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All Vaults in Fallout 4, Listed

There are a total of five Vaults to be found in Fallout 4, which takes place in the Commonwealth. This is only a small slice of the entire Fallout universe, but it’s more than enough to give us some information on exactly what the Great War entailed and how people ended up in the Wasteland. Here’s a rundown of every Vault you can find in Fallout 4.

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What Vaults are in Fallout 4?

As mentioned above, there are five Vaults in Fallout 4. These are:

  • Vault 111
  • Vault 114
  • Vault 75
  • Vault 81
  • Vault 95

Unfortunately, if you’ve just started watching Amazon’s Fallout TV adaptation and were hoping to find Vaults 31, 32, and 33 here, you’re out of luck. The TV series is set in Los Angeles, which is nowhere near the Commonwealth of Boston, which is on the other side of the country.

Vault 111 Location in Fallout 4

fallout 4 vault 111 location

Vault 111 is the very first Vault you’ll visit in Fallout 4 because, well, that’s where the game starts. The story kicks off when your character wakes up in 111 from their cryogenic sleep to find their child getting taken away, and you’ll start exploring the Wasteland from this point on.

Vault 114 Location in Fallout 4

fallout 4 vault 114 location

Vault 114 is located at Park Street Station. I’d recommend heading to the Goodneighbor area, then head southwest to find Park Street Station. From here, head into the station depths to find the Vault.

Vault 114 was meant to house the rich, such as politicians and entrepreneurs, force them to live in impoverished conditions and see how they would fare. This experiment didn’t get very far, though, as the Vault was never complete, and its Dwellers were able to escape.

Vault 75 Location in Fallout 4

fallout 4 vault 75 location

Vault 75 is located at Malden Middle School. From Lake Quannapowitt, head southeast a little to find the school, then venture into the basement to find the Vault.

Vault 75 is easily the most disturbing one you’ll find in Fallout 4, as it was more of a torture chamber rather than a safe shelter. The Dwellers were executed and experimented on, all to see if they could be transformed into creatures capable of surviving the harsh conditions of the Wasteland.

Vault 81 Location in Fallout 4

fallout 4 vault 81 location

Vault 81 is located just north of Coast Guard Pier. Start from Fort Hagen, then head southeast. However, do note that you’ll need to pass a Speech check to get in, or complete a quest that requires you to present three Fusion Cores.

Vault 81 was originally built for experiments to see if its Dwellers could survive diseases by infecting them against their will. However, those experiments were tossed aside when the Overseer decided to actually start protecting people.

Vault 95 Location in Fallout 4

fallout 4 vault 95 location

Finally, Vault 95 is just northeast of the Capsized Factory, near the Edge of the Glowing Sea. You’ll want to look out for the entrance along the side of the cliff.

Vault 95 was meant to help to rehabilitate drug addicts, but everything went awry when a stash of drugs was discovered within the facility. Many of the Dwellers ended up falling back into addiction or killing each other.

Vault 118 in Fallout 4

If you picked up the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4, you can also check out Vault 118. It’s located just underneath the Cliff’s Edge Hotel.

Vault 118’s experiment isn’t entirely clear, but when you explore it, you’ll be able to learn more about a murder mystery that occurred amongst its mechanical denizens.

Vault 120 in Fallout 4 (Cut Content)

an image of the far harbor dlc in fallout 4

Finally, there was actually supposed to be another Vault included in Fallout 4, but it ended up getting cut from the game. Vault 120 was originally going to be submerged and feature underwater combat and exploration elements, including a submarine and a large octopus.

From what we’ve seen and heard from the datamining community for Fallout 4, Vault 120 sounded like it would’ve been heavily inspired by the likes of Rapture from Bioshock.

And with that, those are all of the Vaults you can find in Fallout 4.

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