Which game would you least like to find yourself in?

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Anything set in the Warhammer 40K universe...... That place will eat you up and shit you out faster than you can say "HERESY!"

QWOP. I couldn't imagine the horror of being unable to control your own legs. Forced to humiliate yourself by attempting to run a race for the enjoyment of others... Horrible.

BioShock. An underwater city I can't escape out of, and with that claustrophobic sensation, hordes of Splicers are out to check if there's any ADAM in my brain, and eat it even if there isn't any. All the while Andrew Ryan keeps yelling in my ears about his ideals and whatnot.

Yeah, BioShock it is.

Mortal Kombat maybe no one ever survives that unless they are Shao Khan the cheating sob plus I wouldnt be to keen on being fatalitied then revived and forced to serve someone mind you I bet I would inexplicably gain some cool powers in the process.

Any WH40k game.
I wouldn't live long enough to be scared, though.

Minecraft. Broken knuckles, unable to have a shelter, creepers, zombies, spiders, skeletons, herobrine, need I continue?

I'd never survive the events of Resident Evil 3. I'd most likely hide out in the Clock Tower until the nuke killed me or i died of starvation.

i would say dark/demon souls, but the baddies seem to be regulated to specific coordinates on the planet...so ill just move elsewhere.

diablo universe. expect to die slowly and painfully and have your corpse either reanimated or rearranged for further embarrassment.

Metal Gear Solid 3. I have no survival skills whatsoever, and I'm about as stealthy as a rhinoceros.

Smash Bros. No matter what, you're going to die!

Honestly, as far as universes go, I'd hate to be stuck in Tomba where NOTHING.... MAKES... SENSE

I agree on Silent Hill, but any Mario game would be extremely creepy too considering all the giant mushrooms, turtles, dragons and Italian plumbers running around. You could easily start losing your grip on reality there as much as you can in Silent Hill.

EDIT: Also Contra 2, where survival rates usually last for about 3 seconds

Most sonic games. I sit at a desk almost the entire day, no way I'd be able to make some of those timed events.

Warhammer 40K, you're pretty much guaranteed to die.

this, the level of potentially 'fucked' is immeasurable

Dragon Age 2. Because every time I walk down a street, several people attack me. Oh, and of course the Mage-Templar-War and the demons, dragons, undead and darkspawn. I wouldn't last a day.

God, too many to really count. Off-hand, Minecraft, any Fallout game, Bioshock, F.E.A.R, anywhere you really can't survive unless you have some powerful ability. And then of course the horror games like Silent Hill, Siren, and Amnesia. NO THANK YOU.

Skyrim. Walking down the street an- HUGE ELDERDRAGON FLYING DOWN THE SKIES AND COVER YOU IN FLAMES. That or the fact that I'd spend pretty much my entire life in jail. Imagine that you'll accidently steal everything you stare or even nod at and it magically appears in your backpack. '^'

Warhammer 40k. I really, really hate screaming fanatics, so I'd be miserable for the few days I was alive there.

Dante's inferno??? I think that would be the worst of all because i'm literally in hell.

Angry birds.

Before I know it, I'm flying through the air at some pigs! Then I die.

Half Life 2, mainly because I'd get very bored very quickly.

Zats right escapist, come and get me.

World of Warcraft.

I don't hate the game world...but if I have to share it with the community...shudders...

Any Final Fantasy game after 7. I would be most afraid that no one could tell my gender.

Fallout, no internet and danger around every corner.

In terms of being the protagonist: Dark Souls. It's like purgatory but WORSE.

In terms of being a random bystander: Any of the prototype games. You will be eaten by a living virus thing. Or messily killed by it. That is your fate, there is nothing you can do.

Phoenix Wright - Ok not as scary as most of the above (so can't choose them) but the moto there seems to be guilty unless proven innocent.

Tetris: Death by slowly descending shapes. Worst way to go IMO.

God of War


Runner up was Prototype. Do you know how fucking scary that would be? Sure the standard infected are easy for Mercer or the military, but have you seen them in the art? They're buffed up humans with skin like a rhino's and a huge fucking spike for a hand. And there's thousands of them. And the military wants to keep you in there with them. And then the hunters. And then Mercer eats you. FUCK.

Happy Wheels or QWOP, that would be a nightmare!

The Sims. It's like the real world with even more materialistic bullshit thrown in. Then again I wouldn't mind a part-time job at a cemetery.

RapeLay......that is all.....

Mafia II. All of the other worlds mentioned in this thread at least have a fantastical element to them. I'd be sitting in traffic, getting in repetitive brawls and shootouts, and cleaning prison toilets and chaperoning drunk people. Fuck that noise.

Gears of War and Halo. The nameless minion soldiers just have NO chance. Eg: Whenever you're given air support in Gears I literally count down the seconds till the Raven is shot down and all the men eviscerated. I can't think of a single instance when that doesn't happen.

I have a bit of a hard on about living in Skyrim. I love the idea of not worrying about a career and just making a living chopping wood / rearing horses / running a general goods store / joining the Companions & being werewolf'd. Life seems so much simpler. *sigh*

I'm going to say the Silent Hill franchise for a more obtuse reason, not because it's a scary world to be in as much as it would be maddening going through any of those scenarios looking for a bloody coin in a large apartment complex! I spent a few hours playing Silent Hill 2 today and I just don't find it scary anymore, although it still carries the same atmosphere and emotion that terrified me oh so many years ago, but that was childhood. What I'm trying to say is it occurred to me while playing that if I had to look through every room in this building I would never get out! It's not the monsters that will get you it's the boredom that will claim your life!


Because fuck zerglings

Warhammer 40K, you're pretty much guaranteed to die.

But at least it is for the Emperor! Right? RIGHT?!?!

OP: I'd hate to be in the testing labs from Portal, just day in and day out, until you finally get killed by some random test...but at least it is for science! Right? RIGHT?!?!

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