Quitting WoW

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Go out and get a girlfriend. She'll force you to quit the game.

I'll summerise it into to a few easy steps for you:

1.Change password to something you won't remember.
2.Cut off all connections to WoW completely.
3.Log off
4.Don't get upset
5.Find a new hobby

And done, easy as pie.

intresting, intresting

never herd of the insanely complicated password theory before, not sure it would work on me though.......

can anyone suggest a non-addictive game that might fill the void (god im sooo sad lol)one thats not like wow where you have a minimum amout of playtime to do a week and guild obligations etc...

ive never really played many other games so some input here would be nice. whats a good timewaster game that dosent feel like a second job you have to pay for?

Do what I did. Start playing Diablo II until you realize that everyone on battle.net is an a-hole, moron, or cheater and that high runes don't drop. By then you'll be so frustrated that you'll say "screw mmo's," buy a 360, play it until you have to send it off to be repaired twice. By then you'll have plenty of time to realize that games aren't very important at all and you'll be free of WoW forever!!!

You could just sell your account. You'd not be able to play it anymore, so your addiction would be "cured" and you'll make some money off it too!

Suicide is the only way out of WoW.

it helps if you give away your stuff. I was a Lv 80 cap rogue with purples, with over 10k gold. I auctioned most of my stuff that I could, split my gold among my friends and then just left. it's been 5 months now and I'm very happy to have broken it's hold over me.

Though now I have other friends that don't understand that I quit.. as well as others who are trying to get me into more MMO's I really don't want them sucking any more of my life like wowo did, so I'm done with it :)

Step 1: Confess

Step 2:Shock therapy

Step 3:????

Step 4: Profit

I played WoW for about 3 years on and off, so what really made me quit was when I figured out all I was doing was getting the same gear, just for a different lvl; also they screwed up with hunters in a patch so that helped. I had the T6 equivalent for 70, and when I hit 80, it was like hitting a reset button. Also, they just started rehashing stuff like Naxx and now Ony and didn't really progress with the story. So I deleted WoW from my comp, which takes forever now to install anyway, and canceled the account. Easy once you see the light.

Team Fortress 2 took me away from World of Warcraft for a while....

I quit last year from my 71 warrior and hunter on moonglade (Kasar warrior orc, Jereck Dwarf hunter)

I played for a couple months, got to 31, stopped playing.

Didn't really see the addicting part.

Im a self confessed wow addict and have tried to quit several times....usualy i last a few months/weeks then go back yay for willpower but anyways

i was wondering if anyone here has successfully quit wow (and by this i dont meen played till lv20 then got bored others like me who cringe when we see blue quality gear) and how the hell you managed to stay off it.

one person suggested deleting my toons but im not sure i can bring myself to wiping my 310% mount :(

when asked what i did for a living i said i was a jewlcrafter and a blacksmith the other day, enough is enough me thinks lol so pls help me !!!!!

Get a friend to delete your characters for you. Ask people to help you to stay away from it by doing other stuff (going to cinema, that kind of thing).

Open some windows, maybe go get the mail.. go outside. Hangout with your friends, or your gf/bf, whatever. Do something constructive, convince yourself that it's okay and u enjoy other things. Don't dwell on the fact that u miss your mount -_- Just walk away..It's a game. Or take a trip down to an AA or NA meeting, listen to and see for yourself what real addicts look like. Then you'll realize how stupid you sound right now.

MMO's can be very addictive. I think the main reason for WoW being as bad as it is for some people is that WoW isn't something you can really play casually. An hour here, an hour there nuh uh, it's just doesn't work like that. The world is big, and to get shit done it requires a good chunk of your free time. And lil by little you give it more and more and more. Till u don't even realize it. Where someone can sit down and have a fps session or racing, action rhythm whatever, for an hour or two. A typical WoW session can take 5-8 hours. And to most ppl can do 5-8 hours in their sleep.

No... THE BEST way to stop playing WoW is to cancel the automated payment the game does, thus when Blizzard stop recieving your money, they block your account.

In truth I had to stop playing WoW (after 3 years) because I couldn't afford it anymore. But after that, when I could afford it, I just ignored the crazy moments where I'd just want to play it again.

