. If you get lost, look for me!"
"Stay with me and we'll get through this. We gotta take that beach."
"Clear the raft!"

That was actually the game that got me into shooters. Such a pity that the series has fallen so far. I enjoyed the 2002 release of Medal of Honor and thought they were on the right track. Lots of work to do, but it could be done. And then, Warfighter came out. And I told myself that I was done with the series. Guess I really am now.

EA, if I may say. I think you're missing the point. Your response to this situation--saying the review scores are wrong--is a perfect summery of why everyone hates your company and what is wrong with your company. Fix that and you'd be amazed at how much better things would go for you.

classic archvillain excuse: world not recognizing their greatness

Oh, my glob! EA's comment has made me realize my mistake! It was MY fault all along; I just didn't understand the genius of the game and I dismissed it quickly. It was a lot for my brain to process and I tossed it away like the primitive person that I am. dang it, sucks to be wrong!

But seriously, just stop blaming everyone, EA. You make shitty games every now and then. own up to it. Have the balls to at least do that. Do it in the memory of MoH, a once-good game that you pretty much killed yourself probably in an attempt to beat Blops2 to the punch and it backfired. Shows you not to rush a product and do it right, huh?

Well, I suppose Battlefield is next.

Captcha: "Nice job". Nope, not on this one.


you were great but lost the fight against mediocrity and dullness at the end.

Fucking YES!

Hopefully MoH is reincarnated next gen more in line with its original ethos.
Would love to see another WWII game with that kick ass music (thank you Michael Giacchino!)

The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers.

Authentic combat? Pray tell how does a linear game in which you can not only survive, but walk off multiple 7.62 rounds to the head realistic? Even if you had a vest on and it stopped the round, it'd still wind the fuck out of you. EA just can't admit their CoD wannabe failed, real surprise, but honestly, THAT is their excuse? REALLY?

Misleading title is misleading.

This is to be expected. a game that does not make tons of money? EA not a happy monster, EA go eat some game developers.

Capcha: circle of life
Oh you.

"Year-over year continuity"...

Now there you have stockmarket-minded people speaking and picking their idioms; "a yearly evaluation of growth" indeed. This, of course, requires a steady stream of new content to measure by -- anyone who ever had doubts about there being an imposed culture of mindlessly churning out endless iterations, just to make easy (...no matter how short-sighted...) money... well...

Maybe the cynic in me has it right, with what it has long been telling me:

It has for quite some time expected EA, now that they have and enforce Origin (which they'll tell you allows them to interact with their customers in ways they just can not with other services - sounds good, right?), to transform, first, their sports franchises to a subscription-ish model, which on the surface seems to make sense: those who play that sort of games will want continously updated rosters and other data and if they're in business, they'll surely recognise a similar sort of service agreement to what they enjoy at work, with all the patches and updates and other support produced and needed for the year debited, "incuded", "complimentary".
Of course; the second you actually looked at it, you'd realise you haven't got anything you didn't have before - the only difference is that your purchase now has become a persihable, with the title falling out of your library one year later and that the true purpose of the change, is to make you buy the game again and again and again, just in case you're one of those pesky people who is content with foregoing the latest shiniest year model and just keep driving the one from last year.

This would naturally find ways to creep over to other types of games as well - we wouldn't want the new Dead Space 7 to have to compete on the market with our own Mass Effect 9 from a fortnight ago, now, would we?

I have yet to see any clear indications of such a direction, but should it come to pass, I fully expect the shills to be just as rampant and full of apologetic nonsense as always.

now it gets to go back and sit on the EA IP shelf for an indefinite amount of time until they decide to pull it back out in hopes the world has forgotten all about warfighter

Back in 2007, Call of Duty 4 started the wave of modern military shooters that saved us from Yet Another World War 2 Game.

I wonder what the next thing will be that saves us from modern military shooters?

My guess is open-world shooters, and a few years from now we'll consider Far Cry 3 as the game that made the trend change.

Have you seen Farcry 3's multiplayer? I don't think its going to be saving anything

And the only person who cared was the person whose foot it landed on.

