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All Game Modes in Exoprimal

Here is a list of all of the game modes in Exoprimal from Capcom - Dino Survival Training Savage Gauntlet

Exoprimal has more dinosaurs than you can shake John Hammond’s cane at, ranging from raptors through to T. rexes. And even better, they’re all determined to eat your face. But when it comes to taking on these dinos, how many different ways are there to go about it? If you want to know about all the game modes in Exoprimal, I’ve got the answer.

The List of All Game Modes in Exoprimal

Once you’ve finished the tutorial section of Exoprimal, you’ll be dropped at the main in-game hub, where you can move onto your next mission. It’s here where you get to choose your game mode, and I’m happy to say I’ve got a complete list of every game mode in Exoprimal. Here you go:

  • Dino Survival
  • Training

Yes, that’s it. There are only two game modes in Exoprimal, Dino Survival and Training.

There are different areas to fight in, but Dino Survival is basically the game’s campaign mode. It’s made up of various multiplayer fights where you, as one of a team of five, compete to kick dinosaur bottom.

There is the opportunity for a little player-versus-player action, but it’s mostly humans versus dinos. When you reach the campaign, you’ll have the option to choose your last mission, either a PvP or player-versus-dinos event.

Then there’s Training, which lets you replay the basic tutorial or practice with each exosuit on the firing range. But basically, that’s it.The good news is that another game mode will be arriving later, Savage Gauntlet. This will be a more challenging co-op mode, designed for those who’ve put a lot of time into the game.

Savage Gauntlet mode will arrive July 28, 2023, and Capcom has more content on the way. The game could end up like Left 4 Dead, which had additional game modes added in. But for now, if you want to know about all the game modes in Exoprimal, there are just two, Dino Survival and Training.

For more, check out whether you can play Exoprimal offline.

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