Sony Exec: PS4 Versions of Multiplatform Games Must Be The Best

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Wont happen. It would be nice but the most you would get would be a slightly higher definition and the game will have a better draw distance and less pop up. End of the day, the PS4 will sell a lot but compared to an already installed user base of 360/PS3 users in their millions.....are you as a developer going to put more effort into the PS4 version all the 360/PS3 version?

Actually, can you remember if games released on both current and next gen were different prices? I know when the 360/PS3 were released they had games on them and the xbox/PS2. Did they charge more money for the PS3 version than the PS2 version?

PC users LOL at his face! XD

So your business plan is to hope and pray that competition magically stops happening? Good luck with that.

Hey, it worked when mobiles came along, right?

I'm sure PS4 will easily be unilaterally seen as "the best" out of the 5 or 6 living room systems all coming out in the next generation, even though the PS4 is like half the power of typical gaming PC and this gap will only widen as time goes on.

(Captcha: Tough evolved. Oh, the irony.)

After a generation of being pissed off at Sony for hardware related missteps, I'm glad they at least understand the needs of the market. They're certainly moving in the right direction and I have a renewed faith in them that was lost.

This will transition the same way consoles have transitioned before. There will be a season of overlapping titles as well as exclusive titles to push the move and once the momentum has been gained then the switch will flip. You just have to be sure the new console is worth getting and judging from the specs it's a significant step.

In any event, to the "pc gamers pwn all" comments. Again, better consoles mean we get better games. It is only a win/win for consoles to be more powerful. But don't forget, a pc with 8 GB of RAM is not the same as a console with 8 GB of RAM. Consoles optimize in an entirely different and more efficient manner than pcs and this accounts for why a game like Skyrim was playable on consoles with ancient processors and 512 MBs (256 MB if you account for the PS3's partitioned RAM) when it wasn't playable on pcs with similar specs. I am perfectly happy to have a console as my media and living room gaming station while having my pc as my solo-gaming machine. But, if I only had money to afford one console or a pc, I can see why I'd want to be in the camp of the one I went with or else face buyers remorse. As is, consoles and pcs are a relatively cheap investment compared to the amount of entertainment I get from them.

Ya. PCs have their own problems. There are significant restrictions (a lot of the hardware is hidden from you) and overhead (many software layers between you and the hardware; reduces efficiency). Sure you can get the latest and greatest, but it costs money to do so.

I mean, I most certainly would rather play Skyrim on Playstation or Xbox if they... you know... had the incredible mod support and community that the PC version offered.

What Playstation has going for it is its exclusives, that's it. It has a roster of some damn fine Playstation only games that would run like a dream on PCs, that PC users would want to mod the fuck out of and that only exist on the Playstation to make people actually want to buy a Playstation.

I guess it also has the benefit of having a better online system than Xbox live which makes one wonder if Xbox would even register if it wasn't for Halo.

There are ALOT of people that would disagree with you on the PS3 having a better online system. In fact, a majority would disagree.

Well the controller is already announced and it's the same design as always, so I guess the goal of having the most comfortable one is out the window already. But I'm rooting for Sony to live up to the rest of them

I'm going to be optimistic and say that they seem to have learnt from their mistakes. That said, I'm probably going to either stay with my laptop or upgrade to a gaming PC, but I wish Sony well, they seem like the least dick-ish this time round.

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