Rumor: Next Xbox Will Require Constant Internet Connection

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Nah, any model can be flashed. However JTAGing an Xbox is objectively better, due to you being able to install games onto the Xbox. Also, it's not necessarily a certain model you're looking for, but an update. If it's been updated from the old blades to the newer windows then that update takes up too much memory on some chip to do the JTAG job.

Your last few posts have been fairly enlightening, wasn't aware of the ins and outs of xbox piracy.

It's good to not like the XBox in any way, shape, or form to begin with. Not like I'll have to worry about any of this.

But seriously, this is just stupid if it is in any way true, which I have so little faith in the console division of Microsoft to honestly see it as a possibility. At any rate, if consoles turned into this, I think that the only major console that would flourish would be anything by Nintendo, and then for open source gaming we'll all turn to the game-pad and the ouya. Those two came at the exact time that we needed them.

They'd be shooting themselves in the foot if they do this, but it's only a rumor for now. It was previously speculated that the system would be discless as well. Microsoft had said in the past that they would not take away consumer choice when it comes to used games, although that was in an article I can't find now.

Either way, I'm not worried. Rumors are rumors. But... if this is true, I may have to reconsider getting the new Xbox. I primarily buy pre-owned games, but as a poor college student, I live on trade-ins in order to get the new products. That's how I got Halo 4.

If this stuff is true I am almost definitely skipping the next Xbox and probably just get a good PC.

I certainly hope this is a rumor....Because so far, the more I think about wanting to play games like Journey, Shadows of the Colossus, and a few other PS3 only games, the more I want to switch over and just buy a basic Xbox Slim.

Journalism at it's finest. No source, no research, nothing but a (anti)fan fic story.

Gaming "journalists".

You did see the big fat "rumor" attached to the title, right?

That's the definitive "I have no evidence, but you might be interested" statement. If you came in here expecting definitive reporting, that's your fail. Don't be so antagonistic just because you have an axe to grind. Feel free to complain about it when you see it in an article that ISN'T labeled "rumor".

OT: Nope. I don't believe a word of it.

If this turns out to be true, I won't be buying one.

I don't want a Kinect, I don't want to be connected to the internet at all times, and I certainly don't want both of those things together.

Throw in the fact that I can't borrow and play my friends games. Microsoft can go to hell. I'd rather not have a console.


Especially in this awesome economy, right guys!? High fives!




I really doubt that. Because of the difference in the way how pirating works in the XBox360 it is hard to state numbers that are actually true but it is about as easy and less costly than pirating on the PC.

I feel you are clueless on piracy for the xbox.
1) Depending on the CD-drive model you may have to just flash or even solder and physically mod your xbox. This may require someone to send their unit off to someone, and pay them, to get the necessary job done.
2) EVEN AFTER it's modded to play pirated games, you'll need DL-DVD Roms. They're about $.50-$1.00 per disk (compared to the remarkably cheaper DVD roms, dem thing expensive).

That said it is FAR more expensive to pirate on the xbox than the pc where all it is is:

Heh, you people in 1st world, affluent places have no idea how things roll in other parts of the world. I modded a friend's xbox once, was fairly easy. But even if you can't do this yourself, you can get your console to a store and a guy will mod your unit right away. Then you can buy, from the same store, pirated copies that cost 10% of the price of a legit game. Or you can download an iso from the internet and buy DL-DVDs, but this is too much work for most users.

The same users who don't know how to download a game and burn it to disc will normally not have the knowledge to know even basic stuff like if a PC is able to play (AAA) games. PC gaming is a lot simpler than it was before, but many people still prefer to connect the console to a TV and put a disc in.


Microsoft can be dumb at times like every company They aren't this stupid.

Lets hope these rumours are bull.
Especially the "every gaem haz DRMs coz fuck da consuma" rumour.
I don't like the idea of having to rebuy hundreds of pounds worth of games again should anything happen to my xbox.
Seriously though, what if my hard drive dies? All those activation codes gone. If I buy a new xbox, I would have loads of xbox games, a brand new xbox and no way to play any of them. Is there even a point in having physical copies if this is the case?

But I'm going to wait and see before I get myself worked up over rumours.

So, how's Diablo III doing these days? I hear that whole 'requires constant internet connection' thing worked out really well there.

