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Hello, this has been almost a year since, but I'm still having problems with the video player. Every time I try to play anything from Zero Punctuation, it always plays the same old Escapist Ad (That looks like it would make such a sweet water slide) and then nothing after wards. I could watch it on Youtube a week later if not for the fact that the blue background credits section is not included at the end of those videos.

If it is not too much trouble, please help me with this problem. Yes, I have emptied out my history, cookies and whatnot, updated the flash player and even turned ad block on and off. All have resulted in the same ad over and over again. I've made an account in the hope of reaching out to anyone within the site to please help with this problem. I've really enjoyed Yatzhee's work and it would be a shame that I cannot watch them unaltered again.

Having the same issue here, some old Escapist ad telling me to subscribe on Youtube, then nothing. I've tried on my chromebook, and Chrome/Firefox on Windows 10, but having the same issue across all browsers. What's going on here?

I read these posts the day they were made but had no solutions at the time

To address the, "What's going on here?", I don't know
Looks like a bug that will never get fixed seeing that the Tech Team who managed the player were let go a while back

Onto a solution

The embed code under each video once provided a .js url that had a direct link to the video

This is no longer provided but you can build this .js link yourself

First start with

Go to the video you want to watch on the Escapist and grab the video post number

In the above case it would be 117153-

Then go back to the video player page -> right click the page -> view source -> ctrl+f "hash" -> copy the proceeding mumbled code - in this case a2290a8b9c0b67825c5aacfc24ff0cda

Add it to the url and put .js at the end

Grab the second link for a direct video (it'll include "mp4" three times)

Wish I knew a much user friendly solution but ya can't have it all

I'm told to blame Kross

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