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After lots of small glimpses and teases, Patrick Söderlund’s Embark Studios has unveiled a reveal trailer for its third-person PvE shooter, ARC Raiders, during The Game Awards 2021. This is the first time the industry veteran-filled studio has shown off an extended look at its debut futuristic project. The footage looks intense as players move through forests and evade scouting drones that fly overhead, but mostly, the action seems fast-paced and explosive. See ARC Raiders for yourself in the reveal trailer below.

Embark has been fairly transparent when it comes to information on ARC Raiders. The studio was only unveiled in 2018 and received funding from publisher Nexon shortly after. The team subsequently happily showed off snippets of explosive gameplay in 2020. At the time, Söderlund — who joined Embark after serving as CEO of Battlefield developer DICE — had this to say about the then-untitled project: “Our ambition with this game is to combine new and old genres with groundbreaking technical innovation, into something unique and consequential.”

While Embark continues to make fans wait for more news from ARC Raiders, it is already hard at work on another unannounced FPS title. Similarly brief clips of gameplay from this more chaotic project were shown off just last month, revealing big guns, car chases, and characters that explode into golden clouds of coins. Much of this project and ARC Raiders remain a mystery, sadly, so keep checking in for more news from The Game Awards 2021 while we wait.

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