Poll: Which RTS sequel do you want the most?

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The Battle for Middle-Earth III

And I want it supported properly this time damn it! Such a fun game that never got any balance fixes due to them bastards at EA

An interesting list, I could really go for a new Dawn of War that goes back to the formula of the original instead of being a dungeon crawling DOTA wannabe. Supreme Commander is another favorite, especially if they get the guy who did the music for the original Total Anihillation, get some epicness going for the epic scale battles.
My choice though is Homeworld. The first game was nothing short of revolutionary and put Relic on everyone's radar, the second had many improvements though I didn't like the intrusiveness of the UI. A modern Homeworld could breathe a little life into THQ as well.

I would say Command and Conquer: Generals 2, but that is already under development.

I want another Warlords: Battlecry and I want another Seven Kingdoms. Those should do me for a while.

A new CnC Tiberium Sun, avoiding the shitpile that was 4. I might like it to be turn-based, just to be different. Still fast paced, not like other turn-based games, troops have action points per turn, things take turns to build, every turn you get an amount of tiberium for how many harvesters you have working, etc. Same exact gameplay, just "fast paced" turn-based.

Pff, all i dream for is a Battle Realms 2. A pity the first was such a secret. D:

Oh, here's what I want. Dawn of War 3 doesn't count since it's already in development.

Motherfucking Dungeon Keeper 3.

dawn of total war
i really like the dawn of war settings, armys, lore and even the small things like the sound's but i really don't like resource mining or base building and really like morale systems.

or lord of the rings conquest 3, one was so awesome and even though 2 was a let down if they could just male LOTR 1 but better id be happy (if base building is involved at least limit how much i have to do)

out if the list, Dawn Of War 3

not on the list Age Of Mythology 2

This list is far too empty.
Where's Rise of Nations 2? Age of Mythology 2? Age of Empires 3: The Good Version?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Bad kitty.

Homeworld 3!

Hey, at least a guy can dream can't he?


Also I'd dig Star Ruler 2.

7th Legion 2
but more of the "we're doing it right this time" kind of sequel, like Two Worlds 2
god knows we need more RTS about space marines riding velociraptors and fighting mechs

A toss up for me between Warcraft 4 and Rome Total War 2. Either of them would be amazing. Probably leaning towards Warcraft 4 more, mainly because I like fantasy and I've not liked the feel of Creative Asselmbly's recent RTS's but that's just personal opinion.

back pain:
Rome: Total war 2

This one. With the incredible advances made in game play during Shogun 2, I would love to see it applied to Rome. The range indicator for archers and the Margin of Error for artillery are the things I most look forward to. Hopefully, they expand it to include more of Asia since it would be a lot of fun to lead Rome to war against China.

Homeworld 3 all the way. No other RTS has managed to get true 3d space combat right. There have been games that have come close, but they all pale in comparison to the true master. Its a shame relic is too tied up making more Dawn of War games. Not that I'm complaining, those are good as well.

Rise of Nations 2 gets my vote! I wasn't really impressed with Rise of Legends, but still love RoN.

I'd be tempted to say Warcraft 4, but then I remembered Rome: Total war. Warcraft 4 would be nice but it would be absolutely fucked lore-wise and I enjoyed the gameplay of Rome more. So my pick is Total War: Rome 2.

I really want a proper C&C game since i started my RTS career on one of their titles. Too bad that the recent titles just werent the same, and getting rid of traditional base building? They must have gone mad.. Hopefully Bioware can resurrect C&C.

The Battle for Middle-Earth III

And I want it supported properly this time damn it! Such a fun game that never got any balance fixes due to them bastards at EA

Hey I thought I was the only one!

I loved BFME1 and 2....although both (especially the latter) were rather flawed. So yeah, BFME3, but get it right first time, EA. There is a hell of a lot to work with.

I'd also love a Mass Effect RTS but....

A sequel to Conmmand and Conquer 3: Tiberium War. I would very much like to know what happend after the...

Shut up, there is no sequel called Tiberian Twilight. That's just a legend to scare of the fans. Right?

Company of Heroes 2. Nothing else would make me happier :)

I can't see what they could add to the Homeworld story, Cataclysm/2 were arguably unneccessary to begin with, a third one? Hm. But they were still both enjoyable, and managed to get space based RTS mechanics right, so maybe Homeworld 3 if they took it into a more competetive direction? I could get behind that.

I'm surprised by the lack of love for World in Conflict. It was basically an RTS game for action game fans... I thought it would be more successful. It wasn't as strategic as your typical RTS (I suppose it's more of a real-time-tactical game), but damn it was fun.

It's a pity that Massive Entertainment got eaten by Ubisoft and put to work on their popular franchises (Assassin's Creed, Far Cry). Although I just read "On August 6, 2008, Activision Blizzard put up Massive Entertainment for sale after the merger of Activision and Vivendi Games and the subsequent internal reorganization", so I guess Activision Blizzard are just as much to blame, for not realising they were sitting on a good thing.

Also, despite the team long being shut down, someone could've mentioned the wondrous creation that was Sacrifice.

Sid Meier's Civil War collection needs an update.

Give us something like Total war but with SMCW's Depth and focus on tactics. I'd buy that in a second.

I'd like to see a sequel to EndWar. And in some resource management, maybe throw in some Move/Kinect support in place of a mouse, and longer and I'm sold.

I voted Warcraft 4, but really I'd like to see more Starcraft; the story interests me more.

Total War comes in a close third, but I've already got plenty of stuff in that series I haven't tried yet, including lots of interesting mods.

Warcraft 3 is my favorite real-time strategy, so hands down Warcraft 4 would be awesome, as long as they keep in the same concept, 12 players, good A.I., leveling up heros, collecting resources.


Mother of God that would be wonderful to see.

But I voted for Supreme Commander 3, because I recently bought Supreme Commander 2 from Amazon for five bucks and I have been enjoying it extensively, even though my weenie of a computer lags extremely badly during endgame, and I drag everyone down. :(

Just to throw this all out of Whack, Halo Wars.

I actually really liked it and disappointed it didn't merit a sequel.

This, also. I think Halo Wars was actually a really good game, especially considering that it was on the console. They did a really good job considering the limitations they had to work with.

Starcraft 3

World in conflict 2 would be the best thing to ever happen in history, ever. Like... awesome.

I don't see much that could be improved, and unfortunately the going trend for new RTSs these days was to change them for the worse by simplifying them hardcore. Maybe for once there could be an increase in complication, in the true spirit of Real Time STRATEGY.

Warcraft 4 without a doubt. I hate what WoW has done to the Warcraft name. And because of WoW, we are likely never to see WC4.

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