What was the last ending of a game that was genuinely satisfying?

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OP: LAst one would probably be Red Dead. It was just perfect, and I couldn't ask for more. Anyone who's played it will know what I'm talking about.

Yep, this gets my vote. Might not be the most recent good ending, but it's one of the best of the entire medium, so it needs to be mentioned.


I haven't played it yet. And I kind of like that kind of stuff. I read all the books in morrowind on the dwemer to kind of piece it together. Thats why I would have prefered not being told such things. And I think it kind of carry's from he theme of oblivion.

Which, to get on topic, which in my eyes a pretty nice ending. Not what you expect but relativly epic and conclusive.

Trust me, me telling you that is not ruining anything because it isn't hinted at anywhere, it isn't told to you by anyone, its something only someone who knows all the outside game lore already would know.

Also the books in Morrowind lied about how the dwemer vanished.

no hard feelings. I guess it doesn't really matter. I just got a little scare my affords to avoid any late game playthroughs and topics on skyrim would have gone to waste.

and GASP ;)

Dark Souls. Both of them.

UMvC3? No
Asura's Wrath? Not after going through the "Secret Episode". And for the record...FUCK YOU CAPCOM!
Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Kinda...But I didn't like the Ending-tron 9000 so, No.
Deus Ex? Hmmm...Maybe. I didn't really agree with any of the choices given but that's kind of befitting for the world. I don't know...
Resident Evil 5? Not really...For once this is a bad guy I DON'T want to die.
Serious Sam 3? Nah...Leads nice into the first game, but kind of a downer.
Transformers: War for Cybertron? Again, kind of a downer one.
MediEvil? Kind of a fitting end but not that satisfying.
Batman: Arkham Asylum? Yup. Ends more or less how a comic book would, evil is put to justice and the hero goes off to his next adventure.

So there we go, Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Homeworld One

Because the Exiles have finally returned home, and that is all that matters.

I really liked Arkham City's ending.
It was sad and touching but still leaves room for a little hope.

The only ending in recent memory that left me truly satisfied was probably the Ezio/Altair closure at the end of AC:Revelations, though Desmonds ending was still pretty jarring.


I guess the last game ending i was satisfied with was Halo Reach's. That last sequence of fighting off the Covenant knowing you can't win really showed how fucked you were from the beginninh, it just felt really powerful how your Spartan dies without much sound to it.

Err Professor Layton and the Lost Future? I mean all the other games I had played after that were average well except for The Last Story.
As typical from the Layton game, it wrap up all the mysteries in that game and has a nice slide show type of ending to which serve as a epilogue. The third game however did had two heartfelt moments in it (I'm not going to mention it due to it being a spoiler).

ICO, happy ending after apparently futile resist, and the music, oh god the music

Mass Effect 2. Yeah, the human Reaper was a bit silly, but I was on a high all day after I successfully saved everyone XD

Also both Portal games (and the co-op campaign in Portal 2). Fantastically satisfying.

Even though this isn't the discussed topic, I would still like to put it out there, without intentionally giving a flame war regarding ME3's endings a chance to flare up, I think this is what most gamers (myself definitely) find a problem with the endings.

All three of them are both ambiguous AND unsatisfying.

In a franchise as big as Mass Effect, proper closure is important, and while one could see it as a form of flattery from the Devs to see if people "get" everything they put in the ending cinematic, (i.e if the players are attentive enough to note the little things), I don't think that is what people wanted. At the very least, -I- didn't want that.

To return to original topic though...

I'd actually say Mass Effect 2, or Fallout 3, (excluding for both games, post end-credits content). Both games are very much self-contained (one serving as a bridge between two games, and the other telling it's own story) with a clear and definite ending, no ambiguity or "easter eggs if you're attentive enough".

Endings should not be ambiguous- it appears that Devs need to learn this over again, especially with multi-part stories.

metro 2033, very satisfying and somewhat philosophical in its own right.

great game in general too, I recommend it.

Portal 2,
Red dead remdemption I suppose too.

On a side note, I love the way the zombie DLC is ACTUALLY CANNON. Seriously, if you think about it, it slots in just after the farm secton. Not before the ending. Then the game carrys on as normal.... then back to the zombies.

^Had to phrase that oddly, because I still don't know how spoiler tags work. :/

Wrapping up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney felt way more satisfying than I could ever imagine. I'm really hooked.

i found the ending to batman: arkham city pretty satisfying


Marcus Kehoe:
Metal Gear Solid 4, you can't ask for much more closure than that game.

Aren't they making a fifth one, or is it going to be a long ad about 'Check out the new and Improved Raiden! Now with emo progamming and a glow-in-the-dark spine!

But honestly, Infamous 2. I actually applauded. It is the PROPER way to do a polarizing end, ie give it a reason to *Glares at the 'genius' who came up with that idea for ME3.*

Actually Metal Gear Rising is just a spin off.

Kojima IS making MGS5, and it's about Big Boss :D

Latest release that I've played was Journey.

You know, I've had worse luck with endings in anime I watch on Netflix (seriously, about 90% of them fuck up either the last arc or the last episode) than I've ever had with games. Of course, western animation has it worse as most of them just get canceled and have unfulfilling "endings."

Diablo II:LOD and Kotor (not 2, HELL NO.)

Halo Reach. Watching Six take on all those elites actually made me start hoping that she would come out alive. :(

Chester Rabbit:
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis: Nothing more satisfying than finally putting an end to Nemesis and a Nuke to finally do away with Racoon City.

You want STARS? I'll give you STARS!

