Do You Regularly Buy Games On/during the First Few Weeks of Launch Day?
Yes, I regularly buy games on launch day
19.4% (48)
19.4% (48)
Yes, I regularly buy games up to a week after their launch
15.7% (39)
15.7% (39)
No, I buy games months/years after their launch
64.5% (160)
64.5% (160)
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Poll: Do You Regularly Buy Games On/during the First Few Weeks of Launch Day?

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Nope I wait for the price to drop.

Most of the time I don't. The last game I bought on release was Skyrim, and after that I haven't had any money. But my parents used to buy me gifts, and I'd take the opportunity to ask for something new.

I buy games when I have the money to buy them. If there is a game coming out sooner or later that I want and I have the money for it I'll preorder it. If I don't I wont. Same with most game that have already come out. Although, right now I need to look at getting a bigger harddrive for my xbox because I basically have nowhere near enough space left to be able to get most of the games I want and then play them.

It depends if I can get it for $40 or less at launch. Generally, being in Australia, I can't, but thankfully I tend to be content with the game I have for long enough to remember a game I should play but don't have that came out months or years ago, so that's how that works. I may increase my limit to $60 for an Armored Core game, or Dark Souls 2.

I didn't see an option for my preference, which is to buy only top-rated games with a 15-20+ hour completion time on launch day, and only if it's going for less than $50 at my local retailer. Otherwise, I wait for the Steam/Amazon sales.

No I do not. I like to wait a week or two after a review of a game comes out untill I buy it.

I generally put it off and wait until the price goes down. Not to mention, by then, you sort of have an idea as to which games continue to stand out and which ones just sort of disappear because they were mediocre at best. Occasionally I do buy a game on launch day or within a week of its release, but I have to have a good reason. I bought Civilization V and BioShock Infinite on launch day because I was reasonably certain that both games would be great and worth the $50-$60 asking price, and I wasn't disappointed. Sometimes it doesn't work out, though. I pre-ordered The Last Story because of the great reviews it got in both Japan and Europe, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. The thing is, though, it's those disappointments that make cautious enough that the worthwhile moments are forgotten, especially since holding off has saved me numerous times from buying a completely broken game (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Duke Nukem Forever, and Aliens: Colonial Marines being the three most noteworthy).

I've never really understood this. I mean, I understand the desire to get the newest, shiniest content the second it's available, and I understand everyone wants to be as far ahead of the "multiplayer migration" to the next thing as they can, but......I can't believe people think this outweighs waiting a few months for a price drop. And I only understand launch day in the context of fans of the series.

Skyward Sword was the last game to get my preorder and release-day sale (because I want to experience everything about my favorite series on day one), and before that was Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I'm amazingly patient with some games for prices, and I even denied myself Skyrim until I saw it on an Xmas sale for $40 (still holiday of release though). I didn't even touch Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, and Fallout New Vegas until their GOTY w/ all DLC versions were $20 on 2012's Black Friday. Yes, Rocksteady Batman, Fallout, and Rockstar games (guaranteed to love), didn't even touch them until GOTYE 2 years later. Heck, I've sworn off the Assassin's Creed series and Bioshock Infinite until I've played and finished AC2 and Bio2, which I already own (and I hold that even knowing Bio2 isn't that good).

What I really wanna know is who are the people who are pre-ordering and buying day-one games like Injustice: Gods Among Us, Army of Two: Devil's Cartel, and Sleeping Dogs; games that (regardless of good or bad quality) are practically guaranteed to not be completely sold out anytime near their releases nor have a rabidly addicted fanbase. What madness possesses a person to buy a game upon release for the full $60 that they expect to only like instead of love, knowing that in a few months the price will drop to 40?

I will get DLC or expansion packs on day one, but not full games.

Any game that I would want to get on launch day, I pre-order. That and I'm cheap so a big majority of my games are years old.

I don't usually buy games in the first day or even week. The only games I've ever bought on launch day are Skyrim and Borderlands 2. Both of which I find to be amazing.

Usually I buy games a month or so after they're released.

I haven't even been buying games lately because I've got my Steam and GOG backlog of 10+ indie games to get through and I'm saving up for a new guitar (gotta love the Les Paul Customs!). Guitarists are like gamers, when we see a beauty (or a new Valve game) we have to get it. Gaming and music make for gaping holes in my already tiny student wallet.

