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All Differences Between PC and Console Release of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters

Here are all of the differences between the PC and console (Switch, PS4) releases of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, like font & balance.

While PC and mobile players have been able to enjoy the full range of Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters since early in 2022, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners are finally getting a chance to check out Square Enix‘s revamped versions of the series’s first six titles as of April 19, 2023. The PS4 and Switch versions of Final Fantasy IVI come with all of the original collection’s trappings of improved visuals, updated UIs, and more – but each entry’s move to consoles is also sporting some new highly requested features. Here are all the differences between the PC and console releases of the six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters.

What’s New in the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters on PS4 and Switch Compared to on PC?

The most notable change coming to the console releases of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters is the ability to switch between the PC release’s font and a new pixelated font that Square Enix feels better represents the look of the original versions of the games on 8-bit and 16-bit consoles. This change comes after PC players complained that the revamped font in the remasters looked strange next to old-school visuals of the characters and world. (Speaking of text, it appears that the opening credits now appear again at the beginning of Final Fantasy VI during the march on Narshe. The opening credits had been removed on PC, which was a little strange.)

In addition to the return of auto-battle, PS4 and Switch players will also be able to boost experience and money (gil), earning rates up to 4x. This should make it considerably faster to move through each game for those looking to simply revisit the story and world of an old favorite without having to grind so much. Even more, those who wish to breeze through areas without engaging with the battle system can completely turn off encounters in the console release. Explore to your heart’s content!

The last major change coming to the console release of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters is the option to toggle between the updated orchestral soundtracks implemented in the PC release and the original soundtracks from the initial releases of each game on NES / SNES. This should be quite a welcomed dose for nostalgic fans.

The six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are available as of April 19 for PS4 and Switch, which you can pick up separately for $17.99 or as part of a bundle for $74.99.

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