Star Wars the Force Unleashed (light-side ending). The funny thing is, I didn't even know there was supposed to be a romance in this until Yahtzee reviewed the second one. That being said, I didn't care too much for the plot but I loved the ending. It answered the unasked question it brought up in a satisfying conclusion to the cliff-note that was Starkiller. I would have loved for Force Unleashed to be an anthology series, where each new game centers around another obscure Jedi...sadly that wasn't to be and the entire ending of the original FU was undermined by the mere existence of its direct sequel.

Adam Jensen:
Mass Effect 2. It was one of the most satisfying endings to a video game.

I agree. Our mission got wrapped up, "nice" little chat with Illusive Man, see the rest of the crew doing stuff and then BOOM! Message about incoming reapers. Finishing things off but gave us something to look forward to (that we kind of already knew was coming anyway).

OT: I haven't really played many other games besides the ME series lately, so I can't remember the last game I played that WASN'T set in that universe. I know KOTOR had a good ending. Satisfied me. Big ending celebration (similar to Throne Room scene in New Hope) and I was either the hero or the guy who took over the galaxy.

I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, but I remember the ending to Final Fantasy X being really poignant and satisfying.


Marcus Kehoe:
Metal Gear Solid 4, you can't ask for much more closure than that game.

Aren't they making a fifth one, or is it going to be a long ad about 'Check out the new and Improved Raiden! Now with emo progamming and a glow-in-the-dark spine!

But honestly, Infamous 2. I actually applauded. It is the PROPER way to do a polarizing end, ie give it a reason to *Glares at the 'genius' who came up with that idea for ME3.*

Rising's a Spin-off Game: It's there, but you don't need to play it.

From what i gather, there might be some more Metal Gear Games but chances are they won't involve Solid Snake considering his arc is all wrapped up.

James Joseph Emerald:
I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, but I remember the ending to Final Fantasy X being really poignant and satisfying.

Yep, i loved this one too but...MAYBE not for the same reasons as other people: Mainly because Tidus dies. And in the end, that is the true happiness of the Ending.

Next to bastion.. i'd say Diablo 2 and LoD.
Since then the endings have been pretty crappy. Nothing that gave me a feeling of satisfaction or relief as far as i can remember.

Mostly because games tend to leave open ends so they can maybe string another game to it. That or the endings were bad. Example: Borderlands, one of the best games i've played in years but the end was horrible.
I don't count ME 1 + 2 since it's a trilogy and it wasn't theoretically and end - though they were pretty good.

Nope.. can't remember a decent ending. Ah.. Monkey Island 4.
But jeah all LucasArts games were teh shit :)

Edit: Shame on me.. how could i forget the 2 portal games. :( Bad Aspa

Human Revolution's. (And I'm not taking the piss.)

And before that, Portal 2, although I quite liked The Witcher 2's as well - it sequel-baits but not in a way that annoyed me, although I'm not really sure why.

I think its because...

Even though things are still left hanging there are multiple motivations by the end and, for me, I'd wrapped up my biggest concerns, and so that was the end of that particular chapter.

Adam Jensen:
Mass Effect 2. It was one of the most satisfying endings to a video game.

Yep. I could think of a few other titles but since this is clearly based off the ME3 hullabaloo then Mass Effect 2 seems the most relevant. I never complained how they ended it and unlike Mass Effect 3 I actually WANTED to replay and explore the different options on how it could turn out.

I'm currently playing Mass Effect 2 yet again just to give femshep a whirl.

Every ending to every case in every Phoenix Wright game, once that music kicks in and you know you've got this.... awesome

I actually have to go with Xenoblade: Chronicles. I thought the ending was really well made, the voice acting contained so many emotions and the plot twist was one of the best I've ever seen. I also felt like they tied up all lose ends. There was a happy ending without making it feel forced because it was already heading in that direction to start with.

Definitely agree with the many votes for Metro 2033. Good times. It really fit the series.

Seconding MW3, as well. The ending of the single player campaign wrapped everything up in a really satisfying way and brought all of the series' themes full circle.

Quantum Star:
So the general consensus nowadays is that video game endings are doomed to suck. If it's not Deus Ex's or Mass Effect 3's "press button to see this ending" business, it ends on a bull shit cliffhanger or has no closure and leaves the player completely unsatisfied like Final Fantasy XIII-2. The last game I finished with a great ending was Persona 4. You end the murderer's killing spree, discover the truth behind the murder cases, you've done everything that you needed to do, and it all wraps up on a positive note that makes you feel like you really accomplished something big. So I ask: what was the last game you finished with an ending that you were completely happy with?

Closure isn't a necessity, sometimes the ending can be that much more poignant when it leaves you asking questions, instead of rattling off everything that happens. For example: Would you have remembered the ending to Inception if it had ended with the spinning-top falling down? Probably not, because leaving you with something to think about AFTER you're done makes it much more interesting.

Epilogues that explain what happened to everyone and everything is like the easy way out, it might leave you satisfied, but it won't have an impact on you whatsoever.

Just finished Dead Island an hour ago, the ending was ok. The last ending that i really liked was in Binary Domain (having high comrade trust is pretty helpfull for a happy ending).

I`m kind of suprised so many people list the Batman AC ending. I`m not a hardcore Batman fan but i have a few novels and this ending feels out of context to me and ruins the game a bit.

*Cough* PERSONA 4 *Cough*

Bioshock 1 good ending.

You adopt every cured little sister and head to the surface.

You watch them get older, get married, and say goodbye to you on your death bed.

I shed a manly tear that day.

Red Dead Redemption had a great ending, I finished that one a few months ago but I really thought it was great...sad but good.

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