PS4 Will Not Need To Be Always Online

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Well, I guess we'll find out on the 21st whether or not the New Xbox will be always online. Hopefully they take the same approach as Sony.

Sony: 1
Microsoft: 0

I wouldn't start tallying scores until Microsoft has said something. They seem to be doing a really good job at keeping the specifics of their new console a secret. Though it does seem to be working in Sony's favor that they are getting their console out there first. But at the same time they may be picking up more momentum than they can sustain, like the Wii.

Good, because we all saw how Always Online worked out for U.S.R.

....I watched I, Robot last night. I thought I was clever.

I don't really care about Microsoft's reveal of the next Xbox. I've been buying Playstations ever since the original, and I don't see that changing unless the new Xbox can print money. The thing that has always sold the platforms for me has been the games. Give me good games, and you will get my money. There are so few Xbox exclusives and while the games are good, they are not the greatest games ever. The main franchises are Halo, Gears of War, and Fable. That's pretty much it. In my opinion, Playstation just has a better stable of exclusive franchises, end of story. Even if every game made from here on out was multiplatform, I'd still probably stick with the Playstation.

"Did we consider it? No, we didn't consider it," says Shuhei Yoshida of Sony Worldwide Studios

Oh, you lyin'. Unless that's a translation error. I absolutely refuse to believe that nobody at Sony even looked at the idea of an always connected PS4 for even a second - and then correctly decided it was a bad idea. Even the rest of his statement supports that.

To be honest it frankly doesn't matter to me as long as both consoles have decent games then all shall be good.

Microsoft managed to win me over years back with Fable and Halo and Sony had me with Resistance and Killzone right up until my PS3 died and I stayed with MS this far.

Now I'll continue to watch closely and see just what the next generation in gaming has to offer since both sides have had their fair share of great games.

I think people miss something important about Microsoft and their always on threat... we like to think that "well they'll lose big time money and Sony will dominate the console cycle."

But there is one caveat.
We buy these systems to play GAMES, and game developers care only about SELLING games to MAKE MONEY.

So here is how I see things going down:

Microsoft forces always on on it's consumer base. Some will balk, some will still say what's the big deal.
Resell value of Xbox games plummets, damaging used game companies and forcing people to pay full price for new titles.

(Here is where it gets interesting)

The Gaming industry sees a rise in PROFITS due to the larger sales of new titles and lack of the used resale loophole. Resale and piracy of PS4 titles makes that console less appealing to developers who only care about the bottomline.

Call of Duty is the first major title to move to exclusive Xbox due to this.
It will still sell MILLIONS of copies, since most of it's players already use internet to play multiplayer.

Other companies follow suit, preferring to roll the dice with the Xbox knowing that for all its sqawking and belly aching, gamers have an itch that needs scratching, and the dwindling PS4 titles worth playing won't be enough to keep people from giving in and buying Always on Xboxes because PC gaming is still too complicated/costly for the average consumer who doesn't want to deal with OS's and Drivers and Memory and graphics cards and other such potential issues.

3 or 4 years from now, most households will have some basic form of wifi or internet that is always on anyway (nobody cares about undeveloped nations since they don't contribute much to the gaming industry profits anyways.

People will eventually forget why they ever cared about always on because it becomes the norm.

Sony eventually moves to Always on to woo back third party developers to increase and revive their ailing stable of titles. After all, he said that the PS4 will not "NEED" to be always online... not that it CAN'T or WON'T.

That's one possible way things can go down, and I'm not quite confident it won't happen this way. Sure, us hardcore game loving types seem to care about always on, but there's an extremely large casual/mainstream audience of kids, ignorant parents, and people who just don't give a frak about this "controversy" that won't know or care or be deterred from having another Xbox (their current console of choice that is familiar to them) and those are the people Microsoft might be thinking of and who will make Always Online consoles par for the course.

An interesting idea. But you're not factoring in Gamestop and other retailers that take in used games and see massive profits from it. As Jimquisition pointed out, not only is the US' infrastructure a total joke, not only do many xbox users play offline (microsoft itself admits this) but it will also severely alienate entire store chains. Gamestop and other retailers will end up giving such a hypothetical console less shelf space, since it makes less profit on those items, which makes the console look less widespread and prominent.

And as SimCity and Diablo 3 proved, always-on DRM causes so much server strain that companies can't actually handle it. Now imagine those same scenarios, but instead of just being unable to get into a diablo 3 server, you can't open up Mass Effect for its story mode either. That console will drop fans like flies. Especially at the launch for a game like CoD, which has a fanbase just as massive as SimCity and Diablo (perhaps even moreso) if memory serves.

Hi five, Yoshida!
I really like the sound of the PS4. Yeah, it's basically just a beefier PS3, which essentially just a beefier PS2 which was really just a beefier PS1... but I really liked the PS1;D

Super Not Cosmo:
If I were Sony I would be banging this drum as loudly as I could if/when it gets confirmed Microsoft is going to go the always online route.

However, even with all the evidence we have that the Nextbox will be always online I still can't think Microsoft would be stupid enough to go that route. I firmly believe that doing so will result in severely damaging in the long run despite how attractive it might be to Microsoft and the various publishers.

Xbox Live was basically proto-always online. Besides the whole arrogance of making you pay to use your own payed for ISP bandwidth. Windows 8 requires a live connection to do such obviously intensive tasks as keep your minesweeper scores and unlock new Mahjong layouts that we could clearly never do without Microsofts servers. I see no reason why they wouldn't be inane enough to keep going down that slope.

Not planning on buying next-gen consoles anyway, but none the less, good move Sony... Now the ball is in Microsoft's playing field.

Now just give me backwards compatibility and I'm sold.

Now just give me backwards compatibility and I'm sold.

Seconded. Still, this is a good bit of news. It means that Sony has pattern recognition.

Hear that, Microsoft? It's your game to lose. All you have to do is make the next Xbox Always-Online, and you can guarantee that your console will be obscure and unloved, next-gen.

Sounds much better than the last time that was answered. Last time it was given after what seemed like a huddle with legal. If you have to consult your lawyers before saying No then I suspect there is a catch. As long as the tear down after release doesn't reveal any RFID detectors that could be turned on at a later date then we're golden.

How is this news? We knew this months ago. I'm sorry I guess I am just missing the point of the article.

I thought they already announced this though?

And have you tried playing with a Japanese person? Their connection almost always sucks.

I find it depressing that 'this isnt always-online' is an actual legitimate SELLING POINT now -_-

I know right that sorta thing should be a given.

Good now i know i'll be abble to buy a ps4, i mean i have issues playing tera online cause i keep getting disconetedXD, i don't think microsoft will make their console with always on, that's just plain stupid.

Funny how Sony can go and confirm it, even though they were really never under fire. Microsoft however had been very quiet and suspicious on the matter. Makes me wonder if they had it planned, and are trying to change it.

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