Here is an explanation of all the accessibility features in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and unfortunately, they are lackluster to nonexistent from Team Ninja.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, is Team Ninja’s post-Nioh foray into the world of slash ‘em ups. It transports you to a fantasy world based heavily on China’s Three Kingdoms. But with more and more games featuring suites of accessibility-friendly features, you might be wondering what all the accessibility features are in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, so here’s the answer.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Is Lacking in Accessibility-Friendly Options or Even a Dedicated Menu

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty falls short in the accessibility stakes, lacking any kind of accessibility menu. Some people who have difficulty distinguishing between colors have remarked that it’s hard to tell how rare items are. However, there’s no option to cater for color blindness.

So what can you change? Not a lot. You can alter subtitle size, which at least is more than Atomic Heart offered at launch. You can also alter the font size for in-game notifications, generic text, and explanatory text. All those are found in the “Menu Settings” sub-menu.

And… that’s it, really. There’s no option for audio description, other audio cues, high-contrast graphics, or anything else along those lines. Is it possible that those features could be added later, along with other options? It’s possible, but we wouldn’t count on it.

So, on the subject of all accessibility features in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, that’s what you need to know, for better or worse.

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