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Flame Jackal! Awesome!

"Flame Snake"

Revolver Maggot

With my First name, first middle name and my last we get: Flame Mantis Badger
With my First name, second middle name and last name we get Flame Catfish

And finally with my entire name we get: Flame Mantis Badger... again

Flame NightHawk YEAH!!! IM AWESOME!

I got Shotgun Panda
It fits me all too well

Sniper Snake- First,middle,Last
Sniper Manits Badger- First
Flame Spider- Middle
Thunder Anaconda- Last

Thats awesome

"Thunder Mongoose"
Not bad, electrical powers coupled with a body that's small, sleek, and fast.

Deadeye Mantis Badger ROFL, i'm liking this.

Six-Shot Elephant.

Whoop Whoop :D

mines Firefight Anaconda. I have a mgs tattoo XD

Sniper Spider

..Thunder Spider.

Heh, Thunder Spider.
It's mine! Don't you dare generate the same one.



Martial Arts Crocodile

Grenade Mantis Badger

so that means I would use Grenades in long range, and up close I strike fast with Kung Fu...the badger I don't get...

Jake Smith: Flame NightHawk (I seem to be a Black Bird that's on fire, like a Phoenix.)
Jakeinator: Martial Arts Anaconda (What is? I don't even?)
Nice Tits: Ice Catfish (lolwut?)

Grenade Wolf

... Damn straight. Bow before the awesomeness that results from a name with two middle initials!!

Tried my Escapist user name and came up with Sniper Sorrow. Oh well, could be worse.
Going with the 'Ranking' option I ended up with Trainee and Commander.

Martial Arts Mantis Badger, that sounds ridiculous and cool equally.

Real name: Grenade snake
Username: Sniper wolf

Martial Arts Spider!

Hells yes

Shotgun Elephant but i go by Shotgun.

HA i got liquid Jackal

My first and last name produced "Matrial Arts Elephant". Fear my trunk of neck-snapping!

My whole name generated "Shotgun Hyena". My laughter is a killing verb!

Revolver Maggot

This made me lol.

im Martial Arts Mantis Badger
yeah thats pretty good.

Grenade Mantis Badger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Shotgun Warthog, and my wife, Sniper Hyena.

sniper catfish :(

Shotgun Spider? oh well, could have been worse.

sniper catfish :(

The snipers are in the goddamned water now?! FUCK.

First + Middle + Last = Martial Arts Snake
First + Last = Martial Arts Hyena
First + Middle = Martial Arts Snake
Middle + Last = Flame Hyena
First = Martial Arts Mantis Badger
Middle = Flame Snake
Last = Deadeye Hyena
User name = Martial Arts Snake

I was surprised that my full name, first + middle name, and User name got the same thing.

Martial Arts Jaguar - my full name
Shotgun Wolf - what I usually go by


I am a grenade spider!! Fear my 8 legged-grenade-throwing uber skillz!!

First name: Flame eel
First and last name: Flame mongoose
First middle and last name: Flame Jackal

Why do I always have to be on fire?

Shotgun Snake. Bow before me vermin!

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