Higgs Boson Points to End of Whole Universe

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who says that there isn't already another universe expanding just like ours and eventually the two will collide, with eventually I mean this Sunday, who wants tickets?

So... Our big bang was another universe ending?

That kinda makes sense actually...

I found this interesting, I'll have to read the actual article. It reminded me of presumptions I made while on psychedelic mushrooms; with the Big-Bang happening, our universe/reality in its current form exists, our universes dark matter destroys us and then recreates a new one out of itself.

I wonder what inter-reality / inter-dimensional beings would think of something like this, and their understanding of it. I wonder if there really is a multiverse, seems like there is; Quantum Physics seems to think there is at least "Parallel" Realities.

The only (pseudo)science I know of stating that interdimensional, time-travel exists is the whole shebang with Psychedelics, Shamanism, Ancient Aliens, Religion, and Sacred Geometry. It's also a lot less pseudo than most would assume, this stuff just hasn't had a lot of clinical testing; because what corporate interest could there possibly be in unlimited energy, space-travel, and good-will?


They come up with new data, but they just back up up very ancient ideas.

Actually, this is much worse for us than a big crunch-that has some hope of us escaping it with technology. Now, if we escape, either we find the occupants of a previous universe with zillions of years of technological advantage or every previous race has destroyed themselves, which makes it VERY likely that will happen to us. Alternatively, it's not possible to escape and we're still boned.

The whole betting thing reminded me of something I think I read in one of Stephen Hawking's books. He bet his friend/colleague a journal subscription that one of his theories about black holes was wrong, so that if it turned out to be wrong, at least he'd have a free subscription to the science journal, and if his theory turned out to be right, then he wouldn't mind giving his friend a subscription.

Eh, I'm pretty sure mankind will be wiped out by a super volcano before we get anywhere near this end.

Still, it's amazing to think that our universe is possible just one of an infinite amount that keep forming on top of each other.

Super volcano? We'll have a permanent extraterrestrial presence within a hundred years. Then no super volcano or meteor will be able to destroy humanity completely.

Darn I liked it better when the universe ended in Entropy myself.

Really makes you wonder if our universe is just another "bubble" that appeared and destroyed the universe before us. And that the previous universe also did this. And the one before that, and so on. Maybe this type of thing has been happening for much longer than any of our predictions about the beginning of time.

So once this happens, I bet our reality will dissolve, and all that will be left before the new universe will be some text saying "LEVEL 2".

So the world IS gonna end.

... A couple billion years from now.

... I have a feeling we'll be living the reality from WALL-E before we get there.

Well, it's a lot more interesting than the idea of the heat death of the universe. I'd rather this happen than everything be boring for an infinite amount of time.

The theory of a cyclical universe is pretty fascinating, as long as it also doesn't involve a cycle where Reapers kill all sentient life every 50,000 years. :-P

(spoiler alert) Yea that means there's a god child to

The theory of a cyclical universe is pretty fascinating, as long as it also doesn't involve a cycle where Reapers kill all sentient life every 50,000 years. :-P

(spoiler alert) Yea that means there's a god child to

Any sufficiently advanced alien is indistinguishable from God
Seriously, by this time if the human race was still around I think that we would basically be gods. So we could probably find a way to survive.


well, thats shit.

might as well stop searching for a second earth..

Well given *BILLIONS* of years, and provided the development of technology continues to accelerate, is it tends to do, and provided humanity isn't extinct-ified by some outside source...

So if our technology exponentially develops for even a single billion years, I'd estimate us at the "ascended to a higher plane of existence" level. Our technology is already developing super-fast, and a billion years is a FRIKKEN long time. Long enough, I'd say, to colonize new planets as our sun smolders to a cinder, discover some way to hop to alternate universes, or hop to the new universe, or reverse this physical effect, or whatever.

That's assuming Humans will still be around, that far flung into the future. According to Cracked, we have a 95% chance of going extinct in the next 9000 years. I mean, with all their super awesome fact checking, they have to be right.


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