Electronic Arts Drops Medal of Honor

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And absolutely nothing of value was lost.
Battlefield however, watch out. Cash cow efforts are about to be doubled.

They'll probably manage to kill that to.

OT: Please EA, if you don't want to use it, sell the IP off to somebody more competant, somebody that won't release the most boring game of all time and then blast critics for not liking the shit sandwich that was served to them.

Hey, EA, d'you wanna know what kind of games do resonate with consumers?

Ones that are freakin' good.

I don't blame EA exactly...Danger Close have the virtual blood on their hands.


I generally like the games EA puts out (battlefield, dead space, etc.), but this was one of the few times I felt burned by them. I even liked the previous Medal of Honor title... it wasn't all that bad and is still playable to this day. But Warfighter was straight up broken. glitchy AI, glitchier event scripting, unpolished, terrible menu interface, etc. Seems like Danger Close relied too heavily on Frostbite 2's graphic fidelity to sell the game... sorry but the game still has to work. Even my standards aren't that low.

To all of you who buy modern military shooters, please stop. I beg you. Maybe the industry can move back to making actual interest FPS games. Even Crysis 2 went the way of modern military shooter. So sick and tired of the jargon, the washed out palette, the machismo and even the setting. Hard Reset > any modern military shooter. Even Rage which is just "above average" is better.

So please stop buying them. Please please please. Let the genre die, the dead horse has been flogged and there's not even enough left of it for a Tesco burger.

Well they aren't really.

They are buying COD but they aren't buying MoH and Battlefield 3. And yes, Battlefield 3 didn't sell all that well, for example the WWII setting World At War, the COD everyone ignores, that sold better than Battlefield 3 did, to spite it coming out much earlier when the number of Xbox 360 users was smaller.

You look at the top selling 360 games it's COD and Halo then Grand Theft Auto 4 and Skyrim.


These "modern military shooters" aren't popular, Call of Duty is popular. And if it ain't Call of Duty or Halo, it isn't the highest selling game.

The thing is COD is the furthest thing from authenticity, it's about nuclear missiles being launched by Russian separatists at the East Coast. It's Russia invading America. It's about Americans invading Russia in the Cold War. It's then mother-fucking "future warfare" with god damn walking battle tanks. It's about Specialist killstreak stacking.

Modern conflicts is just the vaguest pretext.

To spite COD's affectations to the grim world of the warfare we see on the News it's in fact extremely escapist. It even seems that in the Modern Warfare world, 9/11 hasn't happened and America is not in a "War on Terror" in Afghan/Pak region.


It seems to be EA has tried to copy COD without even stopping to analyse what COD actually is.

you were great but lost the fight against mediocrity and dullness at the end.


Awe, that theme makes me almost sad that MoH is gone again. Reminds me of when it used to be a good series. Here's another, then.

Allied Assault was one of my favourite games back in the day. Hell, it still is today. It's such a shame to see how far the once mighty have truly fallen. Curse you Call of Duty!

I feel really bad for buying the very first COD on PC and thinking how much better it was than MOH.


you were great but lost the fight against mediocrity and dullness at the end.

Awe, that theme makes me almost sad that MoH is gone again. Reminds me of when it used to be a good series. Here's another, then.

You know what else made this series one of my favourites of all time? Fucking AMAZING concept art. I had the MoH wallpapers as my computer background for years, & it got me into reading historical accounts of WWII, which i devoured.


Oh, no not my favorite ga-
Wait, wait, wait, my mistake, I don't give flying freaking fuck about this piece of SGWW
It can go die in a nuclear fire as far as I care

Guys, the reason this guy seems to be wrapped up in some sort of reality proof bubble is that this message has nothing to do with us.

What Patcher is doing here, is speaking to his companies shareholders. He, and the rest of EA's management, have been telling them how great their ideas are for 'fixing' series such as MOH which are 'under-performing.'

