Here are all of the difficulty levels in Forspoken explained, from the default challenge up to the hardest Square Enix has to offer.

All Difficulty Levels Explained in Forspoken

Like most open-world adventure games, Forspoken has a lot to show, alongside plenty of fun but difficult battles to take part in. Also like many open-world adventures Forspoken offers several different difficulty settings to accommodate those looking for a difficult and challenging adventure, and those just wanting to explore the world and take part in the story. Here are all of the difficulty levels in Forspoken explained.

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The Four Difficulty Levels in Forspoken Explained

There are four difficulty levels in Forspoken:

  • Focus on Story
  • Explore the Open World
  • Take Part in Challenging Battles
  • Default

You select your difficulty when you start a new game, and no matter which mode you choose, the story will not change. It will simply strengthen or weaken enemy stats or automatically turn on game options like aim assist on lower difficulty levels.

You will also be able to alter the difficulty at any point during a campaign, which you can do by going to the Settings Menu. Here, click on the “Gameplay Balance” tab, where you can navigate to the difficulty options and change to the challenge setting you prefer. The only time this won’t be available is if you are in the middle of actively fighting an enemy. Once you have set your difficulty changes, be sure to save the settings.

Focus on Story

As the name suggests, Focus on Story is the easiest of the difficulty levels in Forspoken, with easy-to-defeat enemies and more health for the player’s character. This means that players in this mode can just enjoy the narrative without fear of losing battles to tricky enemies. It’s great for players who have never played an open-world combat game before and are looking to just enjoy the ride without any difficulty bumps.

Explore the Open World

While it’s a slight step up, this is still considered an easy mode, but it facilitates more exploration and less linear gameplay, giving players the chance to parkour around non-story-related towns and secrets while offering some light, more chill combat sessions. This is best for players who want to see all that the open world of Forspoken has to offer but don’t want to tackle battles or engage enemies.

Take Part in Challenging Battles

This is the most challenging of the difficulty levels in Forspoken, designed for action game veterans who are up for a tough challenge. This mode will feature intense battles with enemies who are buffed and stronger, offering engaging scenarios that require the player to blend parkour skills and spells in an enhanced combat setting. Frey’s abilities will also be weakened, which means fights can be not only more difficult, but considerably longer than in the other modes, making this difficulty not for the faint of heart.


As its name suggests, the Default difficulty level is how the game was designed to be played, with a blend of challenging action and story beats, making this the moderate or “normal” difficulty level of the four. Default difficulty brings a balanced experience and is a great option for the majority of gamers familiar with the genre looking to enjoy all Forspoken has to offer.

On top of the four default settings, Forspoken also offers a huge helping of granular gameplay settings, letting you individually adjust the following:

  • Aim Assist
  • Spell-Switching Slowdown
  • Damage Received
  • Stamina Recovery Speed
  • Automatically Use Healing Items
  • Enemy Knockdown time
  • Automatic Support Spell-Switching
  • Auto-Evasion

Forspoken has a range of pre-crafted difficulty settings that can be customized even more, making it a game you can play at your own pace.

To learn how to get Frey the best cloak in the game and keep on top of the difficulty even more, we’ve got you covered.

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