I don't believe this is true, and I hope it isn't, but then again, "hope is the first step on the road to dissappointment"

I'm sorry, but I think the "one-time code" thing is complete bullshit. I've had games that I bought legitimately that didn't work because the code was "in use", Gotta love pirates and their keygens(Yes, there ARE victims to piracy that aren't the companies). It's also happened to TWO copies of Windows XP(when I upgraded from Vista)Also, what's stopping pirates for making keygens for XBOX and PS4 games?

Also, the "Always on" thing is bullshit for a console. I can handle it for a game that I intend to play online only, which is why I didn't mind it for Diablo 3. My console is pretty much strictly for single player games(Multiplayer seems to be WAAAAAAAAAY too laggy no matter the game I play). If I want to play online, I'll hop on my PC and play with friends.

My friend brought this too my attention earlier today, apparently he can't read. He link me claiming it too be 100% true and told him the title said RUMOR. He hasn't talked to me in like 4 hours because he can't handle being wrong.

If any of this is true, no new console for me. I'll stick to my PC.

Now THAT'S the kind of thing that deserves a boycot! Not Dante's horrible new look, THIS!

I don't believe its requirement for constant internet connection to be true.

I just wish Microsoft would announce its console already just so people who call it Xbox 720 can shut up.

But if it is really called Xbox 720... well, that's just stupid.

Rogue 09:
Yeah, this has to be complete nonsense. I'm a huge Xbox supporter and will have no problems with any of these restrictions, but this would be such an a-hole move that I would rather jump the ship to the PS4 before I support these kinds of "improvements".

They won't have to worry about people buying used games... nobody will be buying the new ones.

Pretty much this. They wouldn't dare.

I'm calling bullshit, just because of the fact that about half of all xboxes ever sold have never been connected to the internet and they would essentially alienate half of their costumers. This would definitely turn off any casual gamer who aren't concerned with online play or those in rural areas with poor connections and would end up doing more harm than good.

Unless the PS4 does the same thing, this will never, EVER happen.


Nope, just nope. I'm glad I don't own a current gen console and I'm going to be glad I won't own a next gen console as well. Wellllll, we'll see how Valve does.

This rumor isn't true. It's just one of those slow news day posts you see on sites to try and draw views. Back to your daily activities.

Oh look... ANOTHER reason to avoid the next xbox like fire.

Seriously. If they start promising the ability to install more than one OS on their console I will just give up on the console market altogether

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.

If this turns out to be true, I'm migrating to full on PC gaming. This is just bullshit.


My honest opinion is that MS is eating a pile of dicks lately, and there is no reason to support these business practices. I'm going PC next gen for my games, I have had enough of this bullshit. At least here in PC land we can stick the middle finger up at the companies who pull off this bullshit.

Right, I'm just going to play Devil's Advocate here and (attempt to) defend MS instead of bashing their stupidity for a change; it's going to be much more entertaining than listening to the tired old arguments on why MS is not doing well.

*Devil's Advocate mode initiated* ...Oh, and if you want my true thoughts on this, just click the spoilers. I'm doing this out of sheer boredom, and I want to figure out MS' thought process while doing so.

And for those who think it's so infeasible for Microsoft to be so stupid...



Vista was put on shit hardware by OEMs. Blame them if you want to blame the suckiness that is Vista. Windows 7 isn't much better off as well. Who the hell puts 2 gigs of RAM on a notebook? Who? That's right, the OEMs.

Windows 8

Last I heard, integrating the PC and the tablet allows for some interesting possibilities to happen. You want that ability to edit documents on dat pretty sweet tablet ya got there? You can with Windows 8. I don't see this on Android or iOS. I don't seriously think that it's possible for those devices to run a full fledged desktop OS because that is not what they were made for.

Xbox Live Gold with adverts

I get ads on the Internet. I pay for it. I'm swamped with more ads than ones that are in Xbox Live Gold. We should all stop whining about this. JUST IGNORE THEM FOR GOD'S SAKE.


Yeah... and that's how MS is making most of their newfound Xbox revenue. They're not gonna change as it brings them profits and sales. It's also reaching out to a different market, which is good as it gives them more money to work on some awesome thing that blows away the competition.

And if you're going to come at me with another company, go right ahead. All three are guilty of this, and MS is just one that actually has a chance in the upcoming console market.

We already know that Sony has actually patented a method of DRM that prevents used-games sales. That should already suggest that something's up. The technology is feasibly there. If Sony are documented patenting such a thing, why is it so unlikely Microsoft wouldn't also go down that route? Isn't it likely that where one goes, the other follows?

