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Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood.
I don't know if I'm just retarded or what, but I constantly jump off buildings and lose a stack of health. It can be rage inducing once you've done it for the 15th time in the last hour. Thank goodness I don't use money for much else than health.

I find this thread excellently timed, because I had one of these instances just yesterday while playing Minecraft.

I was building a nice little watchtower on top of this big ass hill; it reached the top of the map. I was about halfway done.

Night fell.

For some reason I decided not to just turn it into peaceful mode for a while and go find a bed; I thought I would just wait it out, since nothing would get me up there, right?

After a little while creepers and zombies somehow managed to gather underneath my little fort, but they couldn't get up to me. I crouched down, waiting...


I fell right on top of a creeper, and since I was on this tiny plateau I had nowhere to go but try and run in circles around my fort. There was another creeper. And another. They all exploded and I was fine.... then I got shot with a skeleton and died.

I was standing up and yelling "F*** F*** F***" the whole time.

I was freaked out because it was really hard to get up there (I hadn't build an actual route to the tower yet), but I managed to get up there in time to get my stuff. Only one block from the fort had been destroyed, but the top of the mountain was pretty much gone.


My roommate thought I lost my mind.

Well there's when I've just been kicked out of a game on Iron Brigade...for the tenth time in a row that day.

On Gears 3 during the Christmas event, we had managed to get to the last wave of Hoard on Thrashball on the day where you only got a sniper and a Boltok pistol and where every boss wave was a Lambent Zerker. That in itself is rage worthy, but the big moment was when the round had just started. I was ready to go and just about to start killing when my game decided to go stupid on me (and when I say this I mean that everyone and everything was doing whatever the last thing they were doing before it went stupid, and while I'm still able to move around I can't interact with anything until it wears off after about a minute) and the next thing I know is that my silverback is almost dead so I start backing up and then I get run over by the Zerker. Suffice to say I was pissed for a good while after that.

I know I've got some other ones, but I can't remember any of them at the moment.

My biggest FUUUUUUUUUUUU moment lately was while playing Dead Island.

During one mission in the city (before you visit city hall) there was one spot on the map where I was faced with (estimating here) 5 walkers, a thug, and a stream of Infected running in from my left. The walkers and thug I could handle. Took out most of them with my fury mode (playing as Xian Mei btw) but those infected simply wouldn't stop spawning and I couldn't kill them fast enough.

I must have died like six times there at least.

I have to come to terms with the fact that I SUCK at Zelda II. Playing it for the first time on GBA and I cannot get to the last palace. Those goddamn floating eyes in the action screens keep knocking me into the lava and my Magic (level 6) isn't enough to use fairy for all of the screens. Almost threw my DS across the room the other night.

Ah here a tip for the ceaseless discharge. Just run back to where you came from. If you do he should fall after his first melee attack and die instantly. There a huge hole at that area so he just walks off.

Far as I know, that was a bug, and they fixed it in the latest patch. I could be wrong though.

Oh, for Anor Londo.... Those black knight archers.... I eventually just went SCREW THIS and Leeroyed past all of them. I got to the fire and went "No freaking way." But even worse were Biggy and Smalls. I spent three days on them alone.

At least my tactic of "at any sign of danger, run away really fast" worked reasonably well on Ornstein and Smough. Those archers on the other hand... not so much.

Just today, in Breath of Fire III. Standard "Did something long and tedious, went to do something else, got killed, and screwed myself over because I forgot to save" thing.



Seriously, that game was spectacularly difficult. For me anyway.

Recently, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Seriously, when you spend half an hour whittling down a Custom T-72A, only for you to die just as the commander pops his head

I think I screamed at the TV less when I repeatedly got killed by Peace Walker Type II.

Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. It's like Dark Souls, with NPCs you need to babysit that are half-retarded, and it's also a FPS, AND there seems to be like fifteen minutes between checkpoints. Biggest FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU? Two feet from a checkpoint and some git pops out of nowhere and blasts your NPC squaddie's head off with a shotgun.

realizing how F***ing hard it is to catch an Entei without a master ball. seriously WTF.

How the hell can anything still be making laps around the johto region after being put to sleep, and left with One Damn Hit Point... seriously?

for me naruto ultimate ninja 2 on the ps2. there's a load of optional missions that require you to only use ninja tools and no other physical attacks, even if you use tenten's summoning jutsu to get more weapons you still run the counter down.



Though one moment sticks out. It the bed of chaos. DAMN I HATE THAT GUY!

Oh yeah he was pretty damn easy, but you just had to time it right to jump down the pit and on to the small small..SMALL area of a ramp. hate it, hate it, HATE IT! Though still love the game, on my second play through now and almost beat it. Just need to beat the four kings FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Oh man, that guy.... "run run run, almost there! *Get swiped down the hole*FUUUUUU- *Respawn* Ok ok ok I got it this time ok nothing swiped me now if I can just make the jum- FUUUUUU!"

really? i thought the bed of chaos was one of the simplest bosses i beat her in two tries.

Not hugging Leonardo in AC2.

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