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Embark Studios, a game studio formed by former DICE developers in 2018 including former DICE head Patrick Söderlund, has shared a dense seven seconds of footage of a new, unannounced first-person shooter game that fans can look forward to playing. The spliced-together clips give more to chew on than the last time the game developer let us peek behind the curtain. One of the more tame glimpses in the video sees a player walking through a narrow path as another player leaps across the rooftops above, while another clip looks like gameplay straight out of Grand Theft Auto. The most intriguing peek, however, might be the moment when a character explodes into coins after being cut in half. See the colorful action shooter in the Embark Studios teaser below.

Embark, which has received funding from Nexon, has shared lots of little looks of its games for the last year or so. We got another, more relaxed video just a few days ago that shows rusted structures and a flamboyance of flamingos. That video, as well as a screenshot shared the following day, seem to come from a game that is now much further in development. Last year, Embark showed footage from this unnamed game, revealing that it has already moved into full production with its team of around 200 (now more than 250) developers. There’s still a while to go before its launch, but you can expect a cooperative free-to-play title set in the distant future.

Details on today’s unannounced project are still hazy though. So, stay tuned as we wait for more updates from Nexon and Embark Studios on this shooter.


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