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Best Cloak in Forspoken

Here are the best cloak options in Square Enix action RPG Forspoken, depending on which part of the game you're at.

While exploring in Forspoken, Frey will uncover a host of abilities, secrets, and, of course, some great fantasy fashion as well. With dozens of cloaks to discover throughout Athia, players might be wondering what the best cloak options are in Forspoken and where to find them. While most of these cloaks have some solid perks, certain cloaks stand head and shoulders above the competition and can give Frey some impressive stat boosts.

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The Best Cloak Options in Forspoken

The Audacious Cloak

The Audacious Cloak is a bit of a jack of all trades, offering boosted statistical percentages to a variety of skills like red and purple magic, as well as a solid +5% to Frey’s health. But that’s not all, as the Audacious Cloak also can reduce damage intake in the event that Frey’s companion is using the Cuff block for damage. For this to be in effect, Frey will need to have full stamina. Even the design itself is cool, with a stacked blue line pattern that combines the look of classic Scottish tapestries with a Good, the Bad and the Ugly poncho vibe.

The Audacious Cloak can be found in Bhulna Villa, which is in the Psychic Gardens. To get the cloak, take out all the location’s enemies and then look for a chest in the vicinity. The Audacious Cloak will be waiting inside.

Here are the best cloak options in Square Enix action RPG Forspoken, depending on which part of the game you're at.

The Pelerine Cloak

The Pelerine Cloak is one of the best cloaks to pick up in the early game of Forspoken, providing a major stamina boost in addition to increasing the likelihood of critical hits that could also restore health for Frey. In appearance, the Pelerine Cloak also doesn’t disappoint, with an intricate old-world tree that reminded us of the symbol of Gondor.

To obtain the Pelerine Cloak, you will have to visit the Locked Labyrinth: East and work through the dungeon taking out enemies and facing off with an intense boss fight. Once completed, the Pelerine Cloak is all yours!

The Unstoppable Cloak

As its name suggests, the Unstoppable Cloak is arguably the best if you want to become a magical cannon and bring the pain in battle. Frey’s spells will get a major damage increase when she is pulling off parkour moves, and it also heavily reduces fall damage. The coat is described as “uncharacteristically luxurious,” which means she will look pretty fly while pulling it off in battle as well.

To find the Unstoppable Cloak, you will have to take on a scouting mission in southwest Praenost. Start by accepting the mission at the Militis Academy, and you will go to explore an ancient ruin that contains a number of enemies. Once you’ve taken them all out, the chest that holds the Unstoppable Cloak nearby will become unsealed.

For the reasons we’ve outlined, these are the best cloak options in Forspoken!

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