How patient are you with exploration?

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I'm actually fairly bad about getting suckered into lots of exploring. But it only happens if the design of the sandbox is actually good. For examples... Fallout 3, I got continually sidetracked and drawn into just "seeing what was over the next hill." I probably explored 75% of that game while on a quest to do something totally different. It was very well designed, rewarded exploration, and the world design added to the experience. Contrast that with something like FO:NV, who's sandbox was very much not so well designed. The only reward for exploration was boring 10 minute hikes across empty desertscape with no encounters or anything interesting happening. I spent 75% of that game fast traveling to avoid the boring schleps from fast travel point to fast travel point. A "survival mode" in NV that disabled fast travel would render it too boring to play at all.

Having said all that, I love both games. But exploration was a reason I liked FO 3, and the design made exploration detract from NV (it just made up for it in other areas.) Another example is something like Just Cause 2. I don't "explore" in Just Cause 2 because there's no reason to. You won't find anything interesting, just more samey, empty, countryside.

Basically, I can be really... really patient with exploration. But if the open world isn't well designed I can tire of it very quickly. And it is that way with exploring a game in general. If a game has an interesting world, I don't need a "hook" to keep me playing or "on track." Fallout is a good example again, I find the world so fascinating that I could give or take that there's even a story in it. That's why it has lots of replayability for me. Although I enjoyed things like Farcry 3 and 4... they don't have much replayability because the experience a second time isn't going to differ much at all from the first time. I can enjoy games like that, but usually I blast through them mission by mission and finish the game... and probably never pick them up again. But games with a more interesting world... I can play them over and over and explore them in very minute detail.

Personally, I generally prefer more linear games, but I'm okay with open worlds that give decent guidance about where you are supposed to go. Open worlds the just leave you to wander around and find stuff can get lost.

How patient am I with exploration?
I'll put it like this: I've done all the Skellige markers in The Witcher 3.

So long as I have a way of knowing where I am and there's something worth looking for I'm very patient with exploration. I hate when I have no means of knowing where I've come from (Original Metroid 2) or if there's nothing interesting to find.

I love exploring in games.

I kinda get distracted from the story a bit when I'm wandering around in game. I mean, I've spent more time wandering around in Deus Ex: MD than focusing on the missions, especially when NPCs talk about random shit. I have no idea why I find that stuff so neat. Skyrim is the worst offender in exploring because of areas, caves, mountains, and random forts you can just go into and dick around. I mean, I had to build a character specifically so I can just wander around and not really do much else.

I don't really like it when a game discourages exploring.

Let me roam, goddammit!

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