Simple really.

Although I also played Guild Wars as a backup for a month or so to ease the transition, plus it's free. and when I realised it wasn't as good as WoW I stopped playing that as well.

Now as replacements I spend my time teaching myself Guitar and playing my Xbox 360.


I quit a year ago......easy as hell.

Ok two solutions I see here.

1) Unplug, disconnect and pray you will never play it again.

2) Act like a total idiot and get banned.....that should work right?

Edit - Just to let you know I've only played a free trial and I didn't like it, for some reason me and MMO's don't mix.


the first step is confession,that's covered.

now the second step: shock therapy.

if you live through that we will move to step three (gotta figure out a step three)

delete all your connections to the accursed WoW: your characters,your account,and whatever the 'ell a "toon" is.don't become upset,you won't need it anyway.

now go and try to get a new hobby.

Should step 2 not work:
Step 2 1/2: cold turkey: Unplug his internet!

Dude, you don't even joke about that fucking shit. A day without the internet is a day where I slowly crawl up in a ball and cry for forgiveness.
OT: The same way I got unaddicted to Habbo [And, thank God, that thing was fucking terrible]: Just log off for a day, come on the Escapist, or go on TV Tropes or play a different game, and don't go back no matter what your mind tells you.

I was addicted to WoW for a long time. I was dead set to tring to get the best weapons and armor for my DK as fast as possible for what limited game time I had. But there was always something better coming out, if it was new swords, new armor, anything, and so much more of a challenge to obtain that I had to call it quits. Not to mention I had framerate issues that were a pain to try and fix, that was another reason for me quitting. You could try just finding something else to do other then WoW. Like, Find a different game to replace WoW after your subscription ends, go hang out with friends to get away from the computer, anything. There's always something to do.

The secret is simple. If you want to quit for good and you can't trust your willpower to overcome an addiction to a video game then delete your characters. If you can't bring yourself to delete a character then you haven't quit, you've just stopped playing for awhile.

As far as the addiction itself goes, I can't help anyone with that. I never have been addicted to an MMO in the same sense other people are. I'll play the MMO's my friends are playing. I have played wow a total of three times and only once did my interest hold long enough to make it even close to end game (Rogue 1 - 55, DK 55 - 72). By the time I was closing on the end game, guild drama somehow soured everyone I actually knew towards the game and they quit. Shortly thereafter, my account was hacked, I got control back and then the temporary subscription the hacker had used expired. When I built a new system, the simple fact that I had no friends playing the game, would have to go to the trouble or reactivating my account and worse still would have to download and install that monstrosity has kept me from even briefly considering a return to the game.

Ask yourself: Why am I quitting?

If you answer is like mine: Just not having fun. I really want to... There are fun "things" I like doing, but most of the time it's just not fun. Also ask yourself, what could you be doing for those 2-8 hours per day you play WoW? If you lament that time lost, it's time to quit.

There is no magic button that can help you, so cowboy up and quit. :)

This is what i did: I had 2 level 70's and bringing up another lvl 40 in far to quick sucsession(sorry for spelling)what i did was- Bought a new game (counter strike source) then play it extensivly until you forget what wow is all about-worked :D Yeh i was a wow nut ball- got 2 level 70's within 8 months or so of getting the game. But if you focus on something else then you wont need it!

EDIT: if you cant delete your characters then sell all your equipment(i did this) and you will find they are so boring to play you wont want to because they suck and you run around in you pants. lol

Sadly for me, MMO's tend to be an addiction that is only beaten by another, potentially WORSE addiction.

For example.. my addiction to UO (ultima online for the uninitiated) was only defeated by my Everquest Addiction. My Everquest addiction was ultimately overcome by my DOAC (dark age of camelot) addiction, which succumbed itself to my Anarchy Online addiction (anyone remember THAT game??) which eventually fell to the wayside during my Disgaea addiction (which was technically not an MMO and the only time i weened myself away completely. Then Final Fantasy Online eventually took over for a LONG time my life, and then came World of Warcraft which has been the mainstay.

