Here is a list of all of the new characters in Fire Emblem Engage, including details about personality and combat role.

All New Characters in Fire Emblem Engage

While there are many familiar faces that make a big return in Fire Emblem Engage, there are still plenty of party members who are brand new to the series and ready to help win your battles and fall in love with! Here are all the new characters Fire Emblem Engage.

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A List of New Characters in Fire Emblem Engage


Alcryst is a talented yet insecure prince from the Kingdom of Brodia. Despite lacking confidence, he is a talented archer.


Alear is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage and is a child of Lumera, thus being a Divine Dragon who is set to unite the realms of Elyos and secure the 12 Emblem Rings.


Prince Alfred hails from the Kingdom of Firene, a strong cavalry unit who can wield spears and axes. He also has been a devoted fan and friend to Alear and comes to your aid early in the game to take back the Somniel.


Amber is a royal knight from Brodia, as well as a poetic lance cavalier. He is one of Diamant’s two retainers and is from the kingdom of Brodia, and his sweet romantic nature often gets him in trouble.


Boucheron is a strong axman and one of Alfred’s two retainers. While he is kind-natured off the battlefield, he can be a terrific front-line unit with his special abilities to back up attacking units, as well as a beefy health bar and sizable damage output.


Bunet is yet another retainer, serving Fogado from the Kingdom of Solm. Bunet is a strong cavalry unit that is perfect for disrupting enemy defenses through breaking attacks. He’s also a talented chef off of the battlefield.


Céline is the other royalty from the Kingdom of Firene, as princess of the realm and sister to Alfred. Celine is a mage and melee weapon user, making her a bit of a Swiss army knife on the battlefield. Despite this, Céline is known as a peace seeker who will only fight as a means to defend the innocent.


Chloé is a Pegasus Knight with a soft side for fairy tales and natural beauty. Being a Pegasus Knight, Chloé is great at striking from afar but can be taken out by archers, so you will want to be careful with using her. While she is a noble herself, Chloé also serves as one of Céline’s retainers.


Citrinne is a talented and powerful mage specializing in lightning magic and damage. You can recruit her in the Kingdom of Brodia, where she acts as one of Alcryst’s retainers, even though she is both his and Diamant’s cousin. She is also notably a bit aloof, though warms up to friends once she becomes close with them.


Cramme is an up-and-coming magic user who hasn’t seen much battle at the start of the game. He is one of the Stewards of the Dragon, tasked with protecting Alear in their thousand years of slumber. In his efforts he and his sister Framme have the goal to impress Alear with their talent, while also being hyper fans of the Divine Dragon.


Diamant, despite his imposing nature, is the considerate and polite crown prince of Brodia. He takes his role seriously, understanding his role to protect his people, and his skills as a sword-wielding soldier show his commitment to his destined royal role. He is also the brother of Alcryst.


Etie is the first recruitable archer in the game, as well as one of Alfred’s two retainers. Despite her noble background, Etie is much more interested in hitting the gym and getting stronger to tackle the battlefield with more ease.


Maybe the most charismatic character in the game, Fogado is teaming with princely charm. But while his magnetic personality serves him well as a prince in the Kingdom of Solm, on the battlefield he is a talented archer cavalry unit that can strike deep in enemy territory.


Framme is another of Alear’s stewards and enthusiasts, providing healing support from the second mission forward. She and her brother Clamme are nearly inseparable, both sharing a passion for getting noticed by Alear.


Goldmary is a talented lance user from the Kingdom of Elusia who is timid in interpersonal talking but fierce on the battlefield. She acts as one of Hortensia’s two retainers.


While she first is introduced as an enemy unit, Hortensia’s powerful magic and pegasus cavalry class makes her later one of the best recruitable characters in the game. She tackles situations with a wild childlike glee, boasting a playfulness very much unlike her half-sister Ivy.


Ivy serves the Kingdom of Elusia as the realm’s first princess. Unlike her sister, Ivy boasts a dark magical vibe reminiscent of series favorite Tharja. Like her sinister vibes suggest, she can be a horrifying enemy to meet in battle.


Like her armor suggests, Jade is a strong knight that has a high armor class and heavy hits with her trusty axe. Like Boucheron, she can be a terrific front-line defender that can take and dish out hits. Outside of that she is known for being a bit stoic in her time as Diamant’s other retainer.


One of Ivy’s two retainers, Kagetsu is more of a samurai, using a sword and only a sword to take out his enemies. But while he has ninja-like ice-cold sword skills, off the battlefield he is surprisingly bubbly and energetic.


Alcryst’s other retainer, Lapis, is a talented sword fighter who does most of her talking on the battlefield, with a quieter exterior when not fighting. She can be an effective specialist if used properly.


Another of Céline’s retainers, Louis offers heavy armor and lance skills that can take a lot of hits from a defensive position. And the best part is he does it all with a friendly grin.


Arguably one of the coolest new characters and classes in Fire Emblem Engage, Merrin is a wolf rider that loves being flashy and stylish with great fashion and sleek battle moves. Merrin is also one of Timerra’s two retainers.


Timmera’s other retainer, Panette, brings a fun gothiness to her position as one of the game’s heavy hitters. She brings devastating attacks with intense axe attacks but still has time to enjoy the weirder things like insects and ghosts.


Panette’s brother Pandreo is also a retainer, though unlike Panette, he has a fun-loving celebratory personality. He’s also a strong healer, bringing important support to units and protecting Fogado.


Rosado is one of the game’s few Wyvern Riders, bringing support from above with her trusty axe. But despite her heavy-hitting nature, Rosado is also into the beautiful and cute things life has to offer.


Seadall is both a dancer and a fortune teller, supporting the team through insight into the future and through supportive moves on the battlefield. Along with being a performer, he is also able to provide some important healing to the team.


Timerra, Fogado’s sister, is the princess of Solm, but despite her royal title, she is sweet, perky, and loves to cheer her friends up. She still is incredibly talented with her lance and can bring some great specialist abilities to the battlefield.


Vander is the third of Alear’s stewards and fills the role of the starting tank, providing great damage output and the ability to take heavy hits from the start of the game. Vander is also prim and proper, devoted to his role as a steward.


When the player first meets Veyle, she is in search of a lost sister. Though we don’t know her true motives or origin story until later in the game, players quickly discover she is a strong and dangerous magic user on the battlefield.


Yunaka is the classic thief with a heart of gold, first attempting to steal a Fire Emblem for her own gain but quickly joining Alear’s party and defending the innocent. She is a talented healer and magic damage output unit. She also can unlock doors and treasure chests with her thief skills.


The game’s other thief, Zelkov is also Ivy’s other retainer. With access to opening doors and poaching treasure chests, Zelkov also enjoys hobbies and personal interests and passions with a zealous peculiarity.

Those are all the new characters you can have in your party in Fire Emblem Engage! Next, check out which characters are missable in Fire Emblem Engage.

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