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Are the NBA 2K24 Servers Down?

NBA 2K24 Server Status

It’s a new year and a new iteration of the long running NBA 2K series to go along with it. The game has just gone live and players are rushing in excited to play some NBA 2K24. While the official NBA 2K Twitter (X) account is busy celebrating the launch though, there are quite a few players reporting that they can’t make it into the game at all. It was running pretty smoothly until the launch window hit the United States and the massive influx of players from that region. So, are the servers down now for the game?

Are the NBA 2K24 Servers Down?

At the time of writing it appears that they’ve manage to resolve login issues so everyone should be able to get onto the game now. This is reflected in their Server Status tracker which shows that all servers are active and ‘normal’ for NBA 2K. Players however are still complaining about connectivity issues and it’s likely these issues stem from a strain on the servers from the newly introduced crossplay feature.

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You can expect the servers to be rather turbulent, especially in the open world MyCareer mode, where you’ll now be running around with players from both PS5 and Xbox Series X|S simultaneously. If you do experience a disconnect from the servers, a simple restart of the game should do the trick. For now the servers aren’t down so you’ll be able to get back in.

While the NBA 2K24 servers aren’t currently down, they are getting hit pretty hard. Things will be a bit dicey in multiplayer modes for the first couple of days as players pour in to the game, but it should improve after that.

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