Shareholders, on the whole, don't know anything about the game industry. They just know that you put money into a company, then get money out of it in yearly instalments - if those instalments aren't big enough you can demand that the management dose more, or just take your money and go else ware.

They don't understand the reason why a game gets poor reviews has more to do with the quality of the game than people not getting it. They just know that a game made under Mr Patchers' watch failed to recoup the money that was invested into it - and they want to know why.

He's trying to cover up his own managerial failure by saying "The Game is great, nothing wrong with it! It's just those nasty reviewers kicking it and making the consumer not buy it!"

" the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers."

I'm still amazed at the shamelessness of EA

They should have bucked the trend and remade the original Medal of Honor :P No 1 is doing WW2 anymore so it be nice to have one again XD

Next up! Lets run Sim City into the ground!

God I pray they handle that one more carefully than They did with MoH... Although I never did care for any of the MoH series. Even the lauded Allied Assault felt lazy to me....I never truly enjoyed it.

Andy Chalk:
"Medal of Honor was an obvious miss. The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers."

Whoa. Hold up.


Video games are "murder simulators", gamers are being influenced by the "extremely realistic violence", and FPS games are the reason we have school shootings.

Yet when a game comes along that purports to focus on authentic, realistic combat...gamers hate it?

Gee. I just don't understand.

The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers

To his credit, at least half of this statement is correct?

I have always loved, geeked over Medal of Honor as a series. I can honestly say that I am a fangirl of the franchise beyond any other game franchise that I have played. It was not because it was good or great looking. It was because I had fun.

The music was beautiful, the main theme still makes me well up with pride in the original games.

The gameplay was simple yet captivating, even if I was only a child when playing Frontline and Allied Assault.

Rising Sun exposed me to a whole new level of Split Screen shenanigans. My friends and I rallied for hours just playing eachother.

While my love for the originals is high, I also enjoyed MoH2010. Even if it was a different take on the series, it was nice to see a fresh face in the franchise (albeit a dirty-brown face that is seen in almost every other game.)
I still had fun. The mission of being ambushed on the side of the mountain, the feeling of hopelessness; I was truely immersed in that scene. Those helicopters saving me really did make me thank every form of deity I could think of.

Moh2012 did not "wow" me, but everyone has that one family member that is a little strange. Sure it was not the greatest, it was not the most well polished, but it branded the title of Medal of Honor, and with open arms I added it to the collection on my shelf.

It pains me to have to say goodbye, but the memories that came from their experiences will resonate in me forever.

-A Medal of Honor Fangirl.

I was never even a fan of MoH, but I know that feeling all too well. Rest In Peace Legacy of Kain. My condolences.

Back in 2007, Call of Duty 4 started the wave of modern military shooters that saved us from Yet Another World War 2 Game.

I wonder what the next thing will be that saves us from modern military shooters?

My guess is open-world shooters, and a few years from now we'll consider Far Cry 3 as the game that made the trend change.

I'm hoping the progenitor of the next trend will be Spec Ops: The Line, and the next trend will be weaving stories into gameplay from the start and using mechanics and subtlelty as well as voices and cutscenes.

Would it be wrong of me to bring this article up every time someone on here claims that all the hate that EA gets is just something that band-wagoners do and that EA isn't actually that bad a company? Kind of like slapping someone across the face with a dead fish.

I thought "they don't understand us" was a mentality that was supposed to disappear by the time a person grows up, yet here's EA at it again. Since, as always, reviewers, the gaming public, and piracy are why EA makes slightly less than all the money and not terrible business practices and a tendency towards mediocrity.

Shame how it had to be Medal of Honor, the older games in the series are part of the short list of FPSs I actually like.

Five bucks says Battlefield is next on the chopping block since only an idiot copies COD as badly as EA has and then complains that it didn't supplant what it copied.

Good. One down, a hundred more to go. I blame modern military shooters for dumbing down video games. If modern military shooters weren't so popular, gaming would still be a thing mostly for nerdy gamers. And we'd still have our challenging games without hand holding.

