The Adam Driver movie 65 gets a new trailer where he confronts dinosaurs and blasts his way through prehistoric Earth with laser guns T-rex

Sometimes you can just kind of tell a movie is going to work despite everything screaming that it really shouldn’t. The movie 65, which features Adam Driver traveling back in time to prehistoric Earth to fight dinosaurs with laser blasters, is the kind of campy idea that’s usually relegated to films involving sharks in tornados. Yet, judging from the first movie trailer and the new one that has dropped, 65 looks like it’s going to be actually pretty damn fantastic.

65 really has three things going for it. The first is the fact that it stars Adam Driver, who is really good at acting and can turn even some of the cringiest dialogue in the world into quality stuff. The second is that it’s from the writers of A Quiet Place, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who know how to take sci-fi and turn it into tense and thrilling horror. The third is that Sam Raimi is producing the film, and if there’s anything Sam Raimi is good at, it’s finding and elevating camp into something amazing.

In the film Driver place a space pilot who is flying a colony ship that crash lands on a mysterious planet. The only other survivor is a young girl named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), and the pair set off on a mission to escape. What becomes quickly clear is that the two are on Earth but in the past, and the dinosaurs are not happy to have them here. Obviously, the big twist is not that they’re on Earth, as even the trailers are revealing that, but there must be more to the story. Although, if there’s not, a bunch of dino fights will be pretty cool to watch for two hours.

As the new movie trailer reminds us, 65 will release in theaters on March 17.

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