DICE: Battlefield 4 Beta Testers Are "Objectively Wrong" On Faults

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I was pretty certain the build was from June/July anyway, then DICE go out of their way to say that it's the most recent, up to date build they've put out so far in one of their blog posts, then this?

Jesus christ guys, if you're gonna bullshit, at least agree on one story and run with it.

Demo is DEMO. they always say it may not reflect the final product. I just wish they would call it a Demo instead of a "BETA Test"

This thread needs a weird glitch-dancing Colonial Marines Alien. Seriously. And then DICE needs to be made to play the game.

Someone, help me out.

Demo is DEMO. they always say it may not reflect the final product. I just wish they would call it a Demo instead of a "BETA Test"

BETA: "Demo that we can eventually take offline so that the fanbase is more likely to purchase the full game, rather than continue to play the demo for free, indefinitely."

For example, I download the Madden NFL demo every year, but have never purchased the full game. I'm more suited to play 2-3 rounds of the demo and be on my way. The full release doesn't entice me enough to buy it. There are people still happily playing the Battlefield 2 demo, and will never give EA a penny for the full game. EA knows this. So they call it a "beta" with a limited shelf life, rather than a demo, and they get to pull it down when the beta testing period is over.

I'll humor them and say this is a stress test. I work in IT and we have service outages due to maintenance. Here's the funny part: before updating the config files on our routers, managed switches etc from version 5.1 to 5.2, we test the config file. Would anyone like to venture a guess on the config file that we test in order to help us best understand how things will hold up? I'll give you a hint...it is NOT by using an outdated, version 4, config file. Does anyone know why? Because using an outdated configuration will not give you an accurate idea of how things will work on the new configuration.

This is not an accurate method of stress testing. An older version is not a good measuring stick of how things will run on the newer version because gasp! Things have changed between versions. This is same thing they said with Bad Company 2's beta - that they were stress testing, and everything people were complaining about had already been addressed. Cuz what company's gonna say "we know our game will launch with issues."

Remember when Beta meant Beta, rather than 'buggy, unbalanced demo?

Those were good days.

I've done a lot of Beta tests and a few Alpha tests and... no, actually I don't. Every closed Beta I've been in has been complete chaos, open Betas tend to be bug ridden messes where the balance of the game is nowhere near finished.

I think open betas in general are a mistake, if it's too polished you get accused of running a PR demo, too messy and people assume it's representative of the game. This kind of thing shouldn't really be run in such a public manner, or if it is should be expanded in stages and run for a few months with successive builds.

As for DICE, they just need to be quiet right now. Answering back like this gets a negative response even if it's factually true, there are always players screaming for XYZ to be nerfed even when the stats say it's fine (Famas!), never tell these people they're wrong.

Besides, DICE have been releasing Battlefield games, then finishing them for over a decade. The end result is generally fantastic (BF2 and BF3 are fantastic now, even though I still like 2 more) but dear Goddot do they make a mess on the way.

Lies of Dice before Release :


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