Anyways, when I buy games, I tend to get them on a 4-8 month lag. Saves me $20-30 and I get the same single player experience as everyone else.

I prefer to buy games pre-owned or reduced because 45 is just too much for, say, a 10-hour shooter, but if it's something I'm really anticipating I probably will buy it within a week of release. I bought a load of games shortly after release in 2011 because there were so many good releases that year (Portal 2, Infamous 2, Skyrim, etc), but fortunately my wallet hasn't been tested that much since then. The only game I've bought new this year is Bioshock Infinite, and that came free with the first Bioshock so it was more value for money.

The only upcoming game that I want to get on release day at the moment is Dark Souls II. Super excited for that.

It depends on a game. I've preordered new Dead Or Alive on Vita because I knew enough about previous installments of a game so I was confident about that title.
I've bought Bioshock Infinite on the release date just after Jim's review, knowing that our tastes are usually the same.
I've rushed to buy Persona 4 Golden because I loved Persona 3, even though I didn't know anything about the game, so that was just my fanboy instinct.
In almost all other cases I wait for reviews or Total Biscuit's WTF video.

The only games that I end up buying around release time are games that I've had a lot of interest in and have been watching for a while. That list is very small and, at the moment, there are no upcoming releases that I plan on getting on or around the release date. Many of the games I buy are games that a friend recommended or they just popped up when I was searching for more games to play, which means that, by the time I hear about a game, it's usually weeks, months, or years after it had been released. I also like to wait for some good sales to come around.

I'll usually buy games I want within the first week. I've got more disposable income than most so I can afford to risk $60. Latest game I bought was Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires. Only gripe with the game is how insanely fast paced it is. Would have been perfect if not for that.

Very rarely do I buy a game within the first month of its launch. I'm a stingy S.O.B so I wait for a sale. Of course that usually means getting several on sale at once then not playing any because I can't choose which one should get my time first.....then when a game comes out I'm willing to buy during the first few weeks, I don't because look at all the games I have that I've never fired up.

It's a vicious circle of moron-icy I can't seem to break myself out of.

I never do, but that's only because I can't afford it. Like, I don't have a job yet. Yeah.
If I did have a job, I'd probably get games I'm hyped for on/just after release day, and games I'm just interested or mildly interested in a while later.

The latest game I bought during the first month of its release was Bioshock Infinite, and that was just for fear of spoilers. Because it just takes one guy to not give a shit and it's irreversibly spoiled, and I wanted to play it through on my own terms.

Before that, the latest game I bought around launch day was God of War 3, I think. I've since decided to wait until it's around half the price at launch. Mostly after having seen that the GotY edition of Fallout 3 costs a quarter of what I ended up paying for the game at launch and later all the DLC, combined.

Pink Apocalypse:
The only games I've payed full price for are ones that left me lying awake at night dying to play the day of their release, which are Fallout or Elder Scrolls. Everything else I just wait for, because prices have gotten beyond stupid.

New Vegas taught me a lesson to grow some more patience and wait anyway, and let others pay $60 for the privilege of being a beta tester.

I learned that lesson from New Vegas too. It was especially bad on the PS3.
Rarely I will get a game at launch if it's something I'm really looking forward to. I actually preordered Borderlands 2 (and got the season pass and I didn't think I'd ever buy one of those) but at the time I was still playing Borderlands 1 every week or so: they instilled enough faith in me.

It depends on the game. If I've been anticipating it highly and it gets a good review, then I buy it immediately (this probably happens around 3-5 times a year). Otherwise, I'm all too content to wait it out.

The only game I ever bought on launch day was Saints Row the Third, and I picked up a pre-ordered copy of New Vegas three days after launch. I was extremely happy with both those games, (especially New Vegas) but other than that, I never do. I find it hard to shell out $60 for something that will be $20 in a few months... I see launch day as "early access."

Bioshock Infinite is the first game I've bought on opening week in a while (I think I bought Reach on launch), and that was only because of the ridiculous speed at which spoilers appeared (seriously, Moviebob, what were you thinking?). I see no point to buying them so fast other than to avoid spoilers unless you really, really can't live without a game. I plan on buying Persona 5 (if it comes to be) on launch if I don't pre-order, because Persona quite literally was my life for a while and I'm very excited to see more, so I guess that it's fairly ambiguous as to when it's okay. I think that buying a game on launch means that your fully obsessed with a game, and should probably seek help, as I didn't really consider my relationship with Persona healthy.

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