Why certain people will defend a clearly bad game

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I feel as though the reason why people will defend a really bad game because they preordered it and are now defending their purchase to justify to themselves that they didn't just waste 60$.


Disagree. There are far too many people on the internet willing to complain over the tiniest grievances. If they feel like they wasted $60, the outrage is always going to be more potent.

Truth be told, based on what I've seen so far (which isn't much, mind you), the main problem of the game comes from the fact that it recycles the same three or four levels over and over and over again with not much in terms of difference. The objective is always the same. Everything is just repetitive.

However, despite all of this, the one thing I hear all the time about this game, even from reviewers who did not like it, is the fact that it had some really good ideas going for it that just couldn't be fully realized. This sort of game of survival, managing other survivors as they perform other tasks while you scavenge through an abandoned small town or city block finding other survivors and equipment along the way. I mean, there's some serious potential here! You don't see many zombie games out there where survival, stealth, and leading a group of survivors are all major components in the game. And I think that's what it comes down to. The people who latch onto this game are yearning for this kind of idea in a game. The problem is that the execution and lastability of the game were thrown right out the window.

And, I'm not going to lie to you, but the thirty minutes of gameplay I've seen so far... looked pretty damn fun to me. Don't get me wrong, I know what the whole of the game is so at most I will be chalking this up to a rental, but yeah, you can count me in with those who enjoy the intriguing concept that Survival Instinct was trying to convey to its audience.

TotalBiscuit/TotalHalibut/Cynical Brit/John Bain has actually coined a phrase for this phenomenon; desperation genre.

People so desperately want a game like, say, Day Z, and then when they go and buy a shitty game in that genre, like The War Z, they become defensive to the point of hysterics, because they do not want to admit that they've made a bad purchase.

Thus, they will defend the game from any criticism, no matter how valid, even if the game releases flesheating bugs into their house, because to do otherwise they would have to admit that they made a bad decision. And people in general don't want to admit their shortcomings. Most will do so, but even then it's grudgingly.

Johnny Novgorod:
I would contest that there're no "clearly bad games" to begin with, just games you like or you don't like.

Yea, opinions like that has crashed the game industry once, lets not...


I'm talking about games that are almost universally considered shitty but some people are still inexplicably defending.

Define almost. Define some. Explanation now explicable.

You only notice them "defending" games when the general consensus, or overall view is a negative game, or critics come out and call it bad. And they're defending it, because they enjoyed it, plain and simple.

The great thing about media is that for everyone who partakes in it, there is one person who will absolutely love it, and one person who will absolutely hate it, extremes on both ends. Good or bad, there's always someone on the opposite side of everyone else, and sometimes, when you like or dislike something everyone else hates, you tend to feel insecure about your choice. Sometimes, those defending the games are trying to convince themselves of why they enjoy it, rather than the person they're talking to.

Very good and very well made. I think that's often the case with most things in life - ultimately, the only person worth convincing of anything is ourselves, because who is definitely sure of anything?

Captcha: Grilled Cheese. Because its relevant to everything.

Maybe some of the 'reviewers' or 'comments' are from employees?

There are two options here:

1. They genuinely like the game, despite its flaws. Yeah, opinions can vary from person to person and each person has their own preferences.

2. They are in denial about its flaws and proclaim it is perfect out of a belief that he didn't waste his money. My friend was like this for Aliens: CM, but when I showed him some stuff online, he just couldn't ignore the facts. Now he no longer preorders games.

To be fair...

Some reviews just feel so 'wrong' or 'don't get it'.

God Hand suffered from this.
GH is an AMAZING game, but reviews didn't 'get it' at the time, and it was panned by a huge percentage of them.

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