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All Monopoly GO Blessed Feast Event Rewards, Milestones

A header-sized image for the Blessed Feast event in Monopoly GO that shows Rich Uncle Pennybags on the left side of a table with a brunette on the right. There's a turkey in between them.

The “Cranberry Carnival” is officially over in Monopoly GO, and now that you’ve gotten some sweet prizes, the “Blessed Feast” event is here again, which gives you the chance to win more, so here’s my guide on all the rewards and milestones you can get, how to play, and how to win.

How to Play the Blessed Feast Event in Monopoly GO

A full-sized image for the Blessed Feast event in Monopoly GO that shows Rich Uncle Pennybags on the left side of a table with a brunette on the right. There's a turkey in between them. The image is part of a list on all the rewards, milestones, and prizes you can get for the Blessed Feast event in Monopoly GO as well as how to play the event and win.

The “Blessed Feast” event in Monopoly GO, which is a tie-in to American Thanksgiving, will run from Nov. 21 at 10AM ET until Nov. 24 at 10AM ET. The three-day event sees players getting four Turkey tokens for landing on any of the four corner squares (Go, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail). The number of tokens you get is then increased by your dice multiplier.

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Every “Blessed Feast” Event Reward, Prize, and Milestone in Monopoly GO, Listed

The “Blessed Feast” in Monopoly GO has a lot of rewards, prizes, and milestones to win, so I’ve compiled the table below from my own experience and with reference to the list posted on X by @itsjakem, a great source of information on the game. Up for grabs this time is a Turkey player token, which will absolutely not replace the Black Cat token that I got from “Egyptian Treasures.”

LevelPoints RequiredRewards
1570 Oven Mitts
21015 Dice Rolls
410Sticker Pack
55580 Dice Rolls
61580 Oven Mitts
72010-minute Rent Frenzy
820Sticker Pack
925120 Oven Mitts
10150200 Dice Rolls
1235150 Over Mitts
1335Sticker Pack
1440180 Oven Mitts
15300375 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack
174555 Dice Rolls
1850Sticker Pack
1955210 Dice Rolls
20600Turkey player token, 200 Dice Rolls
215560 Dice Rolls
2260Sticker Pack
2365230 Oven Mitts
251,0001,100 Dice Rolls
26705-minute Board Rush
27100Sticker Pack
28110250 Oven Mitts
301,3001350 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack
31175270 Oven Mitts
32250175 Dice Rolls
33300Sticker Pack
34280300 Oven Mitts
351,6001,600 Dice Rolls
37600Sticker Pack
38700350 Oven Mitts
403,0002,800, Sticker Pack
41850500 Oven Mitts
42900Sticker Pack
43950700 Dice Rolls
443,200Cash, 650 Dice Rolls
451,0001,500 Dice Rolls
471,400Sticker Pack
481,500650 Oven Mitts
496,000Sticker Pack, 7,000 Dice Rolls

How to Win the Event

In general, I like the four corner events in Monopoly GO. My best advice is to save your multiplier for when you’re 6-8 squares away from your target. You should also generally try and give special attention to Go to Jail, since the ability to get more dice from landing on it is a massive boon in Monopoly GO events like “Blessed Feast.”

Occurring alongside the “Blessed Feast” event in Monopoly GO is the “Thanksgiving Partners” event, which allows you to team up with other people to earn other prizes by spinning a wheel with the aforementioned Oven Mitt tokens. I absolutely recommend doing this to the best of your ability. The prizes are really great for getting you the resources you need to succeed at the main event. Do your best to find a reliable partner. Otherwise, keep an eye out on whatever other tournaments or events pop up.

And that’s our list of all the rewards, prizes, and milestones for the “Blessed Feast” event in Monopoly GO, as well as how to play and win. If you’re in the US, happy Thanksgiving! If not, happy the end of November, and I hope you had a good time not dealing with someone saying uncomfortable things to you all weekend while you receded into your phone, hoping and praying for the sweet release of dissociation.

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