The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Well I died penetrated by a Banshee in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer! YEY MY GUTS WILL BE ALL OVER THE FLOOR!

I'm being ctrl+alt+deleted out of existence NOOOO!

Hm, I died last as a Pathfinder in Tribes, going 210 on Katabatic with a Sabre missile chasing me, I shot it out of the air behind me, but it was too close, did loads of damage to me and propelled me into a wall going 260.
I just want to know how we get to the "CTF on Katabatic" stage.

Strung up and left on the coast because of a Pirate Mutiny.

Well the last thing that killed me was a Lambent Berserker (recently started GOW3 again) at least i'll see it coming!

This thread made me realize I haven't played a "dangerous" game in nearly 72 hours......quite rare for me.

It was the boss of the Land of the Livid Dead in Rayman Origins, so I guess I was either boiled in hot lava or stuck by a giant pointy bracelet.

I Died upsetting the brotherhood in a post-apocaliptic mojave desert. The Burns They Sting

Red Dead Redemption... mauled by a wolf pack and a cougar... T_T ... dammit..

Assassinated in AC:R's Multiplayer.

Could be worse, I suppose.

Scout killed me second I spawned
technically that means I should be dead now

Died of old age, as a king no less, w/many children (from many wives) - game = crusader kings 2.

Well I just got done playing the shitty Kinect Star Wars game with my buddy. Hilarious to watch, but that means I'm ether going to be cleaved in half by Darth Vader, or have Boba Fett blast me full of holes with a blaster rifle. Which would be sweet, considering that's at least in the top 20 ways to day. Though with my shitty luck, I'd die during the dancing part of the game by plunging headlong into the carbonite bath's after dancing my ass off to Empire Today. Still painless though, so there's always that.

Creepered. Yay.

Losing a swordfight to a heavilly armored guard in AC2 because I was having trouble remembering the controls. That might be a bit painful.

I was repairing a tank, and I got shot by an attack chopper's rockets.

If I stay out of the "tank repair" business, I may very well live forever!

Going crazy in New York with an automatic shotgun and being gunned down by a fat police man. Oh Yeah! Thanks TBoGT!

On a Chinese battlefield during the Romance of the three Kingdoms. Surrounded by enemy officers as I'm in sight of their leader, after I had killed hundreds of my enemies and protected my army at every turn. What a glorious end if only I could have carried on a bit longer.

Pushing blocks while being chased by a wedding dress wearing demon lady, WHO, just happens to have a knife. Oh, did I mention this will happen while I'm sleeping?


Gunned down by a 13 year old.

Here lies warped ghost
Died the way he lived

Okay, can we just please not have this thread for 6 months or so? Please? It is getting old. It shows up once maybe twice a month and I am bored to tears with seeing it on here.

But since I opted to post I might as well contribute, Creeper Explosion, if we ever get creepers IRL we will have some serious issues.

I die becuase someone else dies, fucking escort missions.

Chopped to death by a sawblade. Luckily I was playing super meat boy so it'll only take a split second.

A giant evil brunette bride killed me with a huge knife while I was sleeping and I fell from a great height to my doom never to love again.

oh fuck i am going to have my head chainsawed of by a chainsaw wielding ,sack headed Spanish doctor alone in some dirty rotten basement.fuck you capcom.

Death by giant monster that sounds like fun at least its not the boring usual

Being killed by a Marrill using Rollout on a Nuzlocke Run seems like a fairly decent way to go. I don't know about you guys, but I fancy my chances.

I will be hit direct on simultaneously by 2 artillery cannons, 4 flame throwers, and a hail of bullets from at least 16 machine guns and a sniper rifle. Overall, not a bad way to die.

Starcraft 2, the mission where you control Tosh. I accidentally got too close to a missile turret while in the middle of a group of enemies.

Last game I played...
<Tales of the World, Narikiri Dungeon X>
<Cless fight>

Cool, I get pwn'd by Cless! He wouldn't kill me though, so it's a win-win! And it'd make ME have the GREATEST ASBEL LHANT COSTUME IN HISTORY.

Got shot by a Chinese guy in Mafia 2. I imagine getting shot would be rather painful.

I will die scoring the final point in an arena filled with red and blue Spartans holding hammers and swords.

Zombies eating my brains, lovely. All because of some joker with a time bomb inside his jack in the box...Well, at least I somehow invented sentient plants before I died.

I was roughed up by a group of Charr. MOTHER OF GOD.

Strider bullets to the face in Half-Life 2 (finally got around to playing it, enjoying it greatly).

It will certainly hurt a great deal, but at least it will be over quickly.

I'm going to unexpectedly die from exposure to invisible things banging on my window, á la Silent Hill 4.
Oh goody.

I'm going to die from illness (Project Zomboid)

Fuck my life!

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