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All Characters in the Standard Founder’s Pack in Disney Speedstorm

Characters in Disney Speedstorm Standard Founder's Pack
Image via Gameloft SE.

Disney Speedstorm by Gameloft has drifted onto the battle kart scene, with its sights set on being Disney’s answer to Mario Kart. It’s currently in Early Access and while it will eventually be free-to-play, you can buy a Founder’s Pack and start playing right now. Given that the Standard Founder’s Pack means you’re paying for early access to a game that will be free-to-play, you’d expect to get a good selection of characters in Disney Speedstorm for your money. Let’s take a look at what you actually get.

What Characters Do You Get For Buying The Standard Founder’s Pack in Disney Speedstorm?

To be honest, you get less than you might expect by forking out the $29.99 for a Standard Founder’s Pack. You get the classic Mickey Mouse, who is great to race with. Mickey is a Speedster type, which means his strength lies in his kart’s speed. Mickey is a common rarity character, so it’s easier to find his Shards — the materials you’ll need to upgrade a character’s Star Rating, which increases their overall stats and benefits.

The other character with the Standard Founder’s Pack in Disney Speedstorm is the rare Donald Duck. Donald is a Brawler-class character and is exceptional at taking out other racers, which is always satisfying with the slow down time mechanic and Call of Duty-style ‘kill feed’ when you take out another player with a powerup.

Lastly you get a token that you can use to unlock a character from the following list:

Baloo from The Jungle Book
Shang from Mulan
Mowgli from The Jungle Book
Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Image via Gameloft SE.

Baloo, Shang, and Elizabeth Swann are all Defender-type characters, while Mowgli and Belle are Speedsters, and Beast is a Brawler type. You’ll only get to choose one of these characters and the game makes you choose right after the opening tutorial.

Unfortunately, this means you won’t have much time to decide what playstyle you enjoy best out of the three, nor is there a way to try them out before you choose. You’re really forced to choose based on who you like more as a character in general here.

Every other character in Disney Speedstorm you’ll need to work towards unlocking by playing the various game modes: Season Tour, Ranked Multiplayer, Starter Circuit, or Limited Events.

Another source of characters is the Golden Pass, which is the battle pass system in Disney Speedstorm. The Standard Founder’s Pack comes with two gold tokens that you can redeem for the premium battle passes. This means while playing you’ll have access to rewards that will help you unlock the Monsters Inc. racers, which are very cool.

With the Standard Founder’s Pack in Disney Speedstorm, you really aren’t getting many characters for your money. There’s just Mickey, Donald, and one from the list above to start you off. From there, you have to earn the rest through playing or by throwing your credit card at the store if you roll that way! 

That said, there are two other, more expensive tiers of the Founder’s Pack available that give you access to additional, iconic characters from the Disney stable.

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