Namco Building Life-Sized Gundam

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I was gonna make a new thread for this, but what the heck, HOORAY SEARCH FUNCTION!!!

Look here:

I can now safely say that we're screwed. SCREWED I TELLS YA!!!

EDIT: Not to beat a dead horse, but.... I just knew something was up when Japan decided to ban their *ehem* sensitive games. Now you know who to blame when someone pilots this thing and destroys us all.


Awesome. Can we get it to work?

That'll be cool to see.


Keane Ng:

Aww man. This is awesome, but why couldn't it be the Nu Gundam?

Because they're celebrating the classics, dude! And I think those new-fangled Gundams with ten-million swords and angel wings would be too complicated to build anyway.

Hey, the Nu was from Char's Counterattack, piloted by the same guy who did the first Gundam. It's also by far my favorite design in the franchise.

C'mon, just look at it!


...ok, maybe they would have to leave the Fin Funnels off.

I lost my interest in Gundam a long time ago. But I gotta admit, Nu Gundam is a much better choice.

That would be like Canada making giant statues of Nickelback.

Well, we already have a giant Easter Egg, and a giant goose, a giant chair, a giant lobster (I think) and a giant nickel.

Yup. Everything is bigger in Canada.

EDIT: Woah...just noticed this thread was necro'd. I gotta pay more attention to the post date.

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