It's very possible, but you're confusing possible with likely. Sure, MS could go on and do that, but what happens when they turn around and be nice to us? What now?

We shouldn't go spreading FUD unless it's confirmed. Which is exactly what this is. Fear. Uncertainty. And Doubt.

And regarding the always-on connection... have you seen what EA and Ubisoft have been pushing recently? This is becoming ever more standard in the games industry. Why is it so unlikely for Microsoft to push onto consoles what EA and Ubisoft have already made a reality on PC?

Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, so when MS, EA, and Ubisoft do it, it's a bad endeavor, but when Valve does it, it's a godsend? Stop with the double standards, guys.

You have to think about it like this: Microsoft doesn't care about usability for its customers. Microsoft is currently trying to wall in its garden. All its software and services are slowly getting ringfenced, and having functionality removed for the aim of being more like Apple. Walling in consoles to remove used games and add always-online requirements would be totally in line with the recent moves they've made regarding Windows 8. And both of these things have already got their foundations laid by other companies like EA, Ubisoft and Sony.

Oh seriously? What you're saying that most people aren't going to be able to install something like LibreOffice on their machine when they want? What are you smoking?

MS IS NOT GOING TO DO THAT. If they do, mass Linux adoption occurs. And MS isn't going to lose their market share to Linux easily. And guess where exactly the threat of this is? The enterprise sector. Specifically, the industry standard of MS Office.

Christ, this feels more and more like Brave New World every day. By Ford, I need some soma...

It's just you. Everyone else is having fun.

*Lurk mode initiated*

A lot of it sounds like a old load of Bollocks to me (apart from the blu-ray drive bit) but if for some reason microsoft do follow through with all of that it looks like I will become a pc-only gamer, which I personally think sucks seeing as I have been primarily a console gamer for the last 25-odd years

On another note, I have just realized I am getting old....Curse You, Ageing!!!!!

I would love if this turned out to be true. It would really show us how stupid companies can get when it comes to reacting to piracy. I am a student, I live in student housing and consoles are blocked from connecting to the internet. Lots of student between 19-25 got the same problem over here. Now eliminating those from their target demographics is so stupid that I doubt even Ubisoft would go that far.

I am going to say that I doubt this is true.

They even stop you from getting internet via DSL from a copper land line (this would require a telephone based ISP)?


Microsoft can be dumb at times like every company They aren't this stupid.

Always count on stupid.


I would love if this turned out to be true. It would really show us how stupid companies can get when it comes to reacting to piracy. I am a student, I live in student housing and consoles are blocked from connecting to the internet. Lots of student between 19-25 got the same problem over here. Now eliminating those from their target demographics is so stupid that I doubt even Ubisoft would go that far.

I am going to say that I doubt this is true.

They even stop you from getting internet via DSL from a copper land line (this would require a telephone based ISP)?

I think I can get around it like this somehow, but I haven't tried it myself so not entirely sure about it. I have my methods, but it's not stable enough for me to welcome always being connected.

i doubt that they are stupid enough to actually do that but if they do so, then Microsoft need to get their act together. i barely have connection anymore, the fact that i am commenting here is a miracle in itself. where did the need for internet gaming come from anyway. i like dlc and i can understand that things like steam require internet but i don't need internet to enjoy far cry or portal 2 so stop asking me to turn the router on.

i am going for ps4 then or just play pc from now on. or maybe i'll hold on to my ps3.

Its just a rumour of course but i would like that because that will hurt consoles bad. im evil like that, go play PC you console pesants.

Steam Box is looking better and better every day.

From the same Steam that prevents you from using second hand games and requires you to be connected to the internet to start games up while having a broken offline mode?

I'm getting deja vu here.....

I take it the one time use activation code will mean the game will be linked to an account? rather than console?

Ah, man! Now I'll have to continue not giving half a care about Xbox! That's tiresome work, man!

I suspect that Microsoft isn't going to make stupid mistakes of this magnitude. We've seen isolated cases of always-online mechanisms and it's been met with enough vitriol to melt a small moon. While I wouldn't be completely shocked, I doubt that's going to happen. Blue ray almost certainly is, but that's not exactly a big deal. The loss of the used market for the entire system, rather than just certain developers, will likely cause too much uproar to consider as well.

In other words, exactly what the majority of people seem to be saying so far.

I was thinking about getting a console when the next generation came around since I skipped the last. I don't think this is true but it is I think I'll skip this one as well.

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