Medal of Honor will always be that awesome PS1 game where I was a single soldier behind German enemy lines, anxiously showing my German papers to an officer and hoping he doesn't see through me (and then shooting my way out).

And the main title screen music'll always be stuck in my head, lol.

Adam Jensen:
Good. One down, a hundred more to go. I blame modern military shooters for dumbing down video games. If modern military shooters weren't so popular, gaming would still be a thing mostly for nerdy gamers. And we'd still have our challenging games without hand holding.

And I blame people such as you for being behind that whole "we against them " mentality that have plagued the gaming community for a while now. You people are acting as highbrown snob. You have your challenging games out there. Here is a secret for you: You are having nostalgia goggles on ya when you think that gaming was "harder" back in the day. Some of them were but a majority of them was easy as pie.

Stop the fucking review blaming, EA. The game was shit, deal with it.

This honestly pisses me off to no end recently. Almost every bloody time something gets canned, either we the gamers, or the reviewers get blamed for it, either because "PIRAAAAAATEZ!!!!!" or because "You gave us unfair low scores! Y_Y" ...

I also love how critics can be both "polarized" and "giving scores that are too low".

I guess they couldn't decide whether the game was bad or really bad.

It's not much of a loss in the end, really.

Bleidd Whitefalcon:
Wait. Let me get this straight. Michael Pachter was RIGHT about something. ...Excuse me while I go looking for flying pigs.

Let's take a close look at the kinds of predictions Pachter makes:

1. A product/innovation/game will succeed or fail. Occasionally he is right, but only when he makes the prediction after the product has already succeeded or failed (not a prediction, but he calls it one). If he actually makes the prediction in advance, he's almost certain to be wrong.
2. A company will change its business strategy for no reason at all. He does this occasionally, and he's wrong every time. He particularly likes predicting that developers will move to a different genre or market on a whim.
3. Stock predictions. He gets these wrong every time.
4. The stupid obvious. This prediction was one of this kind: "If Medal of Honor doesn't make enough money, EA will stop doing it." Of course they will, businesses try to make money. His "obvious" predictions are usually if/then statements, and often tautologies.

Overall, his big problem is that he doesn't understand gamers at all. He doesn't know what we want, what we'll buy, and what will be profitable. He somewhat understands business, insofar as he gets that companies will do what makes money and avoid what doesn't, but he can't adequately predict what that will be, and sometimes makes wild statements based on a lack of understanding of the market.

tl;dr - Of course he was right, he was stating the obvious. That's the only time he's ever right.

P.S. Thanks

It's kind of sad. MOH 2010 had some potential. Warfighter was just so mediocre. SP was SHHHHHITTTTTTTT. HOWEVER, my XBL friends and I enjoy the multiplayer. Just sad that the servers are deserted. I kind of liked the MP. Supported shooting while my friend used his scan so I could get the sniper with my rifle scope LMG. I'll miss you.

You could have been so much better. It felt like it could have come into its own. It was in the (to draw a COD comparison) early treyarch stages off being the "other" one. See you Medal of Honor.

Wow, who would have guessed this would happen/sarcasm

Now we all just have to wait and see how long it's going to take to get a reboot of the franchise. My guess, a decade maybe a little less.

So, the series was unique and original once. Shortly after the reboot to CoD-copying, the series began to tank. Gee, I wonder why...?

WOW! It's like Pachter can see into the future!

Also EA guy is talking nonsense.

It gets worse, multiple sniper rounds to the face? No Problem!

Moving on to broken ground without letting off some fireworks?


NOT BROKEN GROUND! Every USMC commando's weakness. Instant death. Sniper bullets to the brain? Meh, that's what bullet proof vests are for, right?

Yeah, Medal of Honor, look at how far the mighty have fallen:

This was a year after Half Life came out.

Lets be honest, the first game isn't THAT good.
Then Allied Assault came out...

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