The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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So... I'm going to be eaten by an evil Dragon named Alduin?


Dragon eating me must hurt a bit

I don't want to answer this question before I've completed the good ending on Bioshock again, lol.


I was just playing Dead Space.


Ouch. You have my sympathies, man.

Vaguely defeated by Reapers while on my spaceship might not be such a bad way to go

I'm going to be blown up by 4 C4 charges.. Thanks Battlefield 3.

Muscovite Noble Guard Cavalry taking a sabre to my gut. At least I died fighting.

Disintegrated, but at least I gain control of a legion of mechanical cosmic horrors.

I'll be eaten trying to save Dawnstar from a dragon. Yay?

Oh great, Creepers are now real and we have surface lava pits... My death is going to hurt so bad. D:

Thanks Minecraft... :'( lol

I was playing "Last Man on Earth" Mutation in L4D2, a Charger knocked me off a ledge, I fell to my death. He fell right after me and died, so at least he will get what is coming to him. Still, painful and horrible death.

I died in Black Ops... eh aint so bad

Getting my head slammed against a spiked stool by an overweight clone of a pro wrestler who is wearing battle armor.

Being beaten to death by a giant, buff mole with a drill-shaped snout. God dammit, Dungeons of Dredmor.

LOL! A laser cast by a mage will strike me from space, unless I get my hands on some amulet that cancels spells targetted at me. I'll be on the news!

Skyrim, evidently for some reason I will be bunny hopping on the edge of a cliff and a Cave Bear will bum rush me, pushing me off the edge and falling to my death........


shotgun blast in Gothom City Imposters....
There are worst ways to go I guess.

Spinfuser to the face while travelling at 200 Kilometers per hour, and having my body parts exploded across the vast surrounding distance.... ouch.

(Tribes Ascend)

I'm going to be stabbed/slashed/beaten/impaled by arrows thanks to a horde of Draugrs. It looked incredibly painful, especially being impaled and lifted up on the greatsword of the leader. I really really hope I bleed out quickly so the horrible pain of my death doesn't last.

so I died by my game crashing behind a load screen in New Vegas does that mean I'm stuck in some form of limbo forever?

A blood elf rogue ganking me.


Depending on which theory you subscribe to... I was either killed by deciding to kill a hell of a lot of mechanical things... or I was killed by a Banshee stabbing me when I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. You choose.

I am going to be picked up by a large zombie with a huge arm and be smushed against the ground repeatedly till dead while my gormless companions do nothing to save me... What a nice way to go.

I'm going to get poisoned by huge walking mushroom monsters.
(Legend of Grimrock)
Not looking forward to it.

i'm gonna be walking across a bridge when j'zargo comes running out of nowhere with his sheild up and sends me flying off into the giant watterfall beneath me..... it will be hilarious and you will all wish that i was able to catch it on video

Fighting to the death after getting caught by enemy soldiers while sneaking through their base. Fight lasted about 25 minutes. Pretty epic I guess so I'm content. Game-Viking.

two words: Saxton Hale.

It will be so epic! and painful. still better than Christian Brutal Sniper coming at me with a level 100 tribal man's shiv.

I'm going to die in a gigantic clusterfuck of minions and enemy champions...

(League of Legends.)

I suppose there are less cool ways to die.

...Being killed by Zeus himself.


Dear mother of Olympus! D:

I'm going to die fending off an army of bandits while attempting to prevent a nuclear launch.

...I guess there are worse ways to go.

Killed by a Sith Assassin.

SWEET! I'm going to live to see lightsaber technology!


Fell off a mountain. Feels strangely anticlimactic.

Fall off a building and Desynchronize? There goes my shins through my knees.

Dc Universe online.
Killed by Brainiac via missiles.
It probably wouldn't be so bad to be incinerated, then again... ouch...

I'm gonna be stunned, a voice is gonna shout 'Finish Him!' and then Sub zero is gonna low kick me... fuck that's a shit way to die. :|

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