Name a game (or two) you never completed

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Genji: Days of the Blade

I just kept getting lost (I didn't even think that was possible in a linear game) and eventually gave up :(

Just cause 2, boring

LA Noire, slow and boring

95% of my played, completable games.
FEAR 3, buddy didn't want to play co-op and I got bored about midway through. 1, 1E, 2 were much better.
~Kingdoms of Amalur, got bored a little further than when i met a lot of trolls, no that's a lie i got bored four hours in, I just gave up then.
Games usually keep me interested enough to keep playing the story all the way through, which does not mean that I don't game much or agree that games should be shorter, hell no. The mechanics get boring and I lose interest, and a story is rarely interestingenough not to skip through.
Recent games I did complete: FEAR, FEAR PM, FEAR 2, shooters, lots of bile against them (ask anyone) but I was genuinely interested in Alma (not that way you semi-necro-perv;) Prototype I had fun with it while I regretting it, fond memories but I'd never want to play it again.

Dragon Age 2: It was boring. I got midway through act 3 and decided that since i felt the story wasn't going anywhere and the fact that my mage coupled with my free pre-order bonus items was stomping everything a new mud hole, that i was done.

Freelancer: Its an amazing game, and its huge, and i get distracted by slaughtering bandit patrols and mining, lol

Diablo 2: Never finished it SOLO. I've always had it done either in Co-op or with a huge party that would just speed through the game to unlock Hell Difficulty. I am midway through right now as an Elemental Shift druid. Its fun.

Deus Ex (original), BioShock, many more... *embarrassed*

I have this issue with role-playing-esque games. I get past the first level or so, but then I get this really bad feeling that I've messed up somehow, restart it, and then lose interest about half the time.

This actually was the case with Deus Ex. I had too many points in pistol and stopped finding ammo for it. I also put more than 1 level in swimming and more than 0 points in that equipment durability thing...

In BioShock, I had trouble with the aesthetic. I just couldn't get into it like I could sci-fi or cyberpunk (Half-Life and Human Revolution). Then a friend mentioned that it's a horror/gore game. Then I realized that it's a juxtaposition of a horrible situation on a formerly nice, classy place. I changed monitors, and that might have helped somehow. Still haven't beaten it, though.


It was repetitive, boring, and frustrating at times.

BAAAAATTLETOOOOADS! That damn hoverbike section is still impossible.

But slightly more recently: BioShock, I just find in... uninteresting and it completely fails to hold my attention while constantly reminding me that it's Systemshock lite.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and the original Fallout.
I love Splinter Cell: CT whenever I play it, it's a great game, I just NEVER play it. I don't know what it is. I played the first few levels, then stopped, then picked it back up again for an evening or two and it hasn't been touched since.
Fallout, on the other hand, was just plain boring. I don't hate turn based combat, but making the player wait forever before they get to play just proves to be annoying. I know you can crank up the enemy turn speed, but then the game becomes "A post-nuclear RPG in which everyone except for you is capable of moving at 60 MPH".
Captcha was: flip-flops. I never cared much for flip flops, they feel too loose on my feet and I can never get them to stay just right when I'm trying to walk and the sounds they make are really annoying and- wait, what was I talking about?

The Heart Of Darkness:
Aggravating does not even BEGIN to describe this game!
Just needed to take a step back before I broke my controller in two and put my hand through the TV...hmm maybe I should try picking it up and beating it now?

Resident Evil (Original)
Always got to a point where I would just have no idea what to do. And the one time I did get further than finding Richard and made it all the way to the...what area had the kitchen in it? and then my idiot friend saved over everything with a Jill valentine file where he had zero ammo and no health and was in caution (Last time I played it I was 11)

Darksiders, I thought it was terrible for a hack and slash game, it had no fucking BLOCK button!

More recently FF13, got to this field with elephants, couldn't find my way through it, also thought the game was shit.

Funny story: My buddy couldn't beat the Omega Pirate in Metroid Prime, granted he had fewer HP canisters than I did when I beat him, but he got me to come over and beat it for him, no sweat. A few days later, I asked if he beat it yet, he said he got to Meta Ridley and couldn't beat him, so he traded it in for something.

Oh and TOR, I beat the trooper campaign, which got very boring after the first act,( I stayed at 49 for a month doing other characters) I must have heard this line 50 times: Sounds like you can use a soldier! So lazy for a fully voiced rpg. Should have made it text based for player characters, would have been SO much better. AND I HATE IT WHEN THERE IS NO VOICED PROTAGONIST!!! Guild Wars was way better than this game.

Prototype. It came out side-to-side with inFamous, and I thought Prototype would be the better game.

Boy, was I wrong... I now LOVE the inFamous games, and despite my attempts, I just can't seem to enjoy myself with Prototype.

Also, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I usually love RPG's. But with these two game, I simply cannot give a damn about what's happening, or the people involved. I may try Dragon Age again soon, as I only tried it once, but with Mass Effect, I've tried it enough times to know that it's simply not happening.

dead rising 2 have not played it at all lulz

dead island got bored with it..

resident evil 2 I got a copy in an un-marked case at a garage sale and then learned about and then read a ton of creepypastas like the infamous ben and not I am too afraid to play it (I don't want to be a creepypasta victim ;.;)

i also have a indana jones game I bought for 5$ i havent played somewhere

Twilight Princess and Gears of War are 2 off the top of my head. I just stopped playing my Wii after I got a PS3, and I started Gears of War off on the hardest difficulty to try and avoid having to play it through too many times to get achievements. That probably wasn't the best idea, since I got annoyed with the game very quickly and haven't touched it in months.

I have two games for different reasons

FF7: I never beat ff7. I loved the game when i was in middleschool and played the crap out of it. I had a level 99 team and was grinding for mimes so i could knights of the round spam. One day i lost my memory card and had to start all over, but since i was in middle school i took horrible care of my cd's and they were too scratched to play again. ;_;

Skyrim\Oblivion: Tried both of these games out and could never get into them that much. I don't see what the hype was. Weird thing is that i loved fallout 3. I have played through it about 2 time now and am working on my third playthrough.

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