Really not a series ive ever liked even the WW2 games felt less like fighting a war and more like James Bond the early years with one man defeating the Reich single handedly. But biased since i always like CoD better the WW2 ones at least.

well, i can't really feel sorry for a game so full of itself (and pretty large portions of the racism/'muhrica huray bullshit that relentlesly metastasizes through modern shooters nowadays)

however, the implications of EA euthanizing yet another large franchise because they failed epicly to make a decent game out of it are somewhat scary.


For Fucks Sake! You don't have to kill franchises, just make them good. Give it to actual artists let them do what they want with it! Don't you understand? Stop stifling the creative arts you Evil Assholes!

I want to yell that into EA's ear.

Bleidd Whitefalcon:
Wait. Let me get this straight. Michael Pachter was RIGHT about something. ...Excuse me while I go looking for flying pigs.

Flying pigs?

Here you go.

OT: Well, I have no idea whether it was good or bad as a game, since I didn't play it.

You know what, stop bringing out crap just to copy another popular game brand and just make a good title. You wont beat Cod, its not worth trying. Instead do something new with, or old, go back to WW2 games. Or base your game within another real world conflict that doesnt get much attention.

My main concern now is that EA will go looking for some other franchise to ruin, or dig up something old and try to reboot it as a shooter *cough* Syndicate *cough*.


The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers.

Authentic combat? Pray tell how does a linear game in which you can not only survive, but walk off multiple 7.62 rounds to the head realistic? Even if you had a vest on and it stopped the round, it'd still wind the fuck out of you. EA just can't admit their CoD wannabe failed, real surprise, but honestly, THAT is their excuse? REALLY?

It gets worse, multiple sniper rounds to the face? No Problem!

Moving on to broken ground without letting off some fireworks?


The Medal of Honor series deserved better.

Then again most of the IP's with EA deserve better.

"Medal of Honor was an obvious miss. The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers."

Yes. Death by unevenly tiled floors is definitely related to authenticity.

To all of you who buy modern military shooters, please stop. I beg you. Maybe the industry can move back to making actual interest FPS games. Even Crysis 2 went the way of modern military shooter. So sick and tired of the jargon, the washed out palette, the machismo and even the setting. Hard Reset > any modern military shooter. Even Rage which is just "above average" is better.

So please stop buying them. Please please please. Let the genre die, the dead horse has been flogged and there's not even enough left of it for a Tesco burger.

Sometimes I forget that EA used to be called ECA and they were nice people bringing out great games with absolutely no hassle or fuss whatsoever.

Then again, that was a quarter century ago, so that probably isn't much part of reality any longer.

My opinion, and that's all. The mistake, or rather the biggest mistake, was taking the game AWAY from World War II, and even then, when the game was set in this setting, it tried to be a "Call of Duty", while it could be much more interesting if it kept to its more "adventurous" roots. I mean, the first MoH was a fps with a heavy action touch to it; after CoD came and was a huge success they decided to try and make MoH more like it, more shooter based, and so it went until the decision to go "modern", again a copycat. I don't get this feeling from Battlefield for instance, nor many other shooters around, but at a given point MoH, in particular, became a poor copycat of other shooters, it wouldn't surprise me if it got a third person cover based installment...

Thank fuck for that. Now pour those resources into Battlefield, drop the Premium bullshit and stay the fuck out of DICE's way, let them design a different game, don't shove them towards making a COD clone.




you know whats even sadder?

most people in here will only remember warfighter... and be glad this i.p. died.

Maybe consumers and reviewers didn't get it wrong. Maybe consumer tastes are changing, Moore, and modern military shooters are too damn abundant that no matter how many USPs you attach to it, the overall game will be seen under a dim light as "another one of those".

Modern Military Shooters bore the crap out of me now, that's why I didn't get it. If I wanted a modern military simulator, I'd get ARMA.

Yeah, Medal of Honor, look at how far the mighty have fallen:

This was a year after Half Life came out.

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