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Best Point Guard Build for NBA 2K24

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It’s always a tough choice on how to build your new character for the MyCareer, City, and Neighborhood game modes whenever a new NBA 2K game releases. There are a ton of powerful ways to build out a strong player that can really rack up the points. You’ll first need to think about the position and playstyle that you’d like to go for with your character. You can be a jack of all trades, but you also only have so many attribute points you can use, so you might end up with an ineffective player that does everything just ok. I’ve found it’s instead best to go for a character that specializes in a few main areas. In this guide we’ll be covering the ever popular Point Guard position and how to build a small, rapid, point scoring machine in NBA 2K24.

Best 3 Pointer PG Build for NBA 2K24

For this build we’ll be creating a Point Guard that is quick on the dribble, can shoot three pointers like nobody’s business and still hammer home mid range shots and drive-ins. The first thing you’ll want to do is configure your NBA 2K24 character’s position and size in the MP Builder. We’ll be going with the following:

  • Position – Point Guard
  • Height – 6’2″
  • Weight – 165 lbs
  • Wingspan – 6’5″

These stats and this position will give us access to the Attributes and Badges we need to create a fast three point scorer.

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NBA 2K24 PG 3 Pointer Build

Now, continue over to the attributes to set up the build. The first attribute we’re going to be bumping up is the Three-Point Shot. Take this all the way up to a 96. This will give us access to powerful gold badges, such as Agent 3 for three pointer pull up shots, Blinders, and Deadeye to help ignore defenders when shooting and most importantly Limitless Range. Limitless range extends the range at which we can shoot from deep, making our three pointer shooting much more reliable.

three point shooter stat NBA 2K24

The next most important attribute we’ll be cranking right up is the Ball Handle. We want this to be set all the way up at 95. This unlocks some invaluable badges that will really let us navigate the court and opposing defenders to get in to shooting positions. We’ll have Hall of Fame level Handles for Days to reduce energy while dribbling. We’ll also get Hall of Fame Speed Booster to help us break away and sprint in for a shot.

NBA 2K24 Ball Handle

The rest rest of your attribute levels as follows to reach the 99/99 rating:

  • Close Shot – 51
  • Driving Layup – 75
  • Driving Dunk – 75
  • Mid-Rage Shot – 81
  • Free Throw – 74
  • Pass Accuracy – 81
  • Speed With Ball – 91
  • Perimeter Defense – 56
  • Speed – 86
  • Acceleration – 93
  • Strength – 30
  • Vertical – 56
  • Stamina – 99

With these stats we really round of the character as an offensive machine. We’re built purely to score but also have excellent court movement and passing ability. We almost entirely ignore defending capabilities. You should try to have a teammate who can cover that instead!

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3 point shot hunter build NBA2K24

Completing the build shows us the players we have similarities to and the type of build we’ve made. This build is defined as a 3PT Shot Hunter, which is exactly what we were going for. We have shades of Nick Van Exel, Trae Young, and Stephen Curry!

That covers the best Point Guard build for the start of NBA 2K24. Once you make it, you can test it out in the MP trial to make sure it suits your playstyle. It’s pretty damn awesome at darting around defenders and scoring those crispy three pointers, though!


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