I have yet to find any game to curb my WoW addiction, even though Age of COnan and LOTRO had a good little run... I think the problem is that WoW is MEGA-SOCIAL, meaning that just about anyone and everyone I care to associate with are playing that game with some level of consistency, so it feels just way too natural to slide back into the endless grind while cracking Chuck norris vs. Jason David Franks jokes in the Barrens and bragging about how many stacks of potentially expensive whatever it is we have in the bank.

Sadly it even effects my regular gaming. I have literally HUNDREDS of game worlds hanging in the balance because I played them then went back to wow and never went back to resolve those universes that are still waiting for the destined hero (aka ME) to save them from the evil alien empire, zombies, gangsters, invading army, corrupted lifestream, ancient evil or whatever.

I quit before my trial period expired. Grinding endlessly just ain't my thing.

How I quit WoW:

1) Realize that console gaming is much better
2) Realize that having a social life comes before a virtual one even if that virtual one gives you so much pleasure. (There are pleasures your virtual life just can't suffice)
3) Realize that when all you can think about is one game, your addiction has reached a dangerous point
4) Realize that addiction to a Video Game can be more hazardous to your life than addiction to drugs and alcohol (apparently drinking is a social thing :p)
5) Realize that that potbelly that is forming around your waist area is because of your lack of exercise due to your addiction
6) Realize that you are ruining your life, so get off your lazy butt, cancel your payment to WoW and start reliving the years that you have missed

I lost 1 and a half years to WoW from my Freshman to Sophomore period in high school. Wish I could have those back because high school is awesome.

Im a self confessed wow addict and have tried to quit several times....usualy i last a few months/weeks then go back yay for willpower but anyways

i was wondering if anyone here has successfully quit wow (and by this i dont meen played till lv20 then got bored others like me who cringe when we see blue quality gear) and how the hell you managed to stay off it.

one person suggested deleting my toons but im not sure i can bring myself to wiping my 310% mount :(

when asked what i did for a living i said i was a jewlcrafter and a blacksmith the other day, enough is enough me thinks lol so pls help me !!!!!

personally i just started again recently i was out for 8-9 months best way to quit i found was to quit as the expansion came out and then fine something to zerg all your time into for a while in hope you'll forget about wow

Take some goddamn responsibility for your actions. You want to quit? FUCKING QUIT! You want to play? Suffer for your weakness! Maybe if you played a class that was actually worth a damn you'd have learned the gumption necessary to make decisions like this, but your attitude is making it pretty obvious that you chose a worthless DPS class instead. Probably a Hunter. Do you think the World needs a 6ft shitpile like yourself?

obvious troll is being obvious

I gave my account to a friend but he still lets me play if I get bored enough. He usually gives me the runaround first just to make sure I really want to play it, so I usually wind up farming a bunch of shit for him for like 2-3 weeks before I actually do anything for myself.

I actually like the randomised impossible password strategy, combined with the randomised impossible retrieval question/ answer approach.

Some like the sentimental approach of deleting each item and such but I think you risk the trap of exaggerating its emotional significance which could cause you to actually become more staunch in not wanting to stop.

Better to make it physically impossible to keep going, rather than salting the wound of not playing it anymore.

I've played wow for 4 years. But I found it pretty easy to quit. It's not that hard lol.

Or you could be like this loser and go to rehab:

At least that loser was smart enough to hide his face so that the whole world doesn't know who he is right? But seriously what kind of pussy has to go to internet rehab? Probably the same kind that they make the seizure warning for. But then again I've always been able to stop myself if I went too far by simply shutting off the tv/internet/subscription/whatever and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, then after its back on whatever I wanted to get away from I am away from it.

Go out, watch the nice weather, say to your self: "Why play when it is so nice out here?" and never look back.

I quit a year ago. The only thing I want from blizzard now, is DiabloIII.

You can't just say "ok I'm going to stop doing my favorite hobby now," because then you'll just be staring at a wall. Try to find something else that's fun to do.

Why do people want to quit WoW anyways? If it's fun then I don't see the problem. If it's boring and you have nothing better to do then find something fun to do...

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