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All Voice Actors in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

From teenage survivors to the homicidal killers, here are all the voice actors in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game from Sumo Digital.

1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has been the subject of several sequels and reboots and now it’s a game. The good news is that the game goes back to the series’ roots, taking its cue from the first Tobe Hooper movie. But two of the original cast have passed on which might leave you wondering,  who are all the voice actors in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game? Here’s the answer.

Here’s Who Plays Who in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

Unfortunately, the actors who played Leatherface and the Cook are no longer with us. Jim Siedow, who was cast as the Cook, died in 2003. And Icelandic-born actor Gunnar Hansen, who played Leatherface, passed away in 2015.

Edwin Neal, who was the Hitchhiker in the 1974 original, does return in that role but he’s the only returning cast member. The full voice cast is as follows:

  • Julie Crawford – Scout Taylor Compton
  • Ana Flores – Jeannie Tirado
  • Connie Taylor – Bryarly Bishop
  • Sonny Williams – Zeno Robinson
  • Leland McKinley – Matt Lowe
  • Sissy “Sunshine” – Kristina Klebe
  • “Pretty Boy” Johnny – Damian Maffei
  • The Hitchhiker – Ed Neal
  • The Cook – Troy Burgess
  • Leatherface – Lex Lang
  • The Narrator – Aaron LaPlante

So how do they sound? The survivors are on point, and Neal does a surprisingly good job of challenging his original performance, given it’s been 50 years since the movie came out. The Cook sounds suitably menacing, though I still miss that extra note of madness that Siedow put in.

And Leatherface? I’ve no complaints, though he was never that vocal to begin with. Kane Hodder, famous for playing Jason Voorhees in several of the Friday the 13th films, also provides motion capture for the character.

Those, then, are all the voice actors in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. For more on the game, check out our guide to crossplay.

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