343 Industries job listing Halo universe senior producer

343 Industries has recently put up a job listing looking for a senior producer for a new project set in the Halo universe.

According to the job listing, highlighted by Twitter user Klobrille, the role will be located in Microsoft’s home base of Redmond, Washington and will work with 343’s Core Services team. The job is primarily engineering-focused, and the senior producer will work directly with the Lead Producer of Core Service Leads on all aspects of project management.

In addition to working with teams inside the studio, the senior producer will also work with studios outside of 343 Industries to keep track of team workflow as well as build partner plans.

The qualifications for this position are expectedly hefty. The studio is asking for the candidate to have 5+ years of experience in senior-level game development and 8+ years in the games industry overall. Candidates also must have worked on at least one AAA title in production “and/or managed multiple features and teams through 2+ product lifecycles.

It’s unknown what kind of Halo project this is. Some high-profile departures from 343 Industries occurred in the past year, including of creative director Tim Longo and lead producer Mary Olson. However, Microsoft has confirmed that both Halo Infinite and the Xbox Series X are still on track to release this holiday season, despite any impact from departures and especially the COVID-19 pandemic.

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