Yellow Herb in Resident Evil 4

All Yellow Herb Locations in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

Everyone likes a green herb now and again, and red herbs only make them better. If you want the best, though, you’ll need to track down the Yellow Herbs. There are a total of 18 Yellow Herbs in the story mode of Resident Evil 4. One is available in the Merchant’s Trade menu in exchange for 3 Spinels, while the other 17 are scattered across the first 15 chapters of the game.

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Some are hidden; some are in obvious places; the rest are somewhere in between. Here’s where to find all that leafy goodness in the RE4 remake.

Where to Find All 18 Yellow Herbs in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Yellow Herbs, as their in-game description tells you, cannot be used by themselves. If you mix one with at least one Green Herb, the resulting mixture will heal Leon as well as incrementally improve his maximum health. A Green/Yellow/Red herb mix triples the Green Herb’s effect, which makes it a virtually guaranteed 100% heal, and adds the Yellow Herb’s health extension. (A Red/Yellow mix, incidentally, also cannot be used. The Green Herb is what makes it work.)

It only takes 10-12 Yellow Herbs to max out Leon’s health, which is very attainable even on a blind run through the game. After that point, Yellow Herbs can still be mixed and used but have no particular additional effect. That being said, the Merchant will buy a Green/Yellow/Red herb mix for 10,000 pesetas, which provides a nice source of extra income when you’re grinding for cash on New Game+.

Getting Leon’s health to maximum completes the My Body is a Temple challenge, which is worth 300 CP in the Extra Content Shop.

Naturally, this guide can’t not contain fairly significant spoilers for the entirety of the RE4 remake. It’s also worth mentioning that when this guide uses cardinal directions (north, south, etc.), it’s referring to the in-game map with its fixed orientation turned on.

Chapter 1

#1: On the Farm, look behind the ladder on the first floor of the northern gate tower, underneath the mechanism where you install the Wooden Cog.

Chapter 2

#2: You can buy a Yellow Herb from the first Merchant in the game for 3 Spinels. If you complete the first Pest Control side mission in the Abandoned Factory, you can grab it as soon as you talk to the Merchant.

#3: In the Valley, check inside the locked house near the northern entrance, which is right next to you when you land after climbing over the gate. You can enter through the open window.

You don’t appear to be able to backtrack to the Valley after the end of Chapter 2, as a rockfall blocks the path.

Chapter 3

#4: When you reach the fishing boat with its empty fuel tank, turn around. There’s a Stone Pedestal nearby with a treasure locked inside it that you won’t be able to get until Chapter 4. If you investigate the shack to the Pedestal’s left, the Herb is inside in the corner of the room. Since it’s dark inside the shack, it can be easy to miss.

Chapter 4

#5: Look for this underneath the bridge in the lakeside cavern where you find the Apostate’s Head.

Yellow Herbs in Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 4

Chapter 5

#6: After you rescue Ashley from the Church, backtrack through the Village to the Village Chief’s Manor. While this does trigger a potentially difficult optional fight via the Savage Mutt request, you can pull the switch on the bedroom wall in the Manor to reveal a ladder.

Send Ashley up to drop the ladder and you’ll be able to reach the Manor’s attic. There’s a lot here, including a Yellow Herb, a Treasure (the Antique Camera), and several files.

Note that going north of the Farm in Chapter 5 automatically triggers the cabin siege sequence, which is a point of no return.

Chapter 6

#7: At the Checkpoint, check the end of the balcony near the stairs. It’s almost directly across from the chain-link fence with the padlocked door.

Chapter 7

#8: Open the bureau in the southeast corner of the Audience Chamber.

Yellow Herbs in Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 7

Chapter 8

#9: When you reach the top of the Castle Battlements, dodge the Gigante’s rock showers and head back the way you came, to the west. You can climb a ladder to the roof of the tower you just left, and while you’ll need to be careful about the Gigante’s barrages, there’s a hidden treasure trove up here that includes a Yellow Herb, an Emerald, a Clockwork Castellan, and several barrels full of resources.

Chapter 9

#10: From your starting point in this Chapter, in the lounge where you caught back up to Ashley, grab this Herb off the windowsill behind the easel.

Chapter 10

#11: You may spot this Yellow Herb slightly before you’re able to grab it. Once you kick through the weakened wall in the Depths, the Herb is in the next room, in the corner by the barred window.

Yellow Herbs in Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 10

Once you escape and/or kill the Verdugo and ride the lab elevator up, this area cannot be revisited.

Chapter 11

#12: This one’s a gimme. When you reach the tunnels that surround the Novistadors’ nest, this Herb is out in the open next to the blue flyer that starts the Insect Hive side mission.

Starting the fight with Krauser marks another point of no return. You can ride the lift back down from the Castle to revisit the platform where Krauser ambushed you, but there’s no way to get back up to the Depths from there.

Chapter 12

#13: There’s a Merchant set up in a side room right before you challenge Salazar, and he’s left a Yellow Herb out for you in his “office” right next to the typewriter.

Yellow Herbs in Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 12

Getting on the jetski at the end of this chapter marks a point of no return for the Castle section of RE4.

Chapter 13

#14: After you clear the Wharf on the island, continue through the chapter until you meet your first rocket launcher guy. The Herb is inside the building you just passed, at the end of a short tunnel towards the back. (If you’ve got the island’s Treasure Map, one of the treasures is in the same general area.)

#15: This Herb is sort of hidden in plain sight. It’s against the back wall behind the stairs in the cluttered storage annex to the east of the Incubation Lab.

Taking the lift up from the Cargo Depot is a point of no return for the Island and locks you into RE4’s endgame. Clean the Island out before you go.

Chapter 14

#16: In the Amber Storage Room, look on the shelves almost directly across from the giant chunk of amber.

Yellow Herbs in Resident Evil 4 - Chapter 14

You cannot revisit this area once you’ve entered Krauser’s arena.

Chapter 15

#17: Once you gain access to the small room beneath the anti-aircraft gun, check out the small alcove on that building’s east side to find this Herb.

#18: The final Yellow Herb in the Resident Evil 4 remake is in the Sanctuary Approach, in the middle of the room that’s straight south of you as you enter. You may also recognize it as the building that’s seething with Novistadors.

And with that, you’ll have collected all of the Yellow Herbs in Resident Evil 4, ensuring  Leon is as prepared to shrug off the final